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Here Are My Top 10 Strategies I Use To Promote My Brand

How To Promote Your Brand

If you’re coming straight from LinkedIn, welcome! After competing in the marketplace for 5 and a half years, I decided it was time to leave the family business and work on my personal brand.

When the stars began aligning, I knew I had to develop my brand full time. I took Franknez.com from earning 8,400 views its first year in 2020, to 1.8 million views (and counting) as of today.

How To Brand Your Business

Here are the top 10 strategies I personally use to promote my brand!

#1. Create Content Pertaining To Your Niche

When I create a piece of content, I create it for a specific community in a particular niche.

If you’re reading this, you are more than likely interested in marketing and branding. Marketing and branding allows us to get our product, service, or brand in front of the right audience.

Avoid publishing content that isn’t going to serve a specific group of people with the same interests as yours.

#2. Use Your Logo Everywhere!

promote brand on instagram

If you’re publishing a video, blog article, or image online, be sure to brand it with your logo.

By implementing a logo design, you’re raising brand recognition and awareness.

This strategy is going to help you stand out from the rest of the crowd offering similar services, products, and content.

I was putting my website and tagline on every Instagram photo I published before I even had my logo. This told my audience I was a brand and not just a general account.

Here are other areas where you can use your logo:

  1. At the bottom of an email signature
  2. Watermark your YouTube content
  3. Every page on your website
  4. In your profile picture
  5. Social media banners

Is it overkill to promote your content? Ask Gary Vee or Grant Cardone and they’ll say absolutely not. And I agree. Leave me a comment below if you follow these two marketing masters.

#3. Publish Content Daily

If you’re not publishing content daily then you’re not being seen. This is one of those things that seem like in some areas could be a waste of time. But the fact is that these small steps actually compound over time.

Every piece of content you publish for your audience, existing customers, or prospects, is an opportunity to provide value at scale.

Your brand needs to be promoted daily through the use of some sort of content. This could be in video, blog, or social media.

The compounding effects of publishing content daily is what took my blog from 8,400 views to 1.8 million views its second year.

This strategy is considered to be taking ‘massive action’. So if you’re not taking massive action, and you know you need to, publish content daily.

#4. Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media allows us to connect with people we’ve never met before and make an impact in their lives.

This impact should always be for positive change.

Once you shift your mindset to this golden rule, you will be able to curate your social media content to help others no matter which platform you choose.

Once you’re creating social media content to provide value to your existing customers, prospects, or audience, be sure to take advantage of every tool.

One tool I love using throughout social media is the ‘story’ tool. This story tool is highlighted when you post a new story, letting your audience know:

  1. You’ve published new content
  2. You have something important to share
  3. You’re actually active
franknez instagram branding

This goes back to publishing content daily. Even if you don’t put out a new post, keep your story rings lit for newcomers visiting your social media accounts for the first time.

Promote Your Brand Everywhere

Use more than one social media platform to promote your brand. Even if engagement isn’t as high on some platforms, use them to your advantage.

Your website will be ranked higher on Google’s search engine if it sees your links are being found all over the biggest social media platforms.

I found that although my engagement is different on Facebook, Twitter, and IG, there are always people engaging with my content.

My advice is to curate content differently for each platform since each user prefers a unique type of content experience.

#5. Use Relevant Hashtags To Promote Your Brand

Hashtags are basically portals from which your content can be discovered on social media feeds. If you content receives a lot of engagement, then the platform’s algorithm will push it to a larger audience.

Use relevant hashtags when promoting your brand to ensure the right audience has a chance to discover you.

Certain niche topics will have higher engagement than others depending on which platform you decide to use. This is mainly due to popularity and where your niche audience hangs out the most.

For instance, you might have a larger group of #contentmarketing audience on Twitter than you do on Facebook. The same could be said about another niche topic, such as travel. #Travel could have a significantly larger audience on Instagram than on Twitter.

Engage With The Hashtag

Engage with accounts using the same hashtags as you. Like their content, comment, and share it if you love it. This will expose them to you.

This is one of those small steps that also feels like a waste of time in the beginning but ends up compounding over time. Before you know it, your brand will be growing in months time so as long as you’re consistent.

#6. Create A Newsletter

When I first started building my brand I would see this tip often. I didn’t think it was very important starting out since my audience was so small at the time.

However, it is never too early or too late to set up a mailing subscriber tool for your business or brand.

