What is LMNOP Stock and Where Do You Buy It?

Where do you buy LMNOP stock? Is LMNOP stock real?

LMNOP stock is up +2000%!

You’re seeing it everywhere right.

On Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc.

How did you miss these gains!

And where do you buy it???

Let’s discuss it down below.


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What is LMNOP stock?

LMNOP stock began trending on Twitter after several users began posting massive gains on the ticker.

This created a massive chain reaction of people panicking wondering how they missed this play!?!

Well guess who didn’t miss the play, those who joined my newsletter.

All jokes aside, LMNOP stock is not a real stock or ticker symbol.

But the hysteria carried on as more retail investors in the ‘ape’ community pushed the narrative.

Would you call it destressing from the markets?

I would say so!

People’s responses are hilarious and creative you have to check them out on Twitter.

What started the LMNOP trend on Twitter?

Where to buy LMNOP stock, is LMNOP stock real?

Community members initially triggered an “LMNOP price runup” to trick Twitter and Reddit bots to pump a company that doesn’t exist.

And it worked.

The community is expecting the news of this fake stock to be all over the media talking about it as it was a real stock.

At least that’s what the premise behind it is.

It’s also a lesson for investors to do their own research prior to pulling the trigger on an asset they have no idea about.

The experiment goes to show how quickly bots and algos can spread misinformation on tickers to derail investors from what’s truly trending or already being talked about.

Behind the scenes on ticker symbol LMNOP

I talked to Mehul @mehulRRao on Twitter where he explained to me how it all started.

In this experiment, he purchased 100 bots online to reply to a very specific tweet, which not many did.

However, they started pumping ticker symbol LMNOP and it gained traction, not just from the ‘ape’ community, but from many other twitter bots.

Mehul said on Twitter his 4-year-old was singing the ABC’s where he took $LMNOP from.

‘Apes’ who promoted the ticker began to receive DM’s from accounts urging users to dump AMC stock and buy $LMNOP stock instead.

We’ve seen other ticker symbols get promoted on social media to distract the ‘ape’ community from their beloved AMC and GameStop.

What’s the moral of the story here?

FUD can be driven by bots or people with a hidden agenda.

Always do your research before allowing unknown users to scare you from your money.

Mehul is taking it to YouTube to educate people on how easy it may be for bad characters to deceive other on social media.

So, is LMNOP stock real?


It was merely an experiment carried out by the retail community.

How did you feel when you saw people posting massive gains?

Did you get a rush of FOMO?

While the concept from its inception is serious, the community decided to have a little fun with it, and it’s been hilarious, nonetheless.

Leave your thoughts below.

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  1. Jefsco

    Don’t forget to QRS your LMNOP!!

    • We are rich!

      I heard they are merging! Then I will be up 600%!

      • Frank Nez


  2. Frank Nez

    Let’s start a discussion!

    • Enlighten Me!

      Hi, sorry this is the first time I hear LMNOP, I’m only a couple of months old ape with 2k tickets to the moon, am I related to LMNOP ?

      • Elana

        Did you even read the article?

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