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Digital payment methods like PoliPay have become essential for online retailers in New Zealand as the number of online transactions has increased.

The method makes transferring money directly from an online casino’s website simple without using a credit card.

Users can immediately transfer NZD from their bank account to the casino by using PoliPay’s internet banking service.

Those who would rather not use credit cards have a viable alternative in this way of payment.

PoliPay partners with several financial organizations to provide clients with an easy-to-use and secure platform for making online payments.

We’ll talk about PoliPay’s top five New Zealand partners in this article.

ASB Bank

ASB Bank is one of New Zealand’s largest and oldest financial institutions.

As one of Poli’s payment partners, the bank enables its clients to make payments online with Poli.

ASB Bank has been providing digital payment options to its clients for many years.

Both businesses have benefited greatly from this collaboration, which has been very effective.

Since its partnership with PoliPay, ASB has made it easier for its customers to carry out transactions online. 

Bank of New Zealand (BNZ)

Another noteworthy financial institution in New Zealand that has joined leagues with PoliPay is the Bank of New Zealand (BNZ).

As a result of BNZ and PoliPay’s collaboration, customers can use Poli as a payment gateway for internet transactions.

BNZ, a long-time leader in the field of electronic payments, has strengthened its place as a leading supplier of cutting-edge financial services with the partnership of PoliPay. 


Kiwibank is a bank based in New Zealand that offers digital payment solutions to its many customers amongst other financial services.

Its strategic collaboration with PoliPay enables its customers to use Poli as an online payment gateway.

Furthermore, the partnership has been extremely effective, allowing the bank to provide a more comprehensive variety of payment options to its customers. 


Westpac is a major Australian bank with a significant presence in New Zealand.

Westpac has always been at the forefront of innovation in the digital payment space, and partnering with PoliPay has helped the bank to maintain its position as a leader in this area.

ANZ Bank

ANZ Bank, another financial institution in New Zealand, has teamed up with PoliPay to provide its clients with a dependable and secure payment gateway for their online transactions.

ANZ Bank’s collaboration with PoliPay has boosted its reputation as a supplier of cutting-edge financial services.

Comparison of Poli Pay’s Partners in New Zealand

The table below summarizes the key features of Poli Pay’s top partners in New Zealand:

ASB BankProvides financial services for people, businesses, and rural areas.Offers a selection of credit cards, mortgages, insurance, and investment choices.Provides 24/7 customer support service.
Bank of New Zealand (BNZ)Offers both personal and commercial banking services.Provides a variety of digital banking solutions, including mobile and online banking.Has an extensive network of branches and ATMs across New Zealand.Offers a range of financial planning and wealth management services.
KiwibankHas a platform for mobile and internet banking that has won awards.Is a New Zealand-owned bank that operates independently.Supports local communities and sustainability initiatives.
WestpacProvides personal and business banking services.Has a great mobile banking app and online banking platform.It offers several financial planning and wealth management services.
ANZ BankIntegrates both personal and business banking services.It offers a range of credit cards, home loans, insurance, and investment options.Has a working mobile banking app and online banking.Strong financial pedigree.

Thanks to John Gold from Betpokies for this researched material to provide New Zealanders with adequate information about the different types of payment methods.

Poli Pay’s partners in New Zealand continue to play a crucial role in enabling e-commerce and providing customers with secure and seamless transactions. 

Since each of these banks has unique features and benefits, choosing the right partner depends on individual needs and preferences.

Poli Pay takes its legal and regulatory duties seriously and is committed to cooperating with law enforcement authorities in the fight against illegal gambling activities online.


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