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AMC’s Share Price Beats Every Analysts Price Prediction

Market News: AMC stock outperforms analyst price targets
Market News: AMC stock outperforms analyst price targets

For over a year now Wall Street analysts predicted AMC’s share price would plummet greatly.

And although AMC’s share price has fallen substantially from its all-time high of $72 per share, analysts continue to get it wrong.

It seems no matter how much these analysts try to influence buyers and sellers; apes continue to buy and hold the stock.

Here are some AMC price targets from a variety of analysts going back to the start of 2021.

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AMC Entertainment Stock Beats Analyst Price Targets

AMC is currently trading around $14 per share.

It’s hovered right below or at the $14 level range in the past few months but seems to have broken some technical levels on Thursday.

Analysts have given AMC a price target relatively low to where it’s been trading all year.

Still, none are as ridiculous as Rich Greenfields $0.01 price prediction.

Retail investors on Twitter are wondering if he’s found a new career yet.

All jokes aside, here’s a list of AMC price targets given by other analysts.

AMC analyst price target
AMC analyst price targets – Source
  1. Citigroup – $5 price target
  2. B. Riley – $11.00 price target
  3. Wedbush – $7.50 price target
  4. Loop Capital – $1.00 price target
  5. MKM Partners – $1.00 price target

Other analysts give AMC a price target of $6, including CNN.

Three of these seven analysts gave their price targets in 2021, the other four are from this year.

Wall Street has raged against retail and the ‘meme stock’ community winning last year.

Hedge funds such as Melvin Capital, who have now shut down, experienced losses transitioning into the new year and were unable to recover.

Citadel lost billions during the ‘meme stock’ frenzy.

So, it’s no surprise the industry wants retail investors to pay.

Rather than stand with a recovering company, Wall Street would rather kick it as it’s healing.

Analysts Eat Crow

AMC Entertainment has proved Wall Street wrong on several occasions, and it will continue to do so primarily because the company continues to massively improve.

So called experts (a decade behind) fail to see the future that lies ahead of the company’s innovation relating to crypto and NFTs, too.

As the space and utility for these technologies grow, so will the company’s fundamentals.

AMC Entertainment has improved every quarter since 2021 and broke record this year having a very successful first quarter of 2022.

The company is estimated to report Q2 earnings on August 8th which has shareholders extremely excited.

AMC’s share price reached $34 in March before ultimately getting halted alongside GameStop’s surge.

The restriction was seen as blatant market manipulation from our regulators to keep AMC and GameStop in line with the rest of the market.

Stop suppressing the stock and see what happens.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.

AMC stock is going to surprise everyone again.

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How Much $1,000 Invested In AMC Stock This Year Is Worth Now

How much $1000 invested in AMC stock this year is worth now

Did the media scare you out of your money months back? Oh boy. If only you’d have done your due diligence. AMC stock is consolidating high now and it hasn’t even squeezed yet.

More and more people are investigating what exactly is going on with AMC Entertainment. In short, retail investors saved an entire movie industry and are making hedge funds betting against companies pay for it.

It’s amazing what can happen when people unite.

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The movie theater industry is thriving

AMC Entertainment is breaking box office records with new movie titles. The latest install Fast and Furious 9 grossed a whopping $70 million on opening weekend alone in the U.S and Canada, and $404.9 million worldwide.

Other films including Godzilla vs Kong, Mortal Kombat, and A Quite Place 2 have also broken records. I’ve updated an article with their earnings here.

Hedge funds betting against this company continue to dig their own graves. They’re losing billions holding open short positions in AMC.

What is AMC’s current share price?

AMC is currently trading at: $58 per share. The stock was worth $2.01 on January 4th’s regular trading day. If you purchased $1,000 worth of AMC stock then, you’d have a total of 497 shares. That’s equivalent to: $28,826 today on paper.

Not too shabby huh? The AMC community is not cashing in though. Retail investors are holding their positions further driving the stock’s share price up. We’re holding for the short squeeze 🤩.

A short squeeze would drive AMC’s stock price to Andromeda. Hedge funds have been borrowing millions of shares to drive AMC’s share price down all year. And unfortunately for them, they’ll have to pay these back. With interest…

Is AMC stock overvalued?

