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How To Handle an Upset Client About to Leave

how to deal with an upset client about to leave

Complications occur, don’t beat yourself up for it. How you manage the scenario is extremely important though. Delegating with an upset client is troubling and can even be scary in some cases. We find ourselves wondering whether we’ll be able to retain the client or not. I’ve had my fair share of dealing with upset clients and have learned a lot from these experiences. Here’s how to handle an upset client that’s on the verge of leaving your business.


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how to deal with an upset client

We work extremely hard to earn new business. The last thing we want as a sales rep or business owner is to lose a client. Our clients are the vitality to our businesses and allow us to live the way we do. We construct relationships with our clients, we share great moments, and appreciate each other. Unfortunately, there comes a day when things don’t go according to plan.

It’s simply part of the process whether it was a complete accident or things were out of your control. It is important that you listen to your client, remain calm, and assess the situation. Lets dive deeper into ways you can continue to make your client happy during an episode of distress.

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Listen To Your Upset Client

When you come across any complications be sure to first listen to your upset client. It is very important that you hear what they have to say and let them get their concerns across. Validate their feelings. Let them know you understand their frustrations.

Tip: Do NOT avoid confrontation

Do not avoid confrontation. Suck it up, step up, and listen to your client. There’s no way around it. You’ll eventually need to hear them out. Pushing them to the side or avoiding confrontation will only make matters worse. Be sure to address the issue(s) immediately.

Do not react, remain calm

Keep calm when a client is upset

Keep your cool. Do not escalate the situation by reacting. Put yourself in your clients perspective. Often times reacting can lead to making the situation worse. Keep it professional and allow your client to vent their frustrations. It’s only human nature after all. What matters is that you keep calm and remember to keep that awesome customer experience.

Tip: Show willingness to help in any way possible.

Don’t take it personally

Don’t take any heat too personal. Business is business. Separate your personal feelings for a moment and see beyond the relationship. It is import you understand how the situation is affecting others.

The way you present yourself during a downturn shows your true character. Sometimes we find ourselves dwelling on our mistakes or thinking what if. Don’t be hard on yourself either. We must conquer these obstacles and persevere through such challenges.

Gather the facts & ask questions

Before proceeding with anything, gather the facts. Address your clients concerns by pulling up concrete evidence regarding the arising issue(s). Assure your client you will be looking into the matter immediately. Ask them questions regarding your concerns. Address your team and ask them questions regarding the situation.

It’s important that you have information at hand that will help you navigate towards finding a solution.

Present a solution to your upset client

Solve Solutions When Your Client Is Upset

The most important way to deal with an upset client is by coming to a diplomatic agreement and presenting a solution. Ask yourself how you can fix your clients problem. How can you bring them balance and peace again?

The solution will determine the longevity of the client. Whether you come short will deeply impact the relationship. Seek long-term investment. Do what you have to do in order to keep the client happy and a returning partner.

Use this downturn as an opportunity to present your problem solving skills. Allow your client to witness how you take care of them in a time of dire need. This is where you will want to go above and beyond in order to ensure the client continues to do business with you.

Tip: The solution must meet the clients vision. Make it happen.

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Never disregard your upset clients needs

The moment you disregard your clients needs is the moment you set yourself up for failure. You will regret your decision not do something about it years down the road when your sales are not performing well.

Disregarding your clients needs has such a negative effect on your business because it presents you don’t have what it takes to serve or find solutions. Running a business or having a career in sales in general, requires us to creatively find solutions within our industry in order to succeed and stand out from our competition.

When I had challenges, it taught me to be more on top of it for the future. Things go wrong all the time when you are running your own business, but it’s how you perceive it and deal with it that matters.

Lori Greiner (Shark Tank)

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Learn from every experience

Don’t let small downturns affect your ability to perform well in your industry. Learn from every experience instead and evolve from every situation. You become a better problem solver when you learn from your experiences and also develop new strategies that can help prevent discrepancies in the first place.

Don’t get proud, this is the time to take the “L”. No matter if the situation was or wasn’t in your control. Grant Cardone says, “Always assume control of every situation”, so always take full responsibility.

The aftermath

how to deal with an upset client
Business teamwork – work with your client

Be there throughout the entire process. Guide your client through every step of the way and demonstrate you support their initial cause and needs. We’ve found that there are times where you can really prove yourself and earn an amount of trust from a client when you recuperate from your losses.

A client can really admire you from taking definitive action and pulling them out of a situation. Having a great attitude, great communication skill, and a definitive solution is key to dealing with an upset client.

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Let me know your experience dealing with an upset client. Share your experiences on the comments section below!

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7 Amazing Strategies To Retain Your Best Clients

7 Amazing Strategies To Retain Your Best Clients

The key to your success as either a business owner or sales rep is your capability to service and retain your clientele. Sales are the driving force and vitality of your income. When a client stops using your services or product it may be worrisome, especially to the ambitious seller. Here are 6 amazing strategies that will help you retain your best clients in order to further your growth.

