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Do The ‘Apes’ Really Own AMC Entertainment?

do the apes really own AMC Entertainment?
AMC Apes – do these retail investors really own AMC Entertainment?

Like any company, if you own AMC Entertainment stock then you basically own the company.

Shareholders are essentially what fund company projects, ideas, and help drive innovation.

Especially in AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc.

AMC is a special case though because without its shareholders the company would have never survived.

Even today, AMC Entertainment would sink without its shareholders.

So, how much power do the apes have over the largest movie theatre chain in the world?

Let’s discuss it.


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How much control do the apes have over AMC Entertainment?

Do apes really own AMC Entertainment?

Earlier this year, CEO and President Adam Aron announced during 2021’s Q4 earnings call that 90% of AMC’s float was now owned by retail investors.

Last year 70%-80% of the float was owned by apes.

This is a massive amount of people who have control of AMC’s share price today.

Think about it, a massive selloff all at once could destroy the company.

Which kinda gets you thinking…

Is this why Adam Aron has not been as vocal about short selling as GameStop’s Ryan Cohen has been?

I’ll leave that up to you to answer.

But regardless the situation, the ape community really does own AMC Entertainment.

Last year Adam Aron proposed a 500 million share dilution, to which the apes voted against.

The proposal was scratched, and apes won.

AMC apes also urged the CEO to implement cryptocurrency and NFTs into the business.

Both of which came true and were a big success for the company.

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Mainstream media has portrayed this negatively

No surprise there.

AMC is not in debt to the apes, but there’s a mutual respect where communication has been key between the two.

Retail investors have pitched several ideas to the CEO in efforts to raise more capital and bring alternative income streams to life.

This is the first time in history where the CEO of a public company has communicated with shareholders via social media – the way Adam Aron and the apes have.

The ape culture has broken down barriers in the finance and stock market world.

While retail investors have been making a ruckus about market injustices, they’ve waited on the CEO to back them up but have yet to receive that full support.

Adam Aron mocked short sellers for the second time back in February of this year.

But that’s as much as the CEO has gotten to discussing overleveraged short sellers and market manipulation of his stock.

Though he did briefly mention shorting on live television before, the ape community is hoping for more activism.

Recent criticizing from apes

Do apes really own AMC Entertainment
Do Apes Really Own AMC Entertainment?

Some apes have recently criticized Adam Aron for not focusing enough on bringing light to market injustices.

AMC investors for the most part are all in and have seen their investments drop significantly due to overleveraged shorting in the market.

Retail investors feel the CEO of the company should find solutions that will allow shareholders to be profitable – given that they are a huge lifeline for the company.

Other apes in the community argue that the CEO is entitled to fundamentally running the company only.

Which also makes sense – but this is a community and I believe Adam Aron should also take your concerns seriously.

Apes truly do own AMC Entertainment.

And any differences should be discussed civilly.

There’s never been a community like this before, so it’s important to stick together.

What do you think?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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How High Are ‘Apes’ Willing to Hold AMC Stock?

how high will apes hold AMC stock?
Apes are going to the moon, but how high will the community hold AMC stock?

If you’re reading this, chances are you hold AMC stock.

AMC is up more than 65% from exactly one year ago but down 41% this new year.

But retail investors continue to hold AMC stock.

The reasons vary – but I’d like to touch topic on this incredibly rare market phenomena we’re seeing here with this community.


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“Buy and Hold” skyrocketed AMC to $72 per share

And “buy and hold” will skyrocket it past a new ATH.

The concept has been simple from the very beginning, right?

Retail investors buy the stock to drive momentum and hold AMC stock to essentially refrain the price from dropping.

The aftermath would be even bigger momentum caused by short sellers closing their positions.

Well, the concept hasn’t changed today – the only difference is we’re stuck in a bear market.

Now, the biggest CEOs in America don’t think this bear market will linger, but it’s a different situation here than it was last year.

This year apes holding AMC stock will have to ride the bear wave and let the markets do some purging.

AMC’s trading volume has been below average but remains healthy in the tens of millions.

Apes are not just holding the stock this year; they’re continuously buying it too.

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Investors are asking, “will AMC go back up?”

You would have expected AMC’s negative beta of -43.0% to hold the stock relatively well during this bear market.

However, institutions continue to borrow millions of shares every day to short the stock, as seen on Stonk-O-Tracker.

Perhaps now that margin requirements have been raised by 25%, we’ll begin to see some deleveraging soon.

And in turn, see some suppression get lifted on heavily shorted stock.

I’ve gone over a number of times how AMC’s current short interest shows us the movie theatre chain is not done running.

