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How to Make a Blog Post Go Viral (45K Views in One Month!)

Blog Post Viral
How to Make a Blog Post Go Viral

When a blog post goes viral it feels like everything you’ve worked for has finally paid off. But when more than one blog post go viral you’ve found a formula. A formula that can be used by any blogger to skyrocket their views.

Let’s dive in.

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How long did it take for a blog post to go viral?

Let’s start with a heavily asked question. How long does it take for a blog post to go viral? The answer is going to vary from person to person.

It personally took me a year and one month when my first post went viral. I went from earning 20-25 views per day to 1000-2000 views per day.

Blog Post Viral

In February of 2021 I closed the month with almost 28K views. The crazy thing? Those views all occurred on the last week of February.

To put things into perspective, I had earned 634 views back in January, 2021. The most views I received in one month prior to my posts going viral was 1,183 views back in August of 2020.

Then this happened..

Blog post viral

Soon after my first blog post went viral I decided to write another blog post in the SAME format.

Ladies and gentlemen, the post went viral. Now, it didn’t have the same success as my first viral post. For this reason I wrote a third one and it beat both of them.

Don’t settle with one viral blog post

My advise to you is to not settle with one viral blog post. If you find one of your blog posts goes viral, execute again and again.

You want to keep the momentum as much as you can.


By writing three viral blog posts I’m on track to earn 100K views by the end of April. I’ve been able to draw 74K views only three months into the new year.

It’s still a little mind boggling to me to be honest.

How many blog posts had you written prior to going viral?

I had written about 75 blog posts prior to going viral. These all varied from personal finance to side hustle ideas, entrepreneurship, and investment posts.

When I was seeing thousands of views per day I started remembering the crazy grind prior to the sweet o’ sweet victory.

My first year of blogging consisted of working on my blog after work. I would stay up past midnight working on my site, my branding, promoting, and new content.

So, as I write this post I am humbled and feel fortunate enough to guide you. This is how your blow your numbers out of the water.

Relevancy is key to take a blog post viral

Relevancy = Blog Post Viral
Relevancy = Viral

This is the #1 reason why a blog post goes viral. If you don’t write a piece on a topic that’s relevant or trending, chances are it will not go viral.

A viral post is based on current or recent news that has a lot of attention or buzz.

Find what’s trending or causing a disturbance in your niche topic.

Write your opinions about it on your blog. If your blog post requires information or facts to be presented, be sure to backlink all reliable sources.

Chances are the bigger fish are also writing about a relevant or trending story. If they have helpful information such as statistics or other catalogs of data, be sure to link to their pages.

This chain of network further enhances the relevancy of a relevant or trending story.

How long does a viral blog post have to be?

Viral Blog Post Word Count?

My blog posts that went viral all contained between 1,000 and 1,300 words.

Does that mean yours have to have the same amount of words? Not exactly. It could be a little less or a little more depending on how much information you decide your blog post should contain.

Just make sure your blog post has the following:

  • Easy-to-read excerpts and paragraphs
  • Great headlines to separate your topics
  • Enough links to credible and reliable sources
  • And a lot of your genuine words and thoughts

My viral blog posts had a good mix of technical evidence as well as my own words and genuine opinions.

Let your readers know a human being is writing the post.

Create a compelling thumbnail and title

Your thumbnail is the first thing a reader is going to see, and the title is the first thing they’re going to read.

  1. Your thumbnail should sync with the topic of your blog post.
  2. The title should usually ask a question from the readers perspective.
Blog Post Viral
Create a compelling thumbnail and title to captivate your audience – post by Franknez.com Finance|Knowledge|Freedom

This should be the fun part to creating a viral blog post. Get creative with it!

The thumbnail should captivate the reader and the title should resonate with what they’re thinking.

Once you read that a few times, you’ll be on your way to creating a simple yet attractive headline that will draw thousands of people to your website.

Now that you have a great article, chances are you’re already being found organically on search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

If you are, congratulations! Your blog post is answering peoples questions regarding a relevant or buzzing topic.

