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How Effective Is the Power Gauge Report in Picking the Right Stocks?

Power Gauge Report
Is the Power Gauge Report right for you?

Published by FrankNez team.

As an investor, expecting high returns from investments is normal.

And to get higher returns and be a successful investor, you must be good at picking the right stocks.

So, how can you become a successful investor?

It’s possible if you always do systematic analysis and study a particular stock and the company before investing in it.

Systematic analysis helps you determine whether it’s a good or bad stock and if it will be a good investment for your portfolio.

It is also important because the analysis result allows you to decide if you want to choose a short or long position.

A big part of the systematic analysis approach involves studying various stock reports such as the Power Gauge Report.

In this article, we’ll tell you about the Power Gauge Report and how effective it can prove for your success as an investor.

Which Kind of Management Do You Follow?

If you rely on systematic analysis to choose stocks for your portfolio, you practice active management of your investments.

Using active management means analyzing a potential company’s financial statements with keen attention to financial ratios.

Investors with active management practices also study the firm’s rivals, the sector, and the industry in which the firm operates.

So, this practice involves a lot of research and analysis.

On the other hand, passive management practitioners are those investors who purchase passive investments such as mutual funds or Exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Suppose you want to engage with your investments actively but don’t know much about how investments work.

In that case, you can easily gain in-depth knowledge from well-regarded Marc Chaikin’s Newsletter, famously known as the power gauge report.

What is the Power Gauge Report?

Power gauge report is a superior monthly subscription analysis newsletter from Chaikin Analytics that helps investors who practice or want to practice active management of their investments.

The Power Gauge Report from Chaikin Analytics is a monthly subscription research newsletter.

It helps its subscribers to identify under-the-radar breakthrough firms using advanced analytics and methods.

And its cutting-edge algorithm system can identify assets or equities with high-profit potential.

Can Power Gauge Report Help Pick the Right Stocks?

The Power Gauge has the ultimate goal of predicting the direction of the stock for the next three to six months.

And it has been fairly successful at it in the past and makes incredibly accurate mid-term forecasts every time by analyzing thousands of publicly listed companies.

Subscription to this report gives you access to Chaikin Analytics’ research tools and a full year of monthly publications.

Its current offer includes some additional bonus materials to make your research more accurate.

Assume you want to do technological research to choose your stock.

You will get a new mid- or large-cap stock recommendation monthly and other benefits.

So, you can put your trust easily in this power gauge report to pick the best stocks.

How to Pick the Right Stocks?

How to pick the right stocks
How to pick the right stocks – Power Gauge Report

You must do a lot of research to select the right stocks.

Which stocks are perfect for you depends on how you want to organize your portfolio, your goals, and your expectations from a specific stock.

You need to set your goals, identify your investment type, diversify your portfolio, and stay informed – only then your chances of picking the right stocks will be higher.

Let’s briefly discuss these steps so that you can find the perfect stock for yourself next time.

1.  Set your Goal

Before anything else, you need to define your investment goals. Making money can’t be a precise objective. You need to determine what you want to do with that money.

  • Do you want to supplement your income?
  • Are you investing for retirement? Or
  • Do you want to protect your wealth?

Ask these questions to find out your goal for investing. Your objective will guide you to decide the period of your investments: short-term or long-term, and the rate of return you desire from your investments.

As a result, you can easily find the equities that are consistent with your goals and invest in them.

  • Identify Your Investing Style

Typically, there are three types of investors.

  1. Investors who seek income,
  2. Investors who seek wealth preservation, or
  3. Investors who seek capital appreciation.

You must understand among these three categories which kind of investor you are and your investment style to build a perfect stock portfolio.

Investors Who Seek Income

If you are an income-oriented investor, you should purchase and hold stocks of firms that frequently pay a high dividend.

These types of firms are solid, reputable, yet slow growing in the industry, such as information technology and utility companies. You may also seek investment opportunities in trusts, bonds, and limited partnerships if you are this kind of investor.

Investors Who Seek Wealth Preservation

If your investment goal is to maintain and preserve your wealth and have a reduced risk tolerance, you should put your money into reliable, well-established, and blue-chip firms.

Firms that work with consumer staples can be a great option to invest your money to preserve your wealth. Because these types of companies thrive in both good and bad times, ensuring they are doing good business.

Investors Who Seek Capital Appreciation

If you are a risk-taker and seek capital appreciation from your investments, you should invest in stocks of firms that do well throughout their first growth years. Take the risk and reap the rewards.

3.  Diversify Your Portfolio

Regardless of your investment style and goal, you need to diversify your portfolio to reduce exposure and risk.

Suppose you are a risk-averse and conservative investor and invest in firms that show long-term growth, but you should invest in stocks of new companies even if it seems risky.