I use OptinMonster to connect with my readers via email.

promote brand with newsletter

This tool has allowed me to connect with over 5,000 readers via email. You can integrate OptinMonster on your website to provide all types of information, discounts, or announcements to your potential or existing customers!

I use my newsletter to let my readers know when I’ve published a new article or announce a giveaway.

I never understood just how important this tool would be for both my brand and my audience.

#7. Be Engaged With Your Community

If you have not found a community to provide value to yet, don’t worry. At least now you know this is something you have to be on the search for.

I found that when I engage with my community, my brand awareness spikes. And that’s because your brand isn’t your logo, it’s you.

Everything you do within your community is setting your brand apart from everyone else. Communities are also a great way to network with people who can share your product, service, or content with other people.

Your community is where word of mouth happens. And we all know that word of mouth can reach a significant amount of people, especially when done online.

Communities have been part of my branding success. Of course, you have to get all the other strategies down first. Otherwise, the community will stumble into a social media account or website with little to no content and be turned off immediately.

This is why it’s so important, at least for me, to ritually process each of these strategies to grow my brand. But I’m confident that if you follow these proven strategies too, your brand will begin to takeoff.

Where Can I Find A Niche Community?

Niche communities can be found just about everywhere online. There are communities within Facebook Groups, Quora, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other online forums.

My advice is to identify where your community hangs out the most and introduce yourself there.

Provide them with solutions; being your product, service, or content. If what you have to offer improves their lives, then they will follow what your brand has to offer.

8. Prioritize Quality

My brand was nothing like what it is today when I first started. A few aspects of it was because my brand is me, except it was an amateur me.

Consistency forced me to get better at writing and creating content as a whole. But when I realized that quality in content creation is king, that’s when I decided to step up my creativity and content marketing game.

I switched from the free Canva tool to Canva Premium. It’s small reinvestments like these that allowed me to take my brand to the next level.

The paid version of Canva allowed me to publish much higher quality content on Instagram, it allowed me to create amazing banners for all my social media accounts, and it’s helped me establish an awesome first-impression.

I didn’t begin to see exponential growth immediately. That’s because when you begin to prioritize quality content, it’s almost like starting from scratch.

It should be unrecognizable from your older material, whether it be your website, social media content, service or product.

This means you must now be patient for that compound effect to begin taking place. When you produce high quality content at consistent levels, your brand will be spread organically by your audience.

In Summary

Quality promotes your brand. Consistency promotes your brand. Being engaged with a community promotes your brand. And connecting with your audience via your content, emails, and social media elevates your brand awareness.

#9. It’s Okay To Use A Personal Account

If you’re promoting strictly from your brand page and not from your personal account then you’re missing out!

I use my personal account to share my publications on Facebook, and even post my brand’s content on my personal stories.

I promote my brand on my personal accounts to show people what I’m up to and what I’m creating. If they’re curious about what it is exactly that I’m sharing, they’ll have direct access to that content and what my brand has to offer.

One way you can elevate your brand awareness is by sparking curiosity in your own personal circles.

What this does is it leaves an open door for curiosity.

10. Be Genuine

How To Promote Your Brand

And lastly, one of the most powerful ways to promote your brand is to be genuine. As clichรฉ as this sounds, your personality has the power to draw masses of people in.

Being genuine established an awesome connection with my stock investing community. I’ve made friends and allies in this niche group of over 4 million people, and am seen as a community leader by many.

If you really care about your audience, customers, and prospects, believe me when I say they’ll know. That’s because they’ll care about you back.

Remember, you are your brand. So show people who you are and why there’s no other brand like yours.

Leave me a comment if you found this article helpful. I’d love to hear back from you. And if you have any questions, leave them below too.

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10 Easy Ways To Exponentially Increase Blog Traffic

10 Easy Ways To Exponentially Increase Blog Traffic

I’ve been blogging for a little over a year and a half now and I can honestly say I’ve really enjoyed the process. It hasn’t been easy but I’ve found multiple ways to increase blog traffic which has allowed my online business to begin making money passively.

These tips are going to help you increase your blogs traffic whether you’re new to blogging or have been blogging for years now.

franknez.com blog

Welcome to Franknez.com – the blog where you can digest content on personal finance, side hustle ideas, entrepreneurship, and trending investing topics.

Let’s get started!

