AI is here to stay. Whether you’re asking ChatGPT for help with your college essay on existential philosophy or programming bots in your daily crypto trading routine, the advancement of artificial intelligence is defining all spheres of our lives.

Online casinos are no exception. Clever programs utilize big data day-to-day to enhance your user experience; they keep an eye on the fair play of random number generators and even offer personalized gaming strategies. It looks like AI is revolutionizing the online gambling landscape. Whether it can help you win is another thing.

A game of chance

When you start your roulette session at a new casino online, the game outcome is highly dependent on random factors. The truth is, unless you play poker against other players at a tournament (or, more likely, at your dinner table), your skills won’t make you win more often. Craps, cards, video slots, or roulette—literally all the games in modern casinos that are played for money will eventually beat you.

Sure, some games of chance may also require certain skills. To get them, it is recommended to first play the Demo version. This can be done on the Sizzling Hot Spot, where a solid collection of slot machines is collected, available for free and without registration. In addition, on the portal you can select a casino online legit and a starting bonus as a reward for registration.

Skills are especially important in games in which the participant must make decisions based on, among other things, the decisions and reactions of other participants. For example, in poker or blackjack, players sometimes provoke other players (for example, they create the appearance of having good cards, while this is not true).

The casino online always (and we mean it: always) has a certain advantage over the gambler. From a statistical point of view, even such a small house edge as 1% makes a difference. And in most cases, that parameter is higher.

AI in online casinos

AI bots and algorithms in online casinos primarily benefit the casino operator. AI bots greet you after you sign up; they might tailor a special no deposit bonus signed specifically for you or overlook the work of a random number generator in your favorite slot machine. Can they directly or indirectly help the player, though? Expert Marta Nowakowska answers – yes, but don’t take it for granted.

Remember the last time you visited the Amazon store and browsed through hundreds of suggested blenders, Nirvana t-shirts, or comic books? In a similar fashion, software utilizing AI may analyze your gaming history and preferences. Benefits? The system recommends games that you’re likely to enjoy. While finding a new Megaways or slot machine may be easier, it won’t help you win any more money. More and more often, AI adjusts the content in the lobby in real-time to suit your preferences. The casino online games themselves, though, remain unaffected.

Another area where AI helps casino operators is customer service. AI-powered chatbots pretending to be humans provide instant, 24/7 customer support. They’ll help you with common queries (“what happened to my bonus” or “how to deposit litecoins”); they may even guide new users through the platform.

Sentiment Analysis: AI analyzes player feedback to detect satisfaction levels and identify areas for improvement, ensuring a high-quality gaming environment.

Fraud detection and behavioral analysis are other areas where AI is eagerly utilized. The system monitors player behavior to detect unusual patterns that may indicate fraudulent activity, such as cheating or collusion. This helps maintain a fair gaming environment.

AI systems scrutinize financial transactions for signs of money laundering or other illicit activities, ensuring the integrity of the online casino. OK, but what about other benefits for the player? In other words, can one win more and more often thanks to AI?

AI for the player

Firstly, experts say that such tools can help you identify games with better odds or higher return-to-player (RTP) rates. By choosing games strategically, you can improve your overall chances of winning. Unfortunately, if you think you can beat the odds with AI, well, you’re wrong. All casino games have been thoroughly tested in this regard, and modern RNG software modules are a tough nut to crack.

As for AI-powered analytics, some advanced poker players use AI-driven analytics tools to develop and refine their strategies. Can those be applied to, say, slot machines? The answer is no. These tools analyze vast amounts of data to identify patterns in the opponent’s play. As a result, they help some poker players find their own optimal strategy against a particular person. Strategy or systems are of no use in a real-money casino, just like there’s no winning strategy in coin flipping.

While AI won’t help you hit the jackpot in Mega Moolah online, it may help you… lose less. Self-exclusion programs driven by AI help identify players who may be developing problematic gambling habits. Provided with tools to set limits or self-exclude, gamblers can keep the risk of addiction at bay. With the help of AI, the system can send reminders or alerts when it detects excessive gambling behavior, encouraging players to take breaks and gamble responsibly.


We’re sorry to disappoint those who were looking for easy ways to win millions of dollars at online gambling parlors with the help of AI. So far, the only side that clearly benefits from the implementation of AI systems is a casino operator.

Until now, processes such as identity verification and withdrawal orders were handled manually by the relevant departments in an online casino. Now they are increasingly being automated, thanks to artificial intelligence. Algorithms can independently verify identity and check whether the scans of ID or passport sent by the player are correct.

The automatic execution of the withdrawal process, which can be carried out from A to Z precisely with the help of artificial intelligence, is similar and consumes much less time. This allows online casinos to increase their efficiency and focus their operations on other useful features.