Remember the scene from The Big Bang Theory where they’re trying to think of affordable, fun, and different activities? That problem is so common that one of the most famous sitcoms used it.

Yet, for every problem, there’s a solution.

And if you’re a gay man who wants to get many dates without wasting much money…

This article will provide you with not one but several solutions for your problem.

Go Outside

When we say go outside, we don’t mean clubbing or anything similar. Not only is clubbing expensive, but it’s also impossible to bond with anyone while everyone is stepping on your feet, spilling drinks on you, and you have to shout to maybe hear the guy you like.

If you want to maximize your chances of getting naughty with a guy you meet online, go somewhere where you can be alone. And there’s no better place to feel like no one else exists than nature. Hiking, visiting a beach, walking through the closest park, watching birds in front of your building. All that is free yet gives a great excuse to talk about whatever you want. The same as sitting in a bar, but a lot more intimate and affordable.

Yet, not everyone likes dates in nature or affordable dates. Some guys prefer expensive dates to make them feel important. So even after you join a platform that perfectly answers your “What’s the best gay hook up near me site in my area?” question, be ready to deal with some guys who like you but don’t like your financial situation. Luckily, the community of men who care more about having fun than taking Instagram photos is strong on good platforms.

Just write in your profile description that you’re all about affordable dates, so other guys like you can find you using manual filters based on mutual interests.

Cook Together

Get ready to get your mind blown…

Do you know what you and every guy you’ll ever hook up with have in common?

You must eat.

So is there a more affordable date than preparing a meal together? Both of you need to eat, especially if you want to have enough energy once things move from the kitchen into the bedroom. And with so many blogs, YouTube channels, and influencers uploading affordable dishes. That means you have infinite date ideas that cost you nothing (because you’d spend money on food anyway).

Of course, adjust recipes to your budget and culinary skills. But don’t be afraid to exit your comfort (skill) zone. Even if you mess the meal up, you can skip the kitchen part and go straight to the bedroom. And you’d have a funny story to tell to your friends…

“We tried to make ratatouille, but we got naughty, so it burned, and we ate hot dogs… If you know what I mean.”

Let’s move to the next affordable yet fun date idea before we all start fantasizing too much…

Organize Game Nights and DIY Entertainment

Some people are broke because they don’t know how to make money online or offline. But some guys with deep pockets still prefer affordable dates because once you take money out of the picture, experiences are based on getting to know each other instead of masking the lack of personality with expensive stuff and activities.

Board or card games are great for that purpose.

Some board games are pricey (even though you pay for them only once). Some card games are expensive (if you’ve ever collected any TCG, you know what we mean).

But numerous games are affordable. You probably have them at home. Uno, for example. It’s simple, so you don’t have to be focused on the game. That gives you more energy to focus on flirting and conversations.

Tap into Local LGBTQ+ Scene

Depending on where you live, there are more or less LGBTQ+ events. Many of them are free. And while attending an event means that the couple probably won’t be alone, it’s a great way to kill time and pamper in the feeling of belonging.

After attending a lecture about something or dancing at a local event, those who want more privacy can always combine group events with some of the date ideas we shared above.

In fact, combining group activities with couple activities is a great way to add dynamics to the night (or a relationship).

Watching your man move to music or reject other guys because he knows he’s going home with you is hot foreplay. It may make you skip all other plans and slam the bedroom door behind you.