A typical Casino Player in Canada: How Much Money They Spend and Other Statistics

Gambling in Canada has long been predominantly online, but has the number and behavior of players changed much? The question of the popularity of individual gambling titles, the way to choose these games, and the game’s duration is not apparent to many users. 

After most Canadian provinces legalized online gambling, it has been growing rapidly over the last 10 years. More users prefer to play online instead of offline. If you have decided to find a reliable provider of online entertainment, you should pay attention to Pin Up official website features, which offer the best conditions for users in Canada. We decided to analyze the typical casino player in Canada and provide you with up-to-date data.

What do people enjoy playing at casinos in Canada?

A survey was conducted among regular visitors to the online casino Pin Up. As it turned out, almost half of the respondents play at least once a week, while the rest play online games a little less frequently. About 60% of the respondents are loyal players and favor only one platform where they are used to playing.

Another interesting question that can be found in the surveys is the type of gambling games that are most popular and favored by players. What are the most popular Pin Up games online among the Canadian population?

  • Blackjack. This is one of the most popular Pin Up games online that Canadians adore.
  • Roulette. It is roulette that takes honorably second place in the ranking of the most popular types of gambling in Canada.
  • Poker. In Canadian culture, it is not just a pastime but a game with great spiritual and social significance.

When did online casinos start beating offline establishments? Casino Pin Up online has become popular among Canadians following the implementation of quarantine restrictions.

Demographic and financial statistics of players from Canada

Gambling is globally believed to be created and favored only by men. However, statistics show that this is different in Canada. Surprisingly, the ratio of male and female players in Canada is almost the same — men 54% and women 46%. Another interesting fact from recent research is that women are more likely to use mobile apps than men to enjoy their favorite games.  Canada is the only country where this trend is observed. As for age groups, the gambling audience is:

AgePercentage of players
18 years – 34 years31% of all players in the country
35 years – 55 years40% of all players in the country
55 years and over29% of all players in the country

Why do many Canadians play Pin Up games online instead of offline establishments? It’s simple — playing online is cheaper and more convenient for Canadians. However, the average Canadian spends more money in online casinos than people from the United States, Britain, and Germany. Experts have calculated that the per-person expenditure of Canadians on gambling exceeds 800 thousand dollars.

As you might have already realized, typical Canadians love offline and online entertainment. The second option is in particular demand, which is easily confirmed by the statistics of the number of players in online casinos. Even though Canada is not among the world leaders in online gambling area, Canadian residents can spend quite a large amount of money on such entertainment.

For those who miss the atmosphere of offline establishments, casino Pin Up online offers games where real dealers run the games, and you can fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere.