Just because the 1% are super successful it doesn’t mean you have a 1% chance at success. Success is accomplished through numerous small goals that accumulate throughout your journey. Here are 10 signs you have what it takes to be successful in life.

#1. You Like To Serve

You genuinely like to serve others. By serving others you offer a service or product in which the consumer can benefit from. You understand the importance of making yourself very valuable in order to serve as many people as possible to gain trust and business.

The most successful people serve large masses of people.

#2. You Learn From Your Failures

You understand that failure is merely but a lesson to learn from. Without failures we cannot gain experience. Without experience we cannot grow. You’ve had your shares of failures and have accepted your losses but you have also recognized the cause for those failures. Your newly found knowledge to prevent such failure comes from the experiences of failing themselves. Unlike most people, you aren’t afraid of going through this learning experience in order to become a more successful version of yourself.

#3. You Have Perseverance

Perseverance is the will to consistently do something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. In other words, never giving up no matter how long it will take, or how difficult attaining your goal will be. You want it and you’re going to have it. You don’t stop, you work for it until you achieve what you set your mind out to accomplish. Your courage is what sets you up for success.

#4. You’re Goal Oriented

You’re setting goals in your life for every aspect of your world. You’ve set goals in your relationships and career. You have a big picture in mind so you break it down by setting numerous goals that will take your lifestyle to another level. This level of thinking is almost second nature. You understand that it’s a huge part of your journey to living a successful life.

#5. You’re Accountable

You take responsibility for all of your actions. You assume control of every situation and are on top of your game. There is no room for excuses because you understand the delays in time and personal growth they cause.

#6. You’re Open Minded

Successful People Are Open Minded

You’re open to seeing through the perspective of other peoples worlds. This insight allows you to understand what others need, what they want, and how to provide it. You’re open to working with all types of people and businesses. You understand that your success relies heavily on networking and building amazing relationships.

#7. You’re Very Self-Aware

You’re in tune with your inner-self and are highly conscious of your thoughts and actions. You understand there’s always room for growth and look for ways to improve your way of thinking in order to attain success. You’re aware of your surroundings and have a great sense of accomplishment which attracts the things you want in life.

#8. You Don’t Procrastinate

Successful People Don't Procrastinate

Procrastination makes you feel lazy so you avoid it. You tackle your tasks and check mark your goals rather quick in order to move on to the next project. You’re organized so you don’t like to fall behind on anything that will cause delays or unnecessary interruptions. Successful people don’t procrastinate.

#9. Delayed Gratification

Delayed Gratification Makes You Successful

Delayed gratification is holding off on immediate reward and enjoying it later. It’s understanding long-term investment yields the highest rewards. By delaying gratification you demonstrate a strong level of discipline and self control most people cannot fathom. Success does not occur overnight and you are will to sacrifice celebrating now in order to make the most out of it later.

#10. Confidence

Confidence Makes You Successful

You know you’re going to attain and attract everything you’ve ever wanted. You have this confidence in everything that you do and you don’t ever question your abilities. The knowledge, experience, and will to take action will no longer fail you and you will continue to succeed over and over. Your confidence is a statement, an affirmation, and a sign you have what it takes to be successful.

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