You will know AMC is no longer a short squeeze play when the short interest plummets to the ground.

It’s currently at a high 19%.

It’s not a matter of asking whether AMC will go back up but rather when will it go back up?

Like the entire market, AMC Entertainment is only one of many public companies also stuck in this bear market.

A reversal will happen just as quick or just as long as it takes for bull sentiment to re-enter the market.

So, how long are ‘apes’ willing to hold AMC stock?

Apes are willing to hold AMC stock as long as it takes for shorts to close their positions.

But how high are apes willing to hold the stock?

I personally think it will vary from person to person as everyone has different profit goals.

This is why it’s been relatively important for investors to meet a number of shares goal.

The number of shares you hold is actually a multiplier that will play a big role in how much money you make in AMC stock (or any other stock).

If your share goal was 1,000 shares, then you will earn $1,000 for every dollar that AMC goes up.

From here you can determine when to take profits on AMC depending on your conviction of how high AMC will go.

Everyone’s number of shares goal will differ, but this is just an example.

Regulators have not held institutions accountable for synthetics yet, and for this reason I feel it’s best to play it safe and bulk up on shares (not financial advice) to increase that multiplier.

The last thing you want to do is believe in some absurd numbers, leaving you out of making a life-changing play.

Leave your thoughts below


Realistically, how high are you willing to hold AMC stock?

We know there’s going to be a bigger runup than the first two this third time around.

Will this be MOASS?

Who knows – but we’ll have to keep an eye out on exactly how much short interest goes down to determine just how much juice is left.

Feel free to leave your thoughts down in the comment section below.

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AMC and GME Stock Get Halted During Trading Surge

AMC and GameStop Halts
Halts are happening again as ‘meme stocks’ soar in volume and price

AMC and GameStop were halted shortly after the market opened this morning.

AMC stock reached a high of $34.09 and GameStop reached a high $199.24 before plunging.

The halts seized the ‘meme stocks’ from soaring, momentarily freezing momentum.

Shareholders might recall halts occurred last year as well before ‘meme stocks’ reached all-time highs.

Let’s discuss it.


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Momentum triggers gamma halts in AMC and GameStop

Both AMC and GameStop have more than 3 times their average trading volume today.

Could these early gamma squeezes have triggered a short squeeze in both AMC and GameStop had the stocks not been halted?

It’s certainly possible.

Although, it’s no secret these halts play in financial institutions’ favor.

Perpetual momentum could cause significant damage to institutions short on these plays.

The halts are not there for retail to regain composure, it’s for short sellers to regain their composure.

It gives financial institutions time to access the situation as it is no longer in their control.

The only control market makers have during these volatile swings are when to pause the game for themselves.

The thing is, when they resume retail investors will still be there.

So, while market makers might be able to slow down the process, they cannot prevent the inevitable.

Is history about to repeat itself?

AMC and GameStop along with other ‘meme stocks’ were halted in January of 2021.

Not only did these halts prevent these stocks from surging but Robinhood also froze the ability to purchase them.

AMC experienced halts again in May before its price ran up to more than $72 per share.

Retail investors were temporarily prohibited from purchasing the stock like they were in January.

Retail investors should view these halts as confirmation massive gains are coming in the near future.

While minor setbacks such halts might discourage bullish investors, it’s important to zoom out and look at the broader picture.

AMC stock is up more than 57% in the last five trading days.

And GameStop is up more than 36% in the last five trading days.

More than 56% of retail investors own GameStop and more than 90% of retail owns AMC Entertainment.

No one in the community is going to quit the crusade against crime in the markets due to halts.

What to look out for this week

AMC stock halted
AMC Stock Halted | GME Halt | GameStop Halt | AMC and GME Halt

Here’s what we can expect this week for AMC and GameStop.

  1. Surge in trading volume
  2. Short and distort campaigns

We can expect the same surges in volume throughout the week for both AMC and GameStop.

Retail investors are not letting off the gas pedal and short sellers know this.

For this reason, we can expect short and distort campaigns to take full flight again.

Corporate media has taken shots at AMC and GameStop for over a year, what’s to stop them now?

Despite the adversity, shorts have not closed their positions which means these two stocks have a lot of room for growth.

AMC currently has a short interest of 20.99% and GameStop has a short interest of 24.62%.

I update a list of heavily shorted stocks here daily so be sure to bookmark the page.

The short interest shows us the percentage of a stock’s float that is shorted.

10% is typically considered to be high while anything above 20% is out of the norm and deemed as ‘extremely high’ short interest.