On the other hand, buy a few blue-chip stocks even if you are an active investor and risk-taker. It will compensate for other volatile stock losses if needed.

4.  Stay Up to Date

If you want to pick the best stock in different market scenarios, you must stay on top of market news, and the mood of the market.

  • Keep up with current trends, events, and options trading opportunities in the industry you have decided to invest in.
  • Follow industry blogs written by authors who have a similar perspective to you or include information that interests you, which is called passive research. Some passive investors even construct their portfolios based on blogs and articles.

5.  Discover Companies

You must have the ability to recognize the best firms to invest in. This step is also very important in the stock-picking process.

You can use a screener to organize a group of stocks based on parameters, such as sector and industry.

Using screeners also allows you to filter firms by important investing criteria such as dividend yield and market capitalization.

Based on your interest, you can also track the industry’s performance, look for exchange-traded funds, and look at the firms they invest in.

And you can use financial news releases, stock analysis articles, and the blogosphere to look for opinions on companies in the sector or industry of your interest.

6.  Determine Price and Safety Margin

In this final round of stock choosing, you should identify low-priced stocks from firms that satisfy your valuation targets.

Buying stocks that are priced significantly below their intrinsic value can save you a lot of money in a situation where your other stock decision turns out to be wrong.

On the other hand, note that a company with steady profits and a promising future may not require a large margin of safety.

Simply subtract 10% from your desired price to determine your entry point in such situations.

However, you may want to maintain a higher safety margin for growth companies with less predictable profits.

In such cases, aim for a 15% -30% discount in their stocks to reduce the loss if things don’t go as planned.

Moreover, just do enough research about the firm and the market to be confident that you’re making an informed decision.

Other Facts to Consider

As an investor, you should also consider the following factors about a company to pick the right stocks.

  • Check the P/E (Price/Earnings) ratio of the company. Companies with lower P/E ratios are suitable for investment.
  • Check if the company has higher EPS (Earnings Per Share) because a high EPS is a positive indicator for investors.
  • Check if the company has a steady improvement in ROE (Return on Equity) as this is also a positive indicator.
  • Check for the company’s solvency.
  • Consider the effectiveness of the company’s executive leadership.

Final Thoughts

Picking the right stocks requires much analysis, research, and expert advice.

Always be informed about what’s going on around your preferred industry and sector to bag the perfect deals.

However, the Power Gauge Report can be a great tool for finding stocks that are suitable for you and satisfy your goals.

So, getting a subscription will be a wise idea if you want to engage in your stock management actively.

Always remember that picking the right stocks is a multi-stage learning process.

You will need to devote a lot of time and gain a lot of experience before you can call yourself a truly successful investor.

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Why Do Students Need Help with Finance Homework on a Stock Exchange?

Finance Homework
Why do students need help with finance homework?

Published by FrankNez Team.

Most students are expected to write finance homework on a stock exchange and get a good grade.

They don’t know how to make good assignments, obtain correct information, or format a finance homework on a stock exchange.

AnyHomeworkHelp.com may become an outstanding solution to solve your problems and get online homework help.

Many of them have no idea about any model, and they don’t know how to write an assignment on a stock exchange.

If they get help from other students or friends, they will face plagiarism issues if those friends or students use the same data from other sources.

So, it’s always better to get help from expert writers on finance homework on the stock exchange who understand everything about the model and can write an assignment very quickly.

Sometimes, students are confused about how much money they should pay for writing their assignments because they think paying experts is not worth it.

Still, everyone needs help with finance homework on the stock exchange at some point in their academic career because writing assignments on finance is not easy for everyone.

What You Should Know About a Stock Exchange

A stock exchange or stock market is a centralized market where securities (stocks, bonds, and debentures) are traded between market participants.

Stock exchanges may also provide facilities for issuing and redemption securities and other financial instruments and products such as futures, derivatives, and options, thereby providing complete capital markets.

Securities traded on a stock exchange include stock issued by listed companies (known as “listed securities”) and derivatives, including equity futures, exchange-traded funds, warrants, and certificates of deposit (CDs).

Stock exchanges often function as “continuous auction” markets, with buyers and sellers consummating transactions such as the exchange floor.

To be able to trade a security on a specific stock exchange, it must be listed there for trading.

The stock market can be intimidating for those who aren’t familiar with its inner workings.

But let’s simplify it: a stock exchange is exactly what it sounds like – a place for companies to trade their stocks and for individual investors to buy and sell stock in those companies.

Stock Exchange Significant Role in the Modern Finance

How To Invest In The Stock Market Step By Step

The central role of stock exchanges is to provide their users with the necessary conditions for buying and selling the shares.

At the same time, they receive a commission fee on each transaction made by their users in the business.

The latter has led to a negative perception of stock exchanges among retail investors, as these commissions can significantly affect the final profit, primarily when small stocks are being traded.