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#1. Create quality content

First on our list on how to increase blog traffic is a strategy that is sure to captivate an audiences attention.

That is creating quality content.

Creating quality content retains your audience.

How do you define quality content?

Quality content is content such as:

  • Easy-to-read posts
  • Descriptive and detailed content
  • High resolution images
  • Proper spelling and grammar
  • A quality website
  • Posts backed by experience or expertise

How exactly does quality content increase blog traffic?

Quality content is what’s going to keep your audience coming back for more.

Speaking of coming back for more…

OptinMonster is the best tool to use for building your email list.

Increase blog traffic with OptinMonster email list

You can use your email list to notify your subscribers when a new post is published or to provide them with other valuable content.

You keep your readers coming back for more and you’re guaranteed an increase in blog traffic.

More on quality

The quality of your blog is what distinguishes your blog from other bloggers in your niche.

A quality website requires you to have a quality web host provider. We use Bluehost.

Bluehost is simple to use and is also the #1 recommended web hosting service provider by WordPress.

What length should my blog posts be?

Higher ranking blog posts are usually over 1,000 words long.

Better ranking on search engines = increase in blog traffic.

This will become easier as your write and publish blog posts more regularly.

WordPress will usually recommend writing blog posts over 300 words but always shoot for more. Be as descriptive as you can! What’s helped me rank higher on Google have been articles with more than 2,000 words!

#2. Promote Your Content on Social Media

Social media is an amazing outlet for your blog’s content to be seen and shared.

Twitter has provided Franknez.com with exponential growth in the social traffic overview chart stats.

Promote your content on social media to increase blog traffic
Follow FrankNez on Twitter here!

When I first started blogging, social media was the number one way to increase blog traffic before organic and referral traffic came into play as well.

Social media is still the number one outlet today that’s able to launch blog posts out to more people, we’ll talk more about that a little later.

While Twitter has allowed me to share my blog posts with other entrepreneurs, bloggers, and likeminded people, Instagram has also been very useful to increase blog traffic.

Instagram has allowed me to connect my blog to the people closest to me. These people include family and friends along with likeminded people in the finance and business community.

How often should I post on social media to drive traffic?

Post on social media each time you publish a new blog post.

Every Los Angeles social media marketing agency recommends that you post on social media each time you publish a new blog post.

However, in order to increase your blog’s traffic you’re going to need to produce a variety of content that can be shared on a daily basis.

Content such as videos and personal posts will keep your audience engaged.

Posting daily will keep you relevant and optimize organic growth.

Increase blog traffic by utilizing the ‘website’ entry on your bio.

If people are interested in your content, it’s highly likely they will click on the link to your website.

Use this important tool as a portal to drive new traffic to your blog.

#3. Brand Your Website

Increase blog traffic by demonstrating to your readers that they belong.

Creating a brand around your blog allows your readers to feel safe and part of a community.

Branding is what differentiates your blog vs other blogs in your niche.

Franknez.com – Finance | Knowledge | Freedom

Without proper branding, your audience can potentially feel lost. Branding welcomes them to your world of success.

Some benefits to branding include:

  • Standing out from saturated and emerging markets
  • Manifesting credibility
  • Retaining customer and reader loyalty
  • Provides an exclusive platform for your readers
  • Builds trust with your audience
  • Allows you to better serve your subscribers

What exactly does it mean to brand?

Branding is the state in which your business makes a promise to the consumers.

That promise can be teaching them how to live a healthier life, or how to set financial goals for their long-term future.

A brand identifies itself with a logo, color pallet, design or symbol.

Tips for finding the right logo for your brand


Before we get carried away, it is important that you invest in finding a professional when it comes to graphic design and brand creation.

Ultimately, your ideology and mission is what makes your brand ‘the’ brand. However, creating your logo is a huge aspect of this process.

Maldonado Graphic Design are true experts when it comes to designing the logo that’s just right for your blog.

They take your ideas and amplify the meaning of your work. You can read more about their extra services here.

#4. Tackle Content Marketing

Although sharing posts on social media is a great way to promote your blog, it simply won’t be enough.

Content marketing simply means providing consumers with direct answers to their questions.

Content Marketing increases your blog's traffic
Increase your traffic w/ content marketing

Take this image above for example. I’m using my online business to directly show other artists how to distribute their music on all major platforms. The target consumer is the artist that’s promoting their music using YouTube.

With content marketing you’re able to provide consumers with valuable information from which they can gain from immediately.