We can spot some short covering as the short interest begins to decrease.

Are short squeezes on the horizon?

An AMC or GME short squeeze may happen at any moment.

This is why it’s imperative that shareholders hold the stock.

Investors are creating pressure through buying momentum, which increases the probability of runups and short covering.

AMC short sellers have suffered more than $750 million in the past two weeks.

Last week GME short sellers lost almost $500 million in one day alone.

The odds are definitely in retail’s favor.

Shorting AMC and GME stock will prove to be one of the riskiest bets in stock market history.

The pressure is certainly on and I’m excited to see retail come out at the end of this victorious.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Do you own AMC and GME stock?

Leave a comment below.

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Wall Street Journal is Indirectly Owned by Citadel’s Ken Griffin

wall street journal is owned by Ken Griffin

Wall Street Journal just published a piece on the AMC community where the conflict of interest is only so obvious.

They refer to the community as a mob and disrespect AMC’s CEO Adam Aron by saying apes made the CEO “play by their rules.”

WSJ tries to discredit the CEO and portrays the community as an entirely different culture than what it is.

Come to find out, Ken Griffin actually owns Wall Street Journal, well sorta.

Let’s dive right into it.


Welcome to Franknez.com – the blog that fights FUD media. When the community is getting attacked you know we’re doing something right.

Let’s get started!

Now, we can’t be too harsh on the two writers who published this article.

Afterall, they’re just doing their job, right?

Who owns the Wall Street Journal?

The Wall Street Journal is owned by News Corp., a company where Ken Griffin’s Citadel has a stake in.

Who owns Wall Street Journal? Source, Investopedia

News Corp is Wall Street Journal’s parent company.

Not only do they have ownership of the Wall Street Journal, but they also own other DOW Jones assets such as the Dow Jones Newswire.

Other media brands by the DOW Jones include Barrons and MarketWatch, media companies who have been attacking AMC Entertainment all year.

DOW Jones Media Brands
DOW Jones Media Brands

All these finance media platforms are tied and owned by News Corp.

So, where does Ken Griffin come in?

Ken Griffin Owns Almost 1.4 Million Shares of News Corp.

Ken Griffin owns news corp
Ken Griffin owns News Corp, source

CEO of Citadel Securities, Ken Griffin owns News Corp, the company that has ownership over Wall Street Journal, Barrons, MarketWatch, DOW Jones, and other media outlets spewing ill words of AMC Entertainment and its community.

Citadel Securities is on the top 10 list of hedge funds shorting AMC stock.

Anchorage Capital, who was also on that list just closed down after betting against AMC.

The hedge fund had an 18-year run.

There’s a major conflict of interest when the owner of all these companies is using them to pump propaganda to fit a nefarious agenda.

Citadel Securities attempted to bankrupt AMC Entertainment earlier this year but failed after retail investors saved the company.

Because AMC stock has a short squeeze set up, retail investors are not leaving until overleveraged hedge funds have closed their short positions in AMC.

Though the multi-billionaire has the power to influence these companies, the community has the power to expose these untrustworthy media platforms.

And that’s enough to raise awareness.

The Fall of Hedge Funds and FUD Media

Both hedge funds and FUD media platforms face intense scrutiny from investors.

Not only are hedge funds such as Citadel Securities causing financial turmoil for their clients, but financial news platforms are now being exposed as being tied to manipulation tactics.

What can the community do to fight against this manipulation?

It’s simpler than you might think.

By raising awareness.

The more people are educated, the more they will have a clear conscious of what news to consume and what financial path to follow.

These mainstream finance platforms have cost the public so much money.

By scaring them out of their money, they missed the opportunity to secure a position in AMC Entertainment when it traded low.

AMC stock is currently up more than 1300% year-to-date.

Share This News


Share this news to raise awareness.

Your voice is a weapon against the corruption in our financial system.

And a special thanks to Kat for bringing this information to my attention.

Together, the community will reshape how we invest, with honor and with integrity.

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GameStop Fires Firm Connected to Citadel (BCG)

GameStop BCG
Market News: GameStop fires BCG – GameStop Sued by BCG – GameStop BCG Lawsuit Reddit

GameStop let go of Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and the firm is now suing the retailer for $30 million in ‘unpaid’ fees.

BCG is now part of a scandal in a conflict of interest due to its connection to hedge fund and short seller Citadel.

GameStop said: “We do not believe it is in our stockholders’ best interests to pay the tens of millions of dollars sought by BCG, especially given their seemingly meagre impact on the company’s bottom line. We will fight this suit and are proud that GameStop no longer utilizes the likes of BCG for any services.”