However, nowadays, most stock exchanges have a unique set of features that allow such investors to trade stocks at a minimal cost or for free and provide them with additional analytical tools.

This makes stock markets even more popular among small investors who have limited time and money to spend on trading stocks.

Obvious Signs You Need Help with Finance Homework

If you need help with finance homework, you may be experiencing a problem requiring more than just some extra time in the library.

If your grades are falling, it is time to consider getting help with finance homework.

Here are some warning signs that you need help with finance homework.

Lack of Self-Confidence

It may sound counterintuitive, but a lack of confidence could be a need for help with finance homework.

Why would you want to try?

It’s a good question.

There’s a difference between not believing in yourself and being unsure.

The most obvious sign that you need help with finance homework is a lack of self-confidence.

You may have started studying finance on your own and made significant progress, but maybe you’ve become so frustrated with your own mistakes that you are ready to give up.

Feeling Like You Don’t Get Things Done on Time

We need to do finance homework to help us understand the concepts being taught in class and learn how to apply them to homework tasks.

Without getting things done now and then, it will be hard for you to create a schedule for yourself, and you will also end up doing everything at the last minute.

Your homework assignments usually require you to apply and analyze the theories you learned in class, so you will often feel that you don’t get things done on time.

No matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to finish your homework assignments on time.

If this sounds familiar to you, there is an excellent chance that you need help with finance homework on a stock exchange.

Some people are just not good at multitasking, while others struggle with understanding the theories being taught in class.

You might be a little bit of both, and that is fine!

The important thing is not to give up and keep trying until you find an online homework helper who can help with number theory or portfolio management.

Perfect Solution to Get Finance Assistance on a Stock Exchange

If you find yourself constantly behind on your homework, hiring help might be time.

If your alarm clock is turned off every morning, and you rely on your smartphone to remind you of things, it might be time to sit down and find help with finance homework.

Finance homework is not just about knowing how to do the math; it’s about understanding why you’re doing the math.

Figuring out someone’s net worth can be easy if you know all the variables like property, savings, and investments.

But it gets tricky when you don’t know what is owned by whom or who has which accounts and assets.

Once you know what needs to be done and how to do it, it becomes much easier to find help with finance homework online.

You can find many websites that offer this service if you get started early enough in the semester.

When your professor hands out a complicated assignment or essential project, ask if you can use a little extra time to complete it.

Make sure you ask at least a month before the due date to have time to research what needs to be done and get help if needed.

Many websites can provide insight into how to do finance homework.

AnyHomeworkHelp may become an excellent option to consider.

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How to Manage Your Finances with GAD Capital Same Day Loans to Avoid Future Emergencies

GAD Capital Same Day Loans
GAD Capital Same Day Loans

Published by FrankNez Team.

If you’ve ever been in a position that required cash immediately, you’re aware how stressful it is.

It is possible that you have also required payday loans with high interest to pay for your expenses.

This can lead to an unfavorable financial position later on. 

Same day loans are a type of short-term borrowing where you can access funds quickly and used in emergency situations when you need cash right away.

In this guide, we will discuss ways to manage your finances using same day loans so that you do not need to resort for payday loans in the near future.

Understand what a same day loan is and how it works

A same day loan is a type of short-term borrowing where you can access funds quickly.

These loans are typically used in emergency situations when you need cash right away. 

There are two types of same day loans: unsecured and secured. Unsecured same day loans do not require any collateral, while secured same day loans require collateral such as a car or home.

The interest rates for same day loans are typically higher than traditional loans because they are considered to be high-risk.  

“To take out a same day loan, you can either go to a physical location or apply online” says Finley Gallagher of GAD Capital.

The process is relatively simple and fast. You will need to provide some personal information, such as your name, address, and Social Security number. 

You will also need to provide proof of income and employment. Once you are approved for the loan, you will receive the funds either through direct deposit or in cash. 

The repayment terms for a GAD Capital same day loan are typically short, usually two to four weeks.

It is important to understand the terms and conditions of same day loans before taking one out.

Make sure you know the interest rate, fees, and repayment terms so that you can make an informed decision. 

Evaluate your current financial situation

GAD Capital Same Day Loans
GAD Capital Same Day Loans

The first step to managing your finances with same day loans is to evaluate your current financial situation.

Take a look at your income and expenses to see where you can cut back. 

If you are living paycheck to paycheck, it may be difficult to save money.

In this case, you may need to consider getting a part-time job or side hustle to make extra money.

Once you have a good understanding of your current financial situation, you can start looking for ways to improve it. 

One way to do this is to create a budget.

A budget will help you track your income and expenses so that you can see where your money is going.

It is also a good idea to create an emergency fund.