Content marketing is a guaranteed way to effectively increase blog traffic.

Where can I use content marketing?

You can use content marketing pretty much anywhere online. Some great platforms include Facebook groups, Instagram parties, Quora, and Yahoo Answers.

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#5. Revise and Update Older Blog Posts

Revising older blog posts is like upgrading them with armor. It keeps them relevant and helps search engine optimization (SEO), more on that later.

Revise older posts to stay relevant
How To Increase Your Credit Score | Reach Excellent

Google loves fresh content so updating your posts from months to even years back is going to increase blog traffic.

I find for majority of posts there’s always room for improvement.

What are some revisions that can help improve my blog posts?

Some upgrades can include:

  • Updating your images to more eye-catching material
  • Adding information or detail to your paragraphs
  • Implementing better format
  • Editing links to open in ‘new tabs’

Updating your images is going to grab peoples attention.

By adding information and details to your paragraphs you’re increasing your word count which is great for ranking.

Perhaps it’s more comfortable to look at your post with everything aligned to the left. Or to the center, find out.

When you edit links to open in new tabs, your website will stay open on the previous link meaning time readers spend on your website increases. This is a good way to rank and increase blog traffic.

#6. Advertise With Video

FrankNez advertisement YouTube Video – Go subscribe to the channel!

Video is a creative way to advertise your website and increase blog traffic.

People are visual creatures so we need to see, hear, and be able to identify what it is we’re being pitched.

The video above is so simple yet very effective. It demonstrates to an audience what Franknez.com looks like and it shares the contents within my website.

This form of advertisement can be shared on all social media platforms to gain the attention from people who would have not looked into my blog otherwise.

Get creative with your advertisement video

Your video does not have to be like mine. You can create an advertisement video talking about your blog and how it can provide value to other people.

You can also use animation, poetry, slideshow, or voiceover.

What are some benefits to advertising with video?

  1. Video provides an alternative solution to captivating your audiences attention.
  2. Diversified marketing creates a creative atmosphere which helps increase blog traffic.
  3. Videography allows you to get more personal with your readers.
  4. Opens new networking opportunities

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Internal links are the links you use on your blog that teleport readers to other helpful blog posts.

Using internal links are going to increase your traffic’s blog every time a reader clicks on the link. Not only are these helpful to your readers but your websites ranking goes up as well.

An internal link looks like this —> Blog like a champ in 2021: Easy beginner’s guide

#8. Optimize Blog Traffic with SEO

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is how people are able to find your content online due to the proper use of keywords and meta data.

You can increase blog traffic by making sure your SEO’s analysis results are highlighted green.

Increase blog traffic by optimizing SEO analysis results
Great SEO Analysis Results

If you find some of your older posts SEO analysis results are in orange or in red, go back and fix them.

Your SEO analysis will indicate what areas you need to work on in order to have a great SEO analysis result.

I understand this is not one of the most fun parts of creating content but it’s part of the process and it must be done right if you want to exponentially increase blog traffic.

#9. Network and Collaborate with Other Entrepreneurs

One way to bring new visitors to your website is by networking and collaborating with other bloggers and entrepreneurs.

The benefits to this strategy include:

  • Drawing them and their followers to your blog
  • Possibility of exchanging valuable information and knowledge
  • Brand awareness and recognition
  • Sportsmanship in your niche

Where can I connect with other entrepreneurs in my niche?

You can network with people on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and pretty much any social media platform that you follow.

You can connect with people by doing business with them, partnering up with them, or simply stating a proposal.

Use networking to your advantage by promoting all partnerships on your social media outlets.

#10. Set Goals For Your Blog

10 Easy Ways To Exponentially Increase Blog Traffic
Blog Traffic Increase Every Quarter

I found that setting goals for my blog has allowed my to grow and grow and grow exponentially every quarter.

When I first started blogging back in January of 2020, monetizing my blog was one of my very first goals. In order to accomplish this goal, I had to create content and prove myself to the Google AdSense team.

Read: How To Monetize Your Blog With Google AdSense

Rejected By Google AdSense

After several rejections from Google I finally made it a reality and started to set new goals. Some of which we discussed on this excerpt including building my mailing list and increasing website traffic.

The reason why setting goals for your blog increases traffic is because these goals keep you motivated.

You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t setting goals for yourself and your blog so don’t stop doing just that.


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