Here are some great Facebook tips and tricks that you might not know about. Did you know that you can forward messages or even send money using Facebook Messenger? By adjusting your Messenger settings on your iPhone you can access a variety of features that will make you a Facebook expert. Messenger spy app also offers insights into features, for social media platforms.

For iPhone users it’s essential to customize your Facebook privacy settings to enhance security and avoid access. Many people overlook this step. Lets explore some hacks and tips for using Facebook Messenger to enhance your browsing experience.

1. Big Like

One trick is the ability to send a Like” emoji in Messenger chats. To do this simply open a chat hold down the Like button until it grows to the size you want and release it at the moment to send a Like. You can also opt for a sized Like instead.

2. Customize Conversations

Change conversation colors and add emojis to your friends’ usernames to make your Facebook chats more lively. Simply click on the person’s name. Choose “Emoji” or “Color” to personalize these elements.

Customizing your conversations not only adds a fun touch to your Messenger app but also helps you easily spot your most active chats.

3. Organize and Pin Group Chats

If you’re involved in group chats on Messenger, you can pin them for easy access. Navigate to the “Groups” tab to view all the group chats you’re currently involved in.

You can rearrange group chats or modify their layout as needed, making this one of today’s hidden tips for iPhone users on Facebook Messenger.

4. Share Your Location

Fortunately, Facebook lets you share your location through Messenger. This feature is handy when exploring places and wanting someone like a partner or friend to know where you are for, up to 60 minutes.

To get started open a chat. Click on the four dots icon.

Select the “location” tab. Choose “Share Live Location”. Then give Messenger all the permissions. You’re all set.

5. Enable Dark Mode, on Facebook Messenger

Dark Mode stands out as one of the Facebook Messenger features for iPhone users. To activate it, simply click on your profile picture to access the “settings” menu. Then, toggle the Dark Mode slider to turn it on.

This considerate feature helps reduce the brightness of the screen during late night conversations safeguarding your eyes.

6. Organize Events and Set Nicknames

Do you prefer keeping track of your plans using a calendar app? Messenger offers a user solution for this task. Just open any chat tap on the four dots near the typing area. Select “Reminders”. Once you’ve set up an event Facebook will notify all participants about it.

You can also assign nicknames on Facebook – simply tap on a users username at the top of your chat window. Choose “nicknames”. This feature allows you to create labels, for group members. However keep in mind that other chat participants can also modify these assigned nicknames.

7. Discover Hidden Messages

Messenger includes a section that serves as a spam filter.

When you get messages, from contacts or suspicious groups they are often tucked away in a folder called “Message requests.” To see these messages just go to the “People” section. Click on the requests icon located at the right of the screen (it looks like a speech bubble, with three dots). All filtered messages will then show up on your screen.

8. Enhance Photos Within Messenger

Were you aware that you can enhance your photos without exiting Messenger? It turns out you don’t need Photoshop to create photo edits that will impress everyone.

Open an image shared with you by someone and tap on the pencil icon. This feature allows you to add emojis to the picture, doodle on it, or include some comments before sharing it with your chat buddies.

9. Discover Additional Sticker Collections

While some may dislike them others find them delightful. Messenger stickers are commonly used to inject some excitement into conversations. You can find them by clicking on the icon located next, to the chat field and selecting the “Stickers” tab.

After that simply tap on the icon. Browse through the various designs available in the Sticker Store. This will ensure you always have a selection of stickers to tease your friends playfully.


In closing, these nifty Facebook tips and hacks are both enjoyable and cost-free. Be sure to delve into all the options. You can also secure your conversations with encryption. Modify your number to ward off any attention. The real test lies in trying out these suggestions to see if they suit your preferences.