This is money that you set aside for unexpected expenses, such as a car repair or medical bill. 

You should aim to save at least $500 in your emergency fund.

If you can save more, even better!

Once you have created a budget and started saving money, you can start looking for ways to reduce your expenses. 

There are a number of ways to do this, such as:

  • Cutting back on unnecessary expenses
  • Negotiating with creditors for lower interest rates
  • Refinancing high-interest debt
  • Consolidating debt into one monthly payment

All of these strategies can help you save money and get out of debt.

Apply for a same day loan to cover unexpected costs or emergencies

If you have evaluated your finances and determined that GAD Capital same day loan is the best option for you, there are a few things to keep in mind when applying. 

First, make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the loan.

This includes the interest rate, fees, and repayment terms. It is also important to shop around to find the best deal.

There are a number of same day loan lenders out there, so be sure to compare rates and fees before choosing one. 

Once you have found a lender that you are comfortable with, you can begin the application process.

This is typically done online and only takes a few minutes to complete. 

Use a credit card responsibly and pay off your balance each month

If you have a credit card, be sure to use it responsibly.

This means only using it for purchases that you can afford and making your payments on time each month. 

It is also important to pay off your balance in full each month.

This will help you avoid interest charges and keep your debt under control. 

By following these tips, you can avoid the need for same day loans in the future.

However, if you do find yourself in a situation where you need cash immediately, same day loans can be a helpful tool.

Just be sure to understand the terms and conditions before taking one out.

Stay disciplined with your spending habits and you’ll be able to save money in the long run

One of the best ways to avoid needing a same day loan is to stay disciplined with your spending habits.

If you are able to stick to a budget and save money each month, you will be in a much better position financially. 

It can be difficult to change your spending habits, but it is worth it in the long run.

By doing so, you will be able to avoid expensive debt and save money for the future.

If you are struggling to make ends meet or are constantly dealing with financial emergencies, it may be time to seek help from a financial advisor.

A professional can help you create a budget, get out of debt, and improve your overall financial situation.

Seek help if you are struggling to get your finances under control.

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Things to Consider When Choosing Installment Loans That Fits Your Budget with Bridge Payday

Bridge Payday Bridging Your Finances
Bridge Payday Bridging Your Finances – Bridge Payday Loans

Published by FrankNez Team.

If you’re facing financial difficulties, it’s essential to carefully examine all your alternatives.

Sometimes, an easy and easy option can be found in an installment loan. This kind of loan could be beneficial when you require money fast but need to pay it back in time. 

We will guide over some of the things you need to think about before applying for the installment loan online.

We’ll also offer tips for getting the best price on a cash-on-the-spot loan.

How much money do you need to borrow and for how long?

The first step is to calculate how much money you need and for how long you’ll need it.

This will give you a good idea of which installment loan company you should use.

It’s important to remember that the longer you take to pay back the loan, the more interest you’ll have to pay.

Some companies offer installment loans of up to $1000, while others may offer more.

You should also consider how long you’ll need to pay back the loan.

If you need the money for a short-term emergency, you may want to choose a company such as Bridge Payday that offers a shorter repayment period.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a longer-term solution, you may want to choose a company that offers a longer repayment period.

What is the interest rate and will it change over time?

One of the most crucial factors to think about when choosing the right installment loan is the interest rate.

The interest rate is the one that determines the amount you’ll need to pay back over the course of your loan.

It’s crucial to compare rates of different businesses before choosing one.

According to Usman Konst from Bridge Payday, it’s also crucial to inquire whether your interest rates are variable or fixed.

A fixed interest rate implies that the rate will not alter over the course of time.

This is helpful when you’re in a tight financial situation and you want to know what you’ll need to pay every month.

An interest rate that is variable implies that the rate can change with time.

This could be riskier however it could also mean you’ll get an interest rate that is lower when rates in the market fall.

What are the fees and charges?

Another important thing to consider is what fees and charges you’ll have to pay.

Some companies may charge an origination fee, which is a fee for taking out the loan.

Others may charge a late payment fee if you miss a payment.

It’s important to read the fine print and make sure you understand all the fees and charges before you agree to anything.

What is the repayment schedule?

Once you’ve decided how much money you need to borrow and for how long, it’s time to consider the repayment schedule.

Some companies offer weekly or bi-weekly payments, while others may offer monthly payments.

It’s important to choose a schedule that you can afford.

It’s also important to make sure you understand the consequences of missing a payment.

Some companies may charge a late fee, while others may report the missed payment to the credit bureau.

This can impact your credit score and make it harder to get loans in the future.

What is the process for applying for the loan?

Bridge Payday Loans
Bridge Payday Loans

The final thing to consider is the process for applying for the loan.

Some companies may require you to fill out an application online, while others may require you to visit a store in person.

