It’s no surprise Fiverr stock has been steadily growing since its appearance in the market back in 2019. Fiverr is a great company after all. They’ve essentially employed millions of freelancers on their online marketplace.

Fiverr stock price surged during the pandemic as we saw more people start to take on work from home jobs. Some people even left their jobs to work as full time freelancers for Fiverr.

Working online is not going anywhere any time soon. In fact, I can see the percentage of people who work at home go up this decade. Lets dive deeper on Fiverr stock.

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What is Fiverr all about?

what is fiverr

Fiverr is an Israeli company that allows content creators to sell their thoughts, products, and services all online. Freelancers can also sell their services to businesses who outsource their work.

It’s easy to see why more and more people keep signing up to sell services in this marketplace. As jobs also become more automatic, people are realizing they need to figure something out.

One thing the pandemic has taught us is that no ones job is 100% secured. People who came into this realization are now focused online.

Fiverr has made it possible for people to start side hustling part-time and even allowed freelancers to essentially create their own online business. And if you didn’t know, an online business can make you a ton of money.

How Fiverr Works – MUST watch

Perfect for business owners

Fiverr is perfect for business owners looking to hire the right talent online. With Fiverr Business, you can gain access to freelance management tools that allow you to manage your outsource.

What makes Fiverr Business so attractive to businesses is that your first year is completely free! This helps you as a business owner identify whether these tools are valuable enough for your business or not.

And on top of that, Fiverr has a team of success managers who help you match with the right freelancers without the need to interview the talent.

As you can tell, Fiverr is perfect for business owners looking to outsource work.

fiverr website design

Business owners are outsourcing:

  • Social media marketing
  • Graphic designers
  • Content creating
  • Video editing
  • Business blogging + so much more

So with that being said, Fiverr stock has been doing relatively amazing. It’s earning a lot of money through freelance and business signups. And as I mentioned before, the online space is only going to get bigger. Especially as we see more jobs become automated like how Amazon is becoming.

Fiverr stock is up more than 15% YTD

Fvrr stock

Look at Fiverr’s year-to-date and you’ll find that the stock is up more than 15%. A 15% yield is just fine if you ask me. A $10,000 investment would have earned you $1,500 in return. And if you invested in Fiverr stock back in 2019 when it entered the market, that same investment would now be worth $63,000 today.

2019 is the year I started my first investment in the stock market. I had purchased shares of the S&P500 which is currently up 17% year-to-date. I hadn’t heard of Fiverr yet so I missed out. However, I’m personally going to be taking up a position in this stock due to it’s metrics and where I see the online business and freelance market heading 10 years from now.

It’s going to be massive.

Does Fiverr stock pay dividends?

Fiverr (NYSE: FVRR) currently does not pay dividends. I think because it’s such a new company it has not gotten there yet. I would love to see the company pay dividends as it continues to scale.

I’m certain more investors would come to buy the stock if the company offered its shareholders some a piece of the pie.

Is Fiverr stock a buy?

is fiverr stock a buy

What determines whether a stock is a good buy or not? It’s usually the investors conviction towards the companies growth, innovation, and future trend.

If you’re looking at the massive potential of the online business marketplace then Fiverr stock is absolutely a buy. I would hold off on buying until the market begins to pick back up. Right now the stock market is shaking. I personally buy stock during massive price drops since I view red days as discounts.

What’s going to happen when businesses become more automated and don’t need as many employees anymore?

People are going to naturally flock to what’s working, and that’s the online business sector. If people aren’t creating their own businesses, then they will seek online money making opportunities.

Marketplaces such as Fiverr could grow big enough to be the place for freelancers and people to earn money online.

Although I teach my readers how to start their own online business and how to find a business model that works for them, Freelancers are already providing these services at massive scale.

How high can Fiverr stock go?


Fiverr stock has found a new floor in the $200 price range since December of 2020. Is it overpriced? I don’t think so. I personally see a lot of potential with this company.

The online sector is the future; it’s the way to go. For this reason I predict Fiverr will reach $1,000+ per share during the long-run. Fiverr’s current market cap is over 8 billion in only two years and a half of being in the market.

With more people joining the online sector, this can easily be another Amazon stock. And although Fiverr is growing quickly, I wouldn’t bet on this stock short term. This stock is a buy and hold in my opinion.

Why is Fiverr stock higher than Upwork?

Upwork is Fiverr’s main competitor. Upwork is also a marketplace for freelancers to sell their services. However, Fiverr just has a better marketplace for freelancers and businesses.

Upwork’s website is not nearly as attractive to its users as Fiverr is. Freelancers are naturally flocking to the better marketplace to sell their services.

An influx of freelancers, businesses, and retail investors are the biggest reasons why Fiverr stock is higher than Upwork.

How to buy Fiverr stock

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