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#1 – Great Attitude Retains Clients

Great attitude retains clients

Everything begins and ends with your attitude. An amazing attitude says a lot about your character and about the type of person you are. Clients don’t want to work with someone who is bland and boring. They want to work with someone who is optimistic, excited, and pumped to work on the new project! Having a great attitude is a sure way to get a client to remember you and an even greater strategy to retain your best clients.

Tip: Never take your frustrations out on a client.

We tend to have moments of frustrations or irritations from time to time. I mean we are human after all; however, we must learn how to manage stress in the workplace in order to further enhance our working environment.

Never take your frustrations out on a client as this can result in resentment and potentially affecting your business on the long run. You want to retain your best clients, not drive them away.

#2 – Willingness To Help

If you naturally love to help others and feel the need to service people, then you understand the importance of this vital manifestation prowess. When a client sees you have the willingness to help, they think of you when a new project arises.

You become the first to quote and hear about it. You’re taken into consideration without thinking twice about it. It’s that thought of someone who’s willing to tackle a new challenge that attracts a client to your product or services.

Tip: Always demonstrate the willingness to help. Be involved, reach out, and commit. Retain your best clients with a positive and contagious attitude!

Even when you have a client in your pocket, never think they’re 100% secured. There’s always someone else competing for their business, too. Never settle, always demonstrate the willingness to help in order to retain your client’s attention.

#3 – How Problem Solving Skills Retain Clients

Problem solving skills retain clients

When it comes to problem solving skills, be a show-off. It is never in our agenda to conjure up a mistake but discrepancies sometimes do occur. It’s a matter of how we present said solutions that differentiate us from our competitors. This is particularly why you want to show off.

A client will rather work with someone who offers creative and effective solutions to problems. The hesitant ones who cannot move things around for a client will lose their business to a competitor who can.

Tip: Combine your attitude with your problem solving skills.

If you propose a solution but the client suggests something else, bite the bullet and demonstrate willingness to help and work together to find solutions . Use phrases such as, “absolutely, we’ll make it happen”. This shows attentiveness and a great attitude to carry out the mission.

#4 – Personal Relationships Will Retain Clients

You’re going to have a personal relationship with every client. They are all so different to it is important that you cater to each person at a very personal level. There is no one size fits all in this equation. Learn to distinguish everyone’s unique personalities and you’ll learn to read their needs.

Pro Tip: Be aware of personal things your clients mention about their lives outside of work.

Take note and memorize conversations you and a client had regarding something not related to work. Perhaps they just got back from vacation, watched the game over the weekend, or started a new business venture. Bring these topics up casually to spark a sense of intimacy. Retain your best clients by becoming a likeable person and further developing the relationship with your client.

Personal Relationships

Tip: Always keep it genuine and professional.

#5 – Execution

Your delivery must be exceptional. Your services or products must be remarkable. The quality of your work must exceed your clients expectations. Your attitude must be phenomenal as it is one of the biggest influences affecting your clients decision making skills when in the market for a new product or service. Execution is being able to deliver exceptional work in every measurement of your clients or customers needs.

Tip: Make sure your clients have only great things to say about you to another colleague. Have your clients refer you to more people in the team to gain more business within the organization or company.

The strength of your execution will determine whether you have the ability to retain a client or not. When you develop the skill to retain a client, growth is inevitable. Find what skills could use a bit of sharpening in order to strengthen your execution. There’s no shame in acknowledging the need for improvement.

#6 – Exclusiveness

Make a client feel exclusive and you make them feel special. It’s the bow that tops off the present, the cherry on top of the ice cream. When your client needs a favor, treat them. Strategize the way you accept their challenge. Let them know you wouldn’t do it for anyone else, make them feel happy. Demonstrate that you are trustworthy and are capable of becoming a true partner. Exclusivity requires implementing above and beyond services in order to further enhance the buying experience.

Tip: Always express gratitude towards your clients.

It is important to be kind and appreciative towards your clients in order to retain their business. As we discussed early on this excerpt, attitude goes a long way and is truly the foundation to retaining a successful clientele. The stronger your foundation is the stronger your execution skills become.

Tip: Congratulate your clients on new accounts they secure.

Let your clients know you want them to be successful, root for them; they will remember it. You’ve now entered an inner circle your competitors will have a difficult time ever attaining. This exclusiveness is what will project long-term partnership.

If you know other great strategies on how to retain your best clients please share them below on the comments section!

#7 – Be Honest

Be honest with your clients. Don’t beat around the bush, and certainly do not lie to get out of a predicament.

Clients will appreciate your honesty and will respect you for it. Never lie to the client. Be transparent if you can’t meet a deadline or if something is out of your scope. You might just end up ruining the account by fronting.

I can tell you from experience that you really do gain your clients respect when you’re honest. Not only is this part of my own value system but being honest is a sure way to retain your best clients.

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