It’s important to choose a company that offers a process that you’re comfortable with.

Installment loans can be a great way to get the money you need, but it’s important to do your research before you apply.

Use this guide to make sure you understand all the things you need to consider before you choose a loan that fits your budget.

Is there a prepayment penalty for paying off the installment loan before the end of its term?

Another thing to consider is whether there is a prepayment penalty for paying off the installment loan before the end of its term.

Some companies may charge a fee if you pay off the loan early, so be sure to ask about this before you agree to anything.

All in all, installment loans can be a great way to get the money you need, but it’s important to do your research and choose a loan that fits your budget.

Use this guide to make sure you understand all the things you need to consider before you apply for a loan.

With a little bit of preparation, you can be sure to find an installment loan that works for you.

Make a plan to pay off your debt as quickly as possible

Bridge Payday Loans

After you’ve taken the loan out within an installment loan, it’s important to devise a plan to repay the loan in the shortest time possible.

The longer you wait to repay your loan the higher interest you’ll pay and the more difficult it will be to clear the debt.

Make more payments when you can and pay in time to avoid penalties for late payments.

If you’re thinking about applying for an installment loan, use this guide to ensure you are aware of all the aspects you should consider prior to you making an application.

With just an effort it is possible to locate one installment loan that fits your budget and can help you pay off your debt fast.

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Goldman Sachs’ Dark Pools Are Under Federal Investigation

Goldman Sachs dark pool under investigation
BREAKING: Goldman Sachs dark pool is under investigation

Goldman Sach’s dark pools are under investigation according to an SEC report.

The SEC published a report highlighting what essentially seems to be a deep audit.

This is not the first time Goldman Sachs has been fined or investigated for abusing its power.

Dark pools played a massive part in the recession of 2008, but dark pools were never banned.

Will something finally be done about it this time around?

In this article I’m going to break down everything they’re looking into, starting with Goldman Sachs’ dark pools.

Let’s break it down together.


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Let’s dive right into it!

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Feds crack down on Goldman Sachs dark pools

The fed is looking into various matters relating to Goldman Sachs’ businesses and operations.

One of which stands out to retail investors as being its dark pools.

The fed is investigating the supervision and controls relating to Goldman’s high frequency trading (HFTs) and its alternative trading systems (ATSs), also known as dark pools.

Dark Pools (also benignly called Alternative Trading Systems or ATS) are effectively unregulated stock exchanges being run by the same megabanks on Wall Street that blew up the U.S. financial system in 2008 and received the largest taxpayer bailout in U.S. history. – Wall Street On Parade.

The name of Goldman Sachs’ Dark Pool that trades in the U.S. is called Sigma X2.

It used to be called simply Sigma X.

According to a publicly-available document, Sigma X is now used by Goldman Sachs to designate the Dark Pools it operates in foreign jurisdictions, which include Europe, Japan, Hong Kong and Australia.

Dark pools are the gateway that allow financial institutions to manipulate the stock market without any regulation.

Now the fed is cracking down on Goldman Sachs and it comes as no surprise since the bank has been criminally charged on many occasions before.

In October of 2020, Goldman Sachs admitted to the charges of a bribery scandal where they were fined $2.9 billion.

Other operations being looked into

The fed is looking into the institution’s advisory services and conflicts of interest.

They are also tackling the following:

  • Research practices, including research independence and interactions between research analysts and other firm personnel, including investment banking personnel, as well as third parties.
  • Transactions involving government-related financings and other matters.
  • The offering, auction, sales, trading and clearance of corporate and government securities, currencies, commodities and other financial products and related sales and other communications and activities.
  • As well as the firm’s supervision and controls relating to such activities, including compliance with applicable short sale rules, algorithmic, high-frequency and quantitative trading, the firm’s U.S. alternative trading system (dark pool), futures trading, options trading.
  • And finally, insider trading.

The SEC said in past years they were tackling dark pools but failed to competently execute the plan.

The issue was brought to the light by the ‘meme stock’ crowd who also exposed naked short selling and received attention by mainstream media.

Dark pools have been able to suppress stock prices across the market from reaching full demand potential.

Gary Gensler said 90%-95% of retails orders do not get processed through the lit exchange (NYSE) but rather through these dark pools.

Goldman Sachs and others have essentially stolen from retail investors as only 5%-10% of retails money actually creates demand for a stock.

For every dollar retail puts in the market, only this small percentage is reflected on a security.

That’s what happens when financial institutions like Goldman Sachs redirects orders through its dark pools.

This is a developing story.

Be sure to join the newsletter for more market news and updates.

View the SEC report here.

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How to Get Professional Help with Finance Homework on Stock Price Analysis

Stock Price Analysis
Stock Price Analysis

Published by FrankNez Team.