Now you need to join group chats and share your article to keep the momentum going.

Use Facebook groups, Discord, Reddit, and LinkedIn

Group chats are a great place for you to share your article because they tend to be a platform where a recent or trending story is being talked about 24/7.

Not only are you linking thousands to tens of thousands of people to your blog post, but you’re increasing your chances of your piece getting shared.

When your blog post is written well and people receive tons of value from it, they will share it on social media and further skyrocket your monthly visitors.

If you’re sharing on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, be sure to use the appropriate hashtags.

Ask relevant questions within your subheadings

Your subheadings are going to be very important when writing a viral blog post.

The key is to put yourself in your readers perspective and ask yourself, what kind of questions might they have related to the topic.

By asking questions your readers might have in your subheadings, your relevancy regarding the buzzing topic goes up.

Update your blog post during a developing story

If the relevant or buzzing story is a developing story, be sure to update your blog post frequently.

This will provide your readers with fresh content and keep you on the first page of search engines.

Also, don’t forget to update your publish date if the post is older than a few days to a week.

More tips to help your blog post get views

By the way, the webhost provider I’m using is Bluehost.

Bluehost has been able to take the sudden spike in views and visitors without a problem. I’ve read how other webhost providers end up crashing and unfortunately prevent your website from fully reaching bigger potential.

  • Make sure your SEO is close to 100% perfect. If you have Bluehost you’ll be able to see all the suggestions to publish a stronger blog post.
  • Choose one to three main keywords.
  • Keep your blog post above 900 words and turn the ‘Cornerstone Content’ option on.
  • Embed at least one video in your blog post
  • Write an alluring meta description to draw in your audience
  • Share your post on social media during different times of the day every day

Tips if your blog post goes viral

If your blog post goes viral you’re going to want to make sure you don’t miss these opportunities!

  • Make sure your blog is monetized with ads
  • Use internal links to an affiliate post
  • Aim to write another viral blog post
  • Don’t stop sharing other posts on social media
Monetize your blog with Google AdSense

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If your blog post is doing well but hasn’t gone viral go back and see what’s missing. Save this post so you can come back to it and see what you can implement.

In order for a blog post to go viral it should be a very nicely packed blog post. If you have any questions feel free to send me an email.

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How To Draw Organic Traffic To Your Blog

How To Draw Organic Traffic To Your Blog

There are three main ways to draw traffic to your blog. They are direct (direct link to your site), referral (links from 3rd parties) , & organic traffic.

Organic traffic are the people searching for ‘x’ subject on a search console such as Bing, Yahoo, or Google, and finding the solutions or information on your blog. It is important to reach a good percentage of organic traffic in order to further grow your website. Here’s how to draw organic traffic to your blog.


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Maintain Consistent Traffic To Your Blog

Post regularly so the web recognizes your site. In order for your blog to rank up on search consoles you’ll need to write a lot. Aside from ranking, think of your audience. Your audience needs a catalog so give it to them! Brainstorm often to find the topic of your upcoming posts.

If you are just starting your blog it is essential that you post enough to see consistent traffic on your stats. If you have a day with 0 website views you are not writing enough or sharing your posts on social media enough.

Make a schedule for your posts and make it a habit to not fall behind. Set your goals so you have an idea on how much you really need to write.

How Long Should A Blog Post Be?

Yoast suggests writing posts containing at least 300 words in order to do well in search engine consoles. Long posts will rank easier, however; not every writer will be able to write readable blog posts of more than 1000 words.

Lengthy posts take a lot of writing skill and can actually work against you if they are not executed properly. Keep your blog post length above 300 words and you should be fine.

Work towards writing longer blog posts as you gain more experience so that your blog begins to see an increase in organic traffic.

Start With Direct

Market your blog on all social media platforms in order to start receiving direct traffic. Share every new post you publish, then share them again a few days later. This way your posts get seen from different people throughout the week. Keep engagement up! This strategy is fairly simple but effective.

