A Massive Mall Retailer Now Closes Two More Stores

A massive mall retailer now closes two more stores after it recently announced a liquidation sale and the closure of another major location.

JCPenny has announced it will close two longtime store locations, noting its gratitude for shoppers’ business over the years, reports The-Sun.

The most recent closure update from the brand involves an anchor location in New Jersey that has been around since the 1970s.

In Wayne, about 19 miles northwest of Newark, a JCPenney location had been operational in the Wayne Town Center mall since it opened 50 years ago, per Patch.

It officially shut its doors recently, but it’s not all somber news for fans.

The reasoning behind the closure comes out of a relocation effort, with JCPenney detailing plans to move the Wayne Town Center location to the Willowbrook Mall.

Willowbrook Mall is located directly across the street from Wayne Town Center, so shoppers in the area will only say goodbye for a brief period until the JCPenney location re-opens.

An exact opening date has yet to be released, but current estimates are the end of March 2024.

The store will fill a space in Willowbrook Mall left by Lord & Taylor, which left in August 2020 after the company filed for bankruptcy.

Until November 2022, the space was briefly filled by a discount store called Shopper’s Find, per the Bergen Record.

Willowbrook Mall’s senior general retail manager, Ryan Hidalgo, praised shopper presence in the area for JCPenney’s short move of an anchor location in New Jersey.

“We are very excited to have JCP join our lineup, and it’s a real testament to the strength of Willowbrook and our regional shopper draw that they would look to relocate their existing Wayne store to our center,” Hidalgo said, according to Patch.

JCPenney also released a statement on the move, thanking the community in Wayne for continued support.

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Other Economy News Today

Market News Today - A Massive Mall Retailer Now Closes Two More Stores.
Market News Today – A Massive Mall Retailer Now Closes Two More Stores.

A grocery store with 217 locations now closes for good, a move by its parent company which has left the community disappointed.

Foodland in Little Britain, Ontario — about 110 miles northeast of Toronto— announced on its Facebook on January 23 that the store would close on Saturday, March 16.

“Unfortunately, we’ve had to make a difficult decision to close the Foodland in Little Britain.

The decision to close a store is never one we make lightly, and various contributing factors are considered,” Sarah Dawson, public affairs lead for Sobeys, told kawarthaNOW.

The post stated that Sobeys, the parent company, decided not to renew its lease with the property owner.

Dawson told the outlet that Sobeys expressed its gratitude to the Little Britain community for its “loyal patronage over the years.”

The Facebook post stated, “I have seen a lot of changes over the years. Lots of people have come and gone but this is by far the saddest news for our amazing community in a long time.”

The post has 359 shares and 57 comments from members of the community.

“Reading this makes us sad. The 23 years we spent in the store and being involved and engaged in the whole community were the best working and fun times of our life,” wrote one saddened user.

“Let’s hope there is a plan in place that we are unaware of that makes life somewhat normal for all involved.”

“We have very much appreciated this community store and their quality meat selections at reasonable prices. So sad to hear this news,” said a customer.

“We shopped there for years. Really enjoyed the store and the people,” said another shopper.

“That store has been the anchor for our community. It will be missed terribly,” a user remarked.

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Market News Today - A Massive Mall Retailer Now Closes Two More Stores.
Market News Today – A Massive Mall Retailer Now Closes Two More Stores.

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