Most people are intimidated to begin the stock price analysis process because of the tremendous amount of material one needs to learn.

Some people think that it is essential to have a degree in finance to complete this type of assignment.

Stock price analysis can be a daunting task for students who are just getting started in business courses, but there is a great way to get help with finance homework on stock price analysis.

AssignmentShark is an excellent solution to do my finance homework, and I always recommend this service to get professional finance assistance.

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What Is a Stock Price Analysis?

Stock Price Analysis meaning

A stock price analysis refers to the analysis of the stock price performance by the use of different financial instruments.

The main goal of a stock price analysis is to analyze whether a company’s stock price is moving in the same direction as the financial management of the company.

A financial manager who takes control of a company may work on increasing the value of the company by carefully managing its financial resources.

Stock price analysis is studying data that a publicly traded company produces.

It is the study of selected financial and economic data, which can be presented on a stock exchange to determine the price at which a company’s stock can be bought and sold by the public.

This is the process of analyzing what the market value should be forgiven for stocks.

This is not just a one-time activity. It is an ongoing activity that involves reviewing price changes concerning past trends in order to make short-term decisions.

This can include determining when to invest in a particular stock and when to sell it.

Why Stock Price Analysis Can Be Challenging

Stock price analysis is defined as the process of forecasting future stock prices by analyzing the relation between supply and demand.

It can be extremely challenging because factors such as investor psychology, fundamental and technical analysis, and the impact of news events can significantly affect it in several ways that cannot be foreseen.

Financial markets are highly volatile, and their behavior is often unstable. The instability of their behavior is such that you can’t predict what will happen next.

There are many reasons for this, but one is the complexity of financial instruments used in speculation and trading.

You may have many questions about why stock price analysis is so complex.

Partly it is because financial markets are highly volatile, and their behavior is often unstable.

The instability of their behavior is such that you can’t predict what will happen next.

There are many reasons for this, but one is the complexity of financial instruments used in speculation and trading.

Contrary to widespread opinion, stock price analysis isn’t an easy job, even for experienced traders.

Designing a successful strategy based on stock price analysis requires a lot of knowledge and a significant amount of time.

It’s more than simply analyzing market data, drawing a chart, and predicting its future state.

In fact, it’s much more complex than that. Many students think that the only thing that matters in stock price analysis is buying low and selling high at the right time. But that isn’t true. It’s also essential to develop an understanding of why the stock behaves the way it does so that you know how to use it in your strategy in the future.

Instruments to Prepare for Stock Market Assignments

Macro Currency Strength Meter

A currency strength meter is an online tool that gives you an instant snapshot of the relative strength of a particular currency at any time during the trading session.

This lets you measure and compare the strengths of different currencies over time to understand their movements.

Currency strength meter doesn’t always agree with market forex exchange rates, as it relies on daily foreign exchange trading volumes and market sentiment, but nevertheless, it can be used as an indicator or a signal generator for currency trading.

Refinitiv Eikon App

Refinitiv Eikon is the first news and information app designed for the finance industry by the financial sector.

The app delivers breaking news, market data, business intelligence, and portfolio management capabilities to audiences of on-the-go.

Thanks to the intuitive features and advanced analytics from the Refinitiv Eikon app, you can easily keep up with the market and make informed decisions about your investments.

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These Powerful Cryptocurrencies Have Crazy Predictions

Cryptocurrencies List Price Predictions
Cryptocurrencies With High Price Predictions

If you’re new to the crypto world, I’m going to provide you with a list of cryptocurrencies to watch.

Cryptocurrency has earned early investors millions and even billions of dollars in ROI.

You might be thinking, is it too late to buy crypto? The short answer is absolutely not.

And if you’re not invested in crypto yet, I’m going to leave a link at the end of this article of my step by step guide on how to buy cryptocurrencies.


Welcome to Franknez.com – if you’re part of the Patreon you’ve seen when I add a cryptocurrency to my crypto portfolio. Today I want to talk cryptocurrencies and why these powerful assets will keep on surging.

Let’s get started!

Now, a lot of you might be familiar with Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

These are some of the most popular cryptocurrencies out there.

Just recently Shiba Inu Coin began trending as well.

These so called ‘speculative’ plays have earned investors gains unlike anything else in the markets.

These are only some powerful crypto plays that are nowhere near done growing primarily because of their communities!

#1. Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum Cryptocurrencies
cryptocurrency list – Ethereum prediction – cryptocurrencies futures

Shark Tank star and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban just said, “as an investment, I think Ethereum has the most upside.”

And he’s not the only one who speculates ETH is in it’s infant stage either.

But before I continue, this article won’t be about the technical side of the cryptocurrencies themselves but rather a worldview of the crypto’s upside as an investment.

How high are analysts predicting Ethereum to go?

