Reaching The $10K Mark: How Perseverance Overrides Adversity by Frank Nez

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In this short story, the author breaks down the challenges faced during the struggle to reach the $10K mark. A goal that whenever was within reach would dissipate due to unforeseen circumstances. The pushback has been described as crashing waves that eventually led to being washed ashore. This inspiring and motivating eBook captures the world of every aspiring seller striving to make it big in their sales career.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Sales
  2. Initial Contact
  3. The First PO
  4. The Goal
  5. Building Relationships
  6. Fear
  7. The Busy Year
  8. One Door Closes, Another One Opens
  9. We Meet A New Average
  10. Nothing Can Stop Me Now
  11. Back to The Drawing Board
  12. The Tackling Never Stops

How To Reach $10K A Month In Sales

Ever wondered how to reach $10K a month in sales, or more? This motivating eBook by Frank Nez captures the world of every aspiring sales rep aiming high. The author walks us through on how perseverance overrides adversity through his personal experience reaching the $10K mark in sales.

How To Reach $10K A Month In Sales?

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Phase 1

Introduction to Sales

I was introduced to sales at the age of twenty; fresh out of college with an associate’s degree in business I honestly never really cared for. I majored in small business & project management, and minored in finance & marketing. I never really thought of sales as something I could be good at. But, I did have a friend in college who dropped out to sell cars. Apparently, he was doing quite well.

Although I thought during that time that it certainly seemed intimidating, it also interested me. By the time I had graduated college I had come to understand two major things. One, was that business owners make the real money in America. They have the potential to earn limitless amounts of money. And two, was that so did the people with an established career in sales. It wasn’t until down the road that I didn’t see the need to pursue my bachelors’ program anymore. Sales had dominated my world, and had become my biggest interest.

Start Reaching The $10K Mark

Start Reaching $10K A Month In Sales

Start reaching the $10K mark in monthly sales today. If you’re looking to be moved, inspired, and motivated, then this eBook is for you. Frank Nez walks us through the adversity he faced throughout his journey to reaching the $10K mark and shows us that we can achieve this goal too.

We must never let the waves crashing down on us to destroy our will. Even when we’re washed ashore.

Frank Nez (Reaching the $10K mark)

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