Citizenship by investment
How to apply to CBI | What is Citizenship by Investment?

CBI is an easy way to get dual citizenship, requiring only your investments.

Often, it is mistaken with buying your citizenship, but in the literal sense, it is different from ‘buying’; in reality, you are obtaining your CBI through donation.

The Caribbean citizenship by investment programs is a good option for people who want to expand their travel and tourism lifestyle.

However, it is even better for investors seeking to secure their wealth against uncertainties in the world.

With a CBI program, you can secure your and your dependents’ future and finances. 

Why you should consider the Caribbean Citizen by Investment 

The Caribbean Citizenship by Investment programs is a package with many benefits. The benefits may differ from country to country, but you can be assured it is a worthy investment.

One of its major perks is the little to no residency requirements.

This means you can apply from anywhere in the world without being physically present in the country of your choice.

It is also business and finance friendly.

International income is not taxed in countries like St. Kitts & Nevis and Antigua and Barbuda. 

The Caribbean Islands are well known for tourism.

This offers a mouth-watering business field for potential investors.

Their real estate is also investment friendly.

You can decide to sell your properties after the years required to hold it have elapsed.

Even after this, you can stay within the real estate business and acquire more properties.

With a second passport, you can further expand your travel horizons.

With a Caribbean passport, you can travel to at least 144 countries without a visa.

With a St. Kitts and Nevis passport, you can visit up to 156 countries without a visa. St. Kitts and Nevis ranks 24th on the world passport index, followed closely by Antigua and Barbuda, which ranks 26th.

According to Forbes, St. Kitts and Nevis run not only the oldest CBI program but also the best.

This country has a very short duration process, usually about 60 days.  

How to Apply for Citizenship by Investment 

citizenship by investment.
Citizenship by investment | How to apply to CBI.

Contact a Licensed Company

You need to know that applying for citizenship by investment, you will need to do so through a reputable agency.

Countries do not accept applications directly from investors.

To apply for a CBI program, first, you have to find a licensed and reputable company to handle your application process.

The company will have to do its due diligence on you.

This will help the company reduce the risks of your application being rejected. 

You should know that a rejected application will make it harder for an individual to apply for a CBI program in another country.

The due diligence done by the company will allow you to address issues that might warrant the rejection of your application. 


Upon finding a licensed company to handle your CBI program, you will provide the company with the necessary documents.

Below are some of the documents required of you.  

  • Birth Certificates or adoption records
  • National ID card
  • Health Certificate
  • Police clearance showing a clean criminal records
  • Evidence of source of funds
  • Personal references 
  • Passport photographs 
  • Marriage Certificate or divorce papers
  • Military service or discharge certificates 

After the investor and the company have prepared all the necessary documents, they will be sent to the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU) for verification. 


The verification process is not fixed and can take longer than expected.

After the documents have been sent, the country begins its due diligence on the investors and other dependents applying.

In some cases, the agents might be asked to provide more papers if need be.


After the vetting is done and the investor has passed the due diligence test, they can go ahead with the investment.

Afterward, the country starts preparing the passport(s), which the country will deliver to the agency representing you once ready.

After this, you become a citizen of a particular country.

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How much investment is needed to obtain a CBI?

You can choose three viable options to obtain dual citizenship through investment.

You can decide to make a donation or invest your money in government bonds or real estate.

The amount of money required to obtain citizenship by investment differs from country to country.

The minimum investment that can be made for a CBI program is $100 000 (this does not cover due diligence and other fees), mostly done as a donation.

The Caribbean countries that have the CBI program have the cheapest investment programs.

Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, and St. Lucia have investments from $ 100,000 for single investors. For other non-Caribbean countries, the price is higher than that.

Consult the services of a reputable firm

Obtaining dual citizenship through the CBI program is a worthy investment advantageous for you, your family, and your finances.

To start your application process, consult the services of a reputable firm now.

This will ensure a hassle-free process and make it as easy and quick as possible.