In a recent Forbes article, a panel of crypto experts including Sagi Bakshi and Lex Sokolin predict that ETH could rise as high as $19,842 by 2025 and that by the end of 2022 it could be the most widely transacted cryptocurrency due to its expanding utility in the marketplace”, via Crunchbase.

At the publication date of this article, ETH cryptocurrency is trading close to $3.1k.

Joe McCann, an angel investor and crypto margin trader believes the Ethereum could even reach as high as $50,000.

Ethereum developer and supporter, Anthony Sassano believes ETH can go even higher. Giving it a $150,000 prediction by 2023.

Community, this is insane. In a very very good way.

If we’ve learned anything from AMC and GameStop, it’s that investor sentiment is what drives the markets.

And the crypto community is one of the most bullish investing communities out there.

#2. Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin crypto list - cryptocurrency list
Crypto List – Bitcoin price prediction – cryptocurrencies futures

Bitcoin is probably one of the most if not the most popular cryptocurrencies in the crypto space.

This revolutionary crypto broke the perception of what people ever imagined could become a reality.

To think BTC traded only a few cents during its inception to now trading over $43.8K is astonishing to say the least.

If you’re on the Patreon, you know I bought the dip a few times when Bitcoin was trading around $32k-$38k back in June and July.

Most analysts see Bitcoin reaching $100k per BTC.

In a Forbes panel, the average came to $107K with 1/3 saying Bitcoin will reach more than $120,000.

Capital.com analyst, Mikhail Karkhalev predicts Bitcoin will reach $170,000 by the end of 2022 or early 2023.

CNBC asked Chamath, an early Facebook investor and venture capitalist, how high he thinks Bitcoin will continue to soar earlier this year.

Listen to Chamath’s response below.

Chamath Bitcoin Price Predictions – cryptocurrencies futures

“Where is it going? It’s probably going to 100, then 150, then 200 thousand”. Chamath was one of the first people to invest in Bitcoin a decade ago.

You might be thinking, “is it too late for me to invest in Bitcoin?”

The truth is it’s not. See, crypto exchanges allow you to purchase fractions of Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

As cryptocurrencies go up, your investment will go up, even if you’ve only put $100 in the market.

However, for significant ROI you’ll want to have quite a significant amount of money invested.

#3. Cardano (ADA)

Cardano Crypto list
Crypto List – Cardano – cryptocurrencies futures

Cardano was founded in 2015 by Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson.

It’s ties to the Ethereum co-founder have made it a very popular crypto to buy, especially at it’s incredibly low price.

Cardano is currently trading around $1.18 and traded at $0.02 during its inception.

The trader sentiment is extremely strong with more than 99% of investors currently buying this cryptocurrency.

Analysts want to see this coin reach a new all-time high of $4.

Price predictions for ADA vary:

WalletInvestor predicts Cardano cryptocurrency to reach over $14 by the year 2026. However, they predict Cardano to reach $4.50 in one year.

Based on this prediction, buying today could double your profits in one year from now and multiply it by seven in five years.

ADA is a long-term crypto investment. I’m bullish.

#4. Dogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin cryptocurrency list
Cryptocurrencies List – Dogecoin – Cryptocurrencies futures

Dogecoin has to be the biggest meme cryptocurrencies in the market. I would consider DOGE to be one of the riskiest too.

Primarily because of the edge other coins have. Other cryptocurrencies are trying to solve real-world problems where as Dogecoin is a community meme.

However, it’s this community that’s allowed DOGE to be an extremely successful cryptocurrency this year.

It has gained a whopping 9000% just from one year alone.

Just like AMC and GameStop show us, communities are everything. Communities have power and I believe that Dogecoin will continue to surge as long as its community of retail investors want it to.

Dogecoin is currently trading around $0.17 and peaked at $0.74 back in May earlier this year.

You might know Mark Cuban and Elon Musk for being two massive supporters of the DOGE community.

Being in the AMC community, I’m very proud of communities and tip my hat to DOGE for what it’s created.

CryptoNewz predicts Dogecoin hover above $1.07 in the year 2022.

Based on this prediction, you could multiply your money by 4 in the short-term.

#5. (What Do You Think?)

What other cryptocurrency or cryptocurrencies at that, should be on this list?

Do you hold any of these on this list? What’s your favorite coin? Let’s have a discussion. Leave a comment below!

Honorable mentions

  1. XRP (XRP)
  2. Shiba Inu Coin (SHIBA)
  3. Tether (USDT)
  4. Binance Coin (BNB)
  5. Polkadot (DOT)

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BTC: Should You Buy The Dip or Wait?

Bitcoin: Should you buy the dip or wait?
Should you buy Bitcoin now?

Bitcoin is currently trading around $40K give or take. Have you been thinking about adding to your position or buying Bitcoin for the first time? This article is going to help you make the best decision for yourself. Should you buy Bitcoin now or wait for another dip?