BCG declined to comment.


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Chairman Ryan Cohen takes a jab at BCG

Chewy Founder and GameStop Chairman said on Twitter “the overpriced consultants at BCG are picking a fight with the wrong company.”

He later tweeted the following: “The only ones more useless than overpriced consultants are the ones that hire them”, referring to Citadel’s ex-BCG employees.

That’s right, numerous consultants over at BCG were later hired by Citadel.

Retail investors are flooding @BCG on Twitter for infiltrating GameStop under the old board before Cohen came in.

BCG was hired to bring GameStop out of its ‘slump’ when it was struggling, according to the lawsuit.

The consulting group says it spent “tens of thousands of hours” on the project and “overachieved” by creating more profit improvement opportunities.

“It is confounding that the high-priced consultants at BCG claim to have delivered hundreds of millions in value for GameStop during a period when share price, sales and debt were at perilous levels,” GameStop said in an emailed statement. 

GameStop said it’s “proud” it no longer uses the consulting group’s services. 

Was GameStop infiltrated by BCG?

It’s incredible how these consultants seamlessly ended up at GameStop only to join Citadel afterwards.

For starters, GameStop’s Vice President and head of Corporate Strategy & Analytics Jackson Speake was a consultant and project leader at BCG before joining the game retailer.

He also worked a Bain & Company, a company that would acquire failing businesses such as Toys R Us, and ‘bust them out’.

Except they wouldn’t bust them out, they would buy the companies using the struggling companies own credit.

This scheme is known as a Leveraged Buy Out (LBO).

Once Bain had control of the businesses, they would bring on their own board members and executives.

These executives would then pay themselves large bonuses prior to defaulting the business.

Hedge funds such as Citadel would then drive the company down to zero and keep all the money they made from short selling the stock.

Was this ring of manipulators attempting to take GameStop down?

Let’s dive deeper.

Citadel employees with BCG backgrounds

A few years ago, BCG was retained by the SEC due to concerns relating to organizational chain of command, the effect of high frequency trading, hiring and personnel practices, and oversight and reliance on self-regulatory organizations.

You can read the testimony here.

Retail activists did some research and found a variety of Citadel employees have ties to BCG.

BCG Citadel Connection
GameStop BCG Reddit Citadel Connection

One member even shows to work for both parties.

But GameStop is no longer doing business with BCG.

Retail investors are convinced there was an infiltration to bankrupt GameStop from the inside out.

What do you think?

Or is this all just one massive coincidence?

Leave your thoughts below.

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GME Shorts Face Nearly $500 Million in Losses from Surge

GME shorts face nearly $500 million in losses from surge
Chairman Ryan Cohen purchases 100,000 shares of GME stock

GME shorts are suffering approximately $500 million in losses from GameStop’s price surge today.

GameStop soared to $123.14 per share, up almost 31% from its previous close of $94.20.

And GME shorts are facing the wrath of retail investors yet again.

Will this cause short covering to occur?

Let’s break it down together below.


Welcome to Franknez.com – retail investors are sticking it to short sellers again! Both AMC and GameStop saw impressive gains today, causing millions in losses for short sellers betting against the so called ‘meme stocks’.

Let’s dive right into it!

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GameStop surges nearly 31% starting the new week

GameStop surged 30.72% today causing GME shorts nearly $500 million in losses.

GME’s trading volume was also significantly higher than its average volume of 3 million.

Today GameStop’s trading volume reached 14 million, driving the stock up nearly 31%.

We’re also seeing a lot of afterhours activity.

GameStop has gains upwards of +16% afterhours.

And although afterhours price action should be taken with a grain of salt, it certainly elevates investor confidence.

Will GME shorts finally close their positions?

Be sure to leave a comment at the end of the article with your thoughts.

GME shorts are without a doubt going to continue to lose money holding on to their short positions.

The retail community has only grown which puts short sellers at a disadvantage.

Furthermore, retail investors continue to fight for market transparency and short seller scrutiny in the market grows.

Ryan Cohen purchases 100,000 shares of GME stock

Co-Founder of Chewy and Chairman of GameStop Ryan Cohen just purchased 100,000 shares of GME stock, shown in this SEC filing.

Cohen now has a total stake of 11.9% in GameStop.

Here’s the Chairman’s response to his latest position increase.

Ryan Cohen has been public about his distaste for short selling in the market.

Among other public figures to show their dislike for short sellers has been Elon Musk (Tesla), Adam Aron (AMC), and Jon Stewart.

Short sellers have been driving the prices of AMC and GameStop down for over a year now in efforts to refrain retail from creating squeezes.

