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Stock Market News: Amazon to invest billions per year in the movie theatre industry.

BREAKING: Amazon plans to invest more than $1 billion per year into theatrical distribution releases per Bloomberg news. Inc. will be investing billions of dollars to produce movies that will release in theatres, according to people familiar with the company’s plans.

This is the largest commitment to the movie theatre industry by an internet company, says Bloomberg.

The world’s largest online retailer aims to make between 12 and 15 movies annually that will get a theatrical release.

Amazon is still sorting out this strategy said people who asked not to be identified.

That number of releases puts Amazon on par with major studios such as Paramount Pictures.

This is bullish news for the movie theatre industry and industry leader, AMC Entertainment.

Let’s dive in deeper.

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Amazon Sparks Theatrical Release Competition

Market News: Amazon is investing billions in movie theatre industry.
Market News: Amazon is investing billions in movie theatre industry.

Amazon is now setting itself up as a direct competitor to major studios such as Paramount Pictures in its new multi-billion-dollar investment plan to release several films in theatres.

While most major studios have been around for a long time, Amazon is coming in hot with the news that has AMC shareholders in particular excited for the fundamental growth of the movie theater business.

Shares of AMC surged more than 6% amidst the announcement.

Volume picked up as well, exceeding its average volume of 26 million to more than 30 million.

The news is huge for the movie theatre industry who Wall Street has bet against for the past several years, but more specifically since the start of 2021.

Retail investors are now armed with massive confidence in the movie theatre industry.

This news has the potential to spark heavy buying in movie theatre stocks such as AMC again.

One thing is certain, movie theatres and shareholders aren’t leaving, sorry Charles Gasparino.

CNBC Says Amazon News is a ‘Positive Sign’ for Movie Theatre Industry

“While a $1 billion annual investment for film development is on the lower end of what major Hollywood studios spend each year, it’s a positive sign for the movie theater business, which has struggled in the wake of the pandemic.”

Is the narrative changing?

Is now time for short sellers to throw in the towel before large institutions go long and begin piling in?

Despite AMC Entertainment beating earnings expectations every quarter since 2021, short sellers on Wall Street have aimed at shorting the company out of existence.

But the retail community made up of millions of investors have been the strongest support for AMC Entertainment.

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Amazon AMC Partnership?

Amazon AMC News | Amazon is investing billions in the cinema industry.
Amazon AMC News | Amazon is investing billions in the cinema industry.

What are your thoughts on this massive commitment from Amazon to invest billions in the movie theatre industry?

Are you holding or buying AMC or Amazon shares?

I’d love to hear what you think in the comment section below.

Sources: Bloomberg, CNBC.

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