Welcome to Franknez.com – the blog where you can digest content on personal finance, side hustle ideas, entrepreneurship, and trending investing topics.

Lets get started!

Bitcoin (BTC) is probably one of the coolest investment vehicles of our time. This cryptocurrency was as low as $2 at some point; can you believe that? Insanity.

I didn’t get into BTC earlier because like most people, I thought it was too late to invest in it. However, when I found out you could buy fractions of this asset and discovered just how high it could go, my mind was changed.

Will Bitcoin go back up?

If you’ve been following BTC for quite some time now, then you’re no stranger to what just occurred a few weeks back.

Bitcoin took a staggering plunge from $60K down to $30K. If you’re an earlier investor this is just a bump in the road. But if you just opened a position in BTC, then you’re down quite a bit to say the least.

Now, because Bitcoin is deflationary, the value of this asset will continue to skyrocket as long as there is a demand for it.

There is a total of 21 million gill in the crypto market for Bitcoin. This is why the cryptocurrency is so valuable. Unlike Dogecoin, BTC is limited.

And when there’s a low supply (scarcity) with a large demand, the value of an asset goes up. It’s simply the way the world works.

Will Bitcoin reach 100K?

Bitcoin going to $100k, then $150k, then $200k: Chamath

In this clip, CNBC’s host asks former Facebook executive, Chamath where Bitcoin is going next. Chamath correctly predicted the rise of Bitcoin since it’s inception. “Bitcoin is going to $100k, then $150k, then $200k”, he says.

This type of news is quite incredible. BTC is currently trading in the low to mid $30K range. If Bitcoin is to run up that high then parking your money in this investment could prove to be quite a great long term move.

You don’t need to be a financial advisor to identify opportunities and recommend them to people. Allocating money here could outperform index funds and most stock investments.

When will BTC reach 100K?

No one can say for sure. But the data shows it’s absolutely possible. What analysts do know is that the chances of it happening this decade are high.

No index fund, REIT, or stock will yield the return Bitcoin can and has yielded. Investing in BTC could be a strategized trade, or a long term multiplier.

The fact that Chamath believes the price of Bitcoin can even reach $200k+ is mind boggling. Bitcoin is my choice of cryptocurrency at the moment.

Why did Bitcoin’s price drop?

Bitcoin’s price drop is only temporary. Investors like you are looking to take advantage of this discount.

The reason Bitcoin and the entire crypto market dropped was due to institutions liquidating their accounts. For what? Who knows.

Retail investors are speculating institutions did these to cover upcoming margin calls in overleveraged accounts such as AMC Entertainment and GameStop.

Don’t be too quick to write these heavily shorted stocks off though. They could just very well prove to be the catalyst to something much bigger in the markets. Both AMC and GME have negative betas meaning when the markets crash, these two stocks will skyrocket.

Will Bitcoin drop again?

According to JP Morgan, Bitcoin could go back down to as low as $23K. The bank valued BTC between $23K-$35K as of late June but has since gone up. With most experts including JP Morgan predicting a six figure price, now is the perfect time to park your money in Bitcoin.

You could wait for BTC to dip more although the cryptocurrency is already on discount per say. You can’t go wrong with either or. If you trust the data that points towards massive Bitcoin gains, then buying any dip at this point is a steal compared to where it’s going to be later on.

Despite the crypto market bleeding, it seems most investors continue to have a positive outlook on BTC.

Does Frank Nez own Bitcoin?

I do own Bitcoin. In fact I put $100 as a ‘tester’ in BTC right before it plunged. I’ve seen a 40% decrease thus far but continue to hold that small position. The drop didn’t surprise me at all. I understand the massive potential BTC has but I also expected this to happen.

There are so many exciting things going on in the market at the moment. I’m up around 400% in AMC Entertainment stock, so far. This stock is set up for a massive short squeeze and I cannot wait for this rocket to take off.

Regarding crypto, I personally have a strong conviction towards BTC and will be increasing my position as it continues to dip and as soon as I raise more capital for a good investment in it. There’s no doubt in my mind this cryptocurrency will continue to drop short term but run up long term.

Want exclusive access to my portfolio?

I’m excited to use this vehicle as a means to diversify my portfolio and to multiply my investments. If you’re curious to know when I make this large investment, become a Patron over at my Patreon! Here you’ll gain access to these behind-the-scenes moves and real-time updates on my portfolio.

I want to share this information with you because my goal is to help you reach that financial freedom you deserve. I want to share my growth and I want to share the knowledge.

You do not have to follow my footsteps, but you can observe and make an honest assessment to see whether or not my financial steps could also play in your favor.

Thank you for being here today. I look forward to providing you with more value very soon.


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