Work On Referral

Get people to share your posts online. This allows the algorithm to show your blog to more people on search engines due to the increase in engagement. Be sure to share your posts on IG & Facebook stories. This presents a ‘call-to-action‘ which will increase your websites views and encourage organic growth. Use Twitter’s hashtags to your advantage. This will allow your post to be seen by several users especially if you use trending keywords.


Always present quality work. Use a reputable web host provider like Bluehost to set you apart from everyone else. Make sure your blog has no spelling errors and contains high quality images as well. It is important to look professional in order to retain your audience. People like landing on a quality website so make sure yours looks great!

The quality of your website is more important than you can imagine. Create an image that your audience will remember.


Your blog can have everything on this post but if it has no value then it will not succeed. Value is what your readers take from your website. Make sure you’re providing useful information, answering questions, teaching them something new, etc…

You must make sure your audience’s needs are being met. If your blog has the solution to the public’s questions then you have provided value. Value draws traffic which will in turn help you draw organic traffic.

Use Your Own Words

Everything you write must be in your own words. Do not plagiarize as Google recognizes this. Your blog must have writing that sets you apart from everyone else in the same niche as yours. It’s always more fun to be yourself anyway. Be genuine and show your audience you’re a human being too. By using your own words Google will set you apart from other websites making it easier for your content to be found.

Write posts that can genuinely help other people. Some may include trendy topics, others may include simple but popular topics. Find out what people need solutions to and be that solution. No matter what type of blogger you are you can write something as simple and popular as how to start a blog for example. Brainstorm some great ideas in order to draw attention to your website.

Keep your posts as relevant to your niche as possible. Your website should reflect all things related oppose to publishing random topics and information.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Readability

SEO helps build organic traffic

Work on improving your SEO and readability for every post from time to time. This might include updating your tags, doing simple revisions, and making sure your posts are current. It is important that your SEOs have a great readability score, you use enough passive voice, your paragraph lengths are just right, and so on.

Your webhost provider should be able to highlight where your posts need improvement. Bluehost makes it super easy to make sure your SEO is looking great for the web. When your SEO score is great it makes it easier for people to find exactly what you’re blogging about. The stronger your score is the higher chance you have of attaining organic growth on your blog.

Monitor Your Traffic

Monitor your organic traffic
Traffic Chart From Bluehost

Frequently monitor your traffic. Keep tabs on the percentage of your audience as it changes in your direct, referral, and organic sectors. Once you nail all these points down you will slowly but surely see your organic traffic go up. My organic traffic took a while to reach just 1% when I first started. Eventually it increased to 4%, then 8% and so on. It will go up as your website ranks up. Be persistent and don’t give up. All great things take time to manifest, you will soon be there.

Bluehost provides a traffic chart tracked by Google’s very own Analytics! If you aren’t using Bluehost for your blog you are missing out on so many professional tools that come with this webhost provider to help you grow your blog. You can sign up using the link here.

Revise Old Posts

Revising old posts will allow Google to push out fresh content. Going back to old posts is a great way to draw organic traffic to your blog.

If you publish several great quality posts, eventually go back to them and see how you can make them much better! Here are some ways you can revise your blog posts:

  • Content length
  • Quality
  • Image usage
  • Additional internal links
  • More information

Drawing organic traffic to your blog will take some time, especially if you’re new. The point is to be persistent. Don’t take your mind off the goal.

Don’t stop providing your readers with valuable information and content. Organic traffic may sometimes be volatile, meaning it goes up and down.

Do not get frustrated if your organic traffic was going up but slows down. You’re most likely doing something great with your direct marketing. Keep up the great work!

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So, Why is Organic Traffic Good For My Blog?

Organic traffic is a good indicator your blog is growing and being noticed by the public. People all over the internet are find you.

It demonstrates that the information you’re providing on your blog is helpful and useful to people researching such topics on the internet.

Organic traffic also helps push your content on search engines. You’ll need to focus on growing organically if you want your blog or website to rank well on Google or Yahoo search engines.

Ask me anything,

If you have any questions as to how you can continue to increase your blogs organic traffic please feel free to email me when you sign up to my newsletter.

You can also comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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