But will retail power drive GME shorts out before they incur beyond-repair losses?

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GameStop short interest data

GameStop Short Interest
GameStop shorts – Short interest data

Mainstream media has been pumping out that GameStop can no longer squeeze.

However, this narrative is false and part of a ‘short and distort‘ campaign produced to fuel corporate leaders’ short selling agenda.

GameStop currently has a high short interest of 23.87%.

I update GME’s short interest here daily in case you’d like to bookmark it for your convenience.

GameStop’s utilization is at 100 and there are currently 20.13 million shares out on loan.

In other words, GameStop has plenty of short squeeze juice to skyrocket its share price to new all-time highs.

GameStop’s massive surge to $500 last year in January triggered Robinhood to halt trading.

AMC, and other ‘meme stocks’ that were rising in share price were also halted.

GME shorts lost billions.

History might just repeat itself, only I think we all know the damages today will much more superior.

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Stick around for more market news


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Year May End in Short Squeeze Cyclical Rallies Says Analyst

Short Squeeze News Marko Kolanovic
Short Squeeze News – Marko Kolanovic

JP Morgan Chief Global Analyst, Marko Kolanovic, is predicting we will transition into the new year with short squeeze cyclical rallies.

He indicates that short sellers will get squeezed soon due to aggressive shorting and resilient retail investors.

“Large short positions will likely need to be closed before January”, via Business Insider.

This news comes after the retail investor community in AMC and GameStop have been advising about overleveraged hedge funds all year.

GameStop is up 800% and AMC is up more than 1300% year-to-date.

While both stocks have recently come down, they are still heavily shorted with lots of room for growth with a short squeeze.

The ape community has been speaking of a ‘third phase’ where the next runup of both these stocks will reach new ATHs.

But some apes are skeptic.

Will this be a proper short squeeze?


Welcome to Franknez.com – if you’ve been reading the blog since early 2021 then you’ve probably made a ton of money. And if you’ve diamond handed AMC stock all year, it’s about to get a whole lot better.

Let’s get started!

Massive Moves Are on the Horizon

rocket ship

Mainstream media claimed the runup to $72 per share was AMC’s short squeeze.

Only it wasn’t a proper runup.

AMC has always had more potential due to how overleveraged short sellers are on the company.

The Ape community has held through losses and gains and bought every dip.

This resilience is why AMC stock is setup for another massive runup.

Only this runup will be much larger than the first and second.

TA (Technical Analysis) charts have shown AMC’s next runup could very well reach hundreds of dollars per share.

I’ve predicted AMC’s third runup will easily reach $200-$300 while other analysts in the community are predicting $400-$600 per share.

How high AMC’s price will go will depend on how much short covering actually occurs.

Even then, with millions of synthetics circulating the markets, there’s no question why retail investors are deeming the next runup a ‘fake short squeeze’.

What we do know however is that massive moves are coming up regardless of the label.

Can This Next Runup Trigger MOASS?

While it’s certainly possible the next runup could trigger MOASS, the feds are still investigating hedge funds.

And what’s a proper MOASS if synthetics aren’t fully taken accountability for and covered?

In this video I discuss my thoughts on the topic.

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The next runup will mean that every ape invested in AMC will be profitable.

That I’m certain of.

MOASS will occur when these phantom, synthetic shares have been closed.

While the community can put the information out there, it will ultimately be up to regulators to force financial institutions to cover these too.

Retail investors will have to continue fighting for proper market structure if a MOASS is to occur.

In the meantime, the community should keep an eye out on the short interest data.

While Ortex data is self-reported and could very well be higher, it’s the only tool retail investors currently have to measure some ‘squeeze potential’.

Get Excited for Big Moves


Regardless of if the media refers to these coming moves as a short squeeze, the community is going to be very profitable on paper.

What lies after these price runups will become clearer as this play continues to unfold.

Massive moves seem to be up ahead, know what you hold.

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When AMC Squeezes, How Will You Use The Money?

AMC Short Squeeze Community

Hey guys! I wanted to do something fun for the community. Apes have been holding for what seems to be an eternity. Some of you have commented on some of my AMC posts what a short squeeze would mean for you. Your stories have inspired me to create this thread so that all apes can share their stories too.

With so much negativity trying to penetrate our community, I thought we could all join forces and spread some positivity.

Use the comment section below to let the ape community, the gorilla gang, the moon platoon, know what a short squeeze would mean for you.

Don’t forget to drop a share to inspire another fellow ape in the community. #AMCtothemoon

franknez.com AMC

– Frank Nez

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