Facebook Get's Turned Off After Several Scandals Rise

Facebook and Instagram faced the biggest outage since 2008. Coincidentally enough, this happened just hours after the Bank of America scandal began taking traction on social media.

Journalists who published the “Pandora Papers” also caused a scene.

The AMC community has been a beacon of hope to every retail investor fighting against market manipulation.

What will happen next?

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The AMC Community Scores A Massive Win

Retail investors are shaking the finance world and I believe a new era is about to begin, but not without a fight.

Citadel Securities took it to Twitter after 9 months of silence, calling retail investors “conspiracy theorists”. However, transcripts of the Citadel scandal have been shared all over investing forums including Reddit’s r/wallstreetbets and r/amcstock.

You cannot hide the elephant in the room. Attempts to gaslight the people in itself is a form of psychological warfare. Something retail investors have seen within the markets one too many times.

Social media has given content creators a medium by which they can spread information and knowledge at scale. Today we experienced a social media shut down.

Why Did Facebook Shut Down?

During a livestream, Mark Zuckerberg mentioned the power of organizations and influence people now have.

Another concern surrounded the spread of misinformation and fact checking information first.

Everything Mark said makes absolutely sense. The information apes have been spreading has been data and facts collected over a period of several months.

If insiders got a hold of this research, do you think the progress for a fair market would surge? Or would it get taken down? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Everything regarding Mark Zuckerberg’s livestream mentioned people having a voice and the dangers of it.

This genius of a CEO has a way with words. He knows exactly what to say and how to say it.

Whatever type of content Facebook found to be deemed as ‘harmful content’ is the reason why Facebook momentarily experienced a shut down.

“Virality Could Be Dangerous” – Mark Zuckerberg

According to Mark, virality could be dangerous and the content would need to be addressed.

During this social media halt, Facebook was identifying accounts to ensure the spread of information is legitimate and not being spread by bot accounts.

They are also making sure the content is in line with their policies. Fortunately for the AMC community, content we’ve shared should align with these policies.

However, articles published by The Guardian on Pandora’s Papers cannot be found on Facebook anymore.

Some articles regarding the Bank of America scandal have been removed as well.

In my personal opinion, they don’t want the general public educated. I have a strong feeling that all of this information that they want hidden for now will be uncovered at some point in the future.

Facebook Censorship Raises Concerns

The censorship of gathered information by journalists and large communities is rather concerning.

People raise their voice when they want to be heard. We didn’t raise our voice though, more of us simply stood.

So how are the people supposed to defend themselves when our very own leaders cannot communicate with groups and communities in need of their help?

Now the data that’s suppose to protect the people is being censored.

To every problem there’s a solution and this a solution we’ll have to find for ourselves.

Sooner or later someone with bigger access than any of us will get our message through. The fight for a fair market continues.

The People Will Find Their Way

Facebook may have blocked journalism from reaching mainstream media, but I believe people will find their way to this information.

And that’s what ultimately matters.

But to be quite frank, not everyone will win. Self-education is something you do on your own.

And although social media wants everyone to keep living in their own bubble without disruption, they cannot hide the truth.

Facebook is one of many tools. They won’t be the catalyst for change; you will.

So even though it might not feel like it at the moment, the time will come when you realize just how much change we’ve actually made.

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