How to write a killer resume that gets you hired
How to write a killer resume that gets you hired

Amanda Alba has worked in many areas of her career in the healthcare industry. She’s assisted several specialists in the field, worked in a women’s state prison, and is now currently the lead medical assistant instructor for Concorde Medical Career College. Here are some pointers from Amanda Alba, RMA on how to write a killer resume that gets you hired.

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Make sure to have 2 copies in hand

Before you begin to create the main resume that’s going to get you hired, Amanda recommends having two resumes at hand.

One resume should include all your work experience and history. This type of resume will be good for a broad spectrum of jobs. This first resume can be useful for job fairs, walk-in hiring inquiries, and for online databases such as indeed or monster.

Your second resume will be a finer tuned piece of work that should detail specific skills for a targeted job. This is the resume that is going to land you that dream job.

It’s good to have a resume where you can keep adding skills you gain throughout your history of working. By using this collected data, it can help you compile a new resume designed specifically for a targeted listing.

Make sure your resume has an eye catching format

In order to create a killer resume that gets you hired you’ll need to make a great first impression.

You do this by making sure your resume has an eye catching format.

Provide legible contact information

Your contact information should be legible and the very first thing on your resume.

Include your full name, address, city, and state, along with your contact number and email address.

Your contact information should be stated at the very top.

Write down your objective/summary

Your objective should be an introduction of yourself. It should be short, sweet, straight to the point, and pertain to the job.

  1. State your professional title
  2. Be specific of what type of job you are looking for
  3. Let your value be known (advise what you can offer to the team)

It’s important that your objective enables the reader to continue going through your resume.

Note: A poor objective/summary will get you bypassed.

Create a qualification and skills section

Now that you have your summary written down, begin to create a list of your qualifications.

This list will detail all your skills pertaining to the specific job you’re looking to get hired for. Your skills should be broken down by special skills and administrative skills.

Note: It is important that you never write down a skill you don’t have. This will lead to immediate termination when it comes down to the real test.

(IMPORTANT) Tips for writing down your skills:

  • Use bullet points to make it easy to read
  • Separate your special skills from your administrative skills into columns
  • Set yourself apart from your competitors
  • Keep it simple and minimalistic
  • Use 10-12 body size font, and size 14 on your headlines

List your education

Below your skills section you’re going to want to include an education part to your resume.

Include the high school you attended, any further education, and the program of your further education. These credentials will determine whether you’re eligible for the position you are applying for so don’t forget to include this in your resume.

Include your certifications

Including your certifications on your resume make you stand out and allow you to get top lead in pay and in jobs.

In most cases specific certifications are mandatory so this is where you’ll need to include them.

You may include:

  • Certifications from high school pertaining to your career
  • Awards and certifications from college
  • Mandatory certifications pertaining to your line of work

And lastly, include your experience

This part of your resume will provide the reader with an in-depth perspective into your day to day work life during your previous jobs.

You should be presenting a paragraph of at least 3-6 complete sentences of your experience working in each job.

Let the reader understand what your duties were and how you provided value to your previous employers.


If you gained experience in an externship during your schooling be sure to include this as well. It demonstrates to the person hiring that you put in some work without compensation.

This shows your value in the industry and makes you stand out as a committed candidate.

About Amanda M. Alba, RMA

Amanda M. Alba is currently leading the new generation of medical assisting students into the professional healthcare world.

She’s worked with specialists in Cardiology, EMT, Orthopedics, Podiatry, Audiology, and OBGYN.

Amanda has also served the federal government through her extensive work and care in the women’s state prison in Chino, California.

Her role as a medical instructor has gained Concorde College outstanding recognition in the state of California for their medical assisting program.

My former students are currently employed at St. Josephs, HOAG, Memorial Care, Healthcare Partners, and with several specialists and medical offices.

Amanda M. Alba, Rma

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