AMC stock has reached it’s highest market value in history. The stock itself is exploring unknown territory. Does this mean it’s overvalued? I think it’s fair to say the market decides the value of any security, asset, or service in the world. AMC’s current share price is the value the market has decided it is currently worth.

Why? Because of the massive demand for the stock right now. Hedge funds are creating one of the biggest demands for borrowed short shares ever seen in history. Retail investors on the other hand are creating a large demand for the stock itself.

The reason you’ve been pitched headlines to run away from this stock by MarketWatch and The Fool is because they’re affiliates to the hedge fund betting against both AMC and GameStop. They’re growing tired of losing millions of dollars each day.

Will AMC Entertainment reach $100 short term?

There’s data that confirms AMC Entertainment’s rise to $100 will solely be based on its current bullish run. A Fibonacci Retracement allows technical analysts to view levels of resistance as well as the next ladder up.

When AMC reaches $100 per share, it would have been merely from momentum trading. There will be a point where short sellers can no longer afford to hold their positions and will be forced to close them willingly. Otherwise, they will get their accounts liquidated through margin calls.

Is AMC a good stock to buy right now?

If you plan on investing in AMC stock you must know the risks. Hedge funds are playing dirty and the community is fighting corruption and manipulation in another world right now.

My suggestion to new retail investors is to do your research as much and as often as you can. This will help you identify what type of conviction you will grow to have for this stock.

Just because a lot of people have accumulated massive gains on paper right now doesn’t mean there’s not room for error. Come up with a strategy and learn from the community.

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Should you wait for AMC to dip?

The psychology behind this movement is based astronomically on bullish sentiment and bullish action. Trey put it beautifully when he said there’s bears, there’s bulls, and now there’s apes. Apes are the retail investors buying both the dips and the gains.

If you plan to buy on a green day, aim for buying any laddered attack (dip). Buying a stock on a red day implies the stock is on sale, or on discount. This is the sentiment from the community behind a bullish stock.

Gasparino and Richfield fail to fathom this psychology. And despite the various loopholes hedge funds have against retail investors, they never expected the community to become a real threat.

I’ve created an archive on all AMC articles on this one post here for you to keep handy. Make sure you bookmark the page so you can go back and view the ones you have not read yet.

Are you holding AMC stock? When did you get in?

Let me know in the comment section below if you’re holding AMC stock. And if so, what month did you get in? I purchased the stock in early February. I’m curious to know how long some of you have been holding it for or whether you just started.

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AMC Stock Price To $100 Per Share Soon?

AMC stock to $100 per share soon
AMC Stock to $100 soon? #AMC #AMCstock

When in doubt zoom out. AMC stock is seeing massive consolidation in the $55 range. Despite the heavy shorting, the monthly chart has never looked healthier.

We got a glimpse of what AMC Entertainment’s stock looked like at $70+ per share weeks back. But when will we hit $100 per share? And is it on the horizon?

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Community, you already know that the $100 range is not a squeeze. This is merely fundamental movement due to heavy buyers and technical chart patterns.

A squeeze will be violent. With that said, I want to go over some of the technical analysis Trey has recently put out.

Next level of resistance

We saw a small pullback from the $60 range down to about $54-$56. We’re now looking for the stock price to test above $56 where it will bounce up to the high fifties, low sixty dollar range.

According to Trey, the next level of resistance could be in the high sixties to low seventies after a clean break of about $63.

This technical analysis is seen through the data presented by a Fibonacci Retracement.

What is a Fibonacci Retracement?

A Fibonacci Retracement is the technical data in a chart that indicates where support and resistance levels are very likely to occur.

This chart shows every possible level of resistance and can predict the pullback levels as well as the next level of gains.

Is a Fibonacci Retracement reliable?

This technical setup has allowed TA’s (technical analysts) to gain insight when swing trading a stock. This chart view has also helped Trey communicate to the community AMC’s possible price action whether it be any type of pullback or rip.

The Fibonacci Retracement has been very helpful thus far and continues to be the technical setup to determine the next possible moves.

Raising the bar over $77

Trey expresses that once AMC’s stock price reaches a new all-time high above $77, we should experience a clean move passing $100 per share.

This is a great video for both new apes and seasoned apes to get a glimpse of that $100 range. And Trey, sending positive thoughts out to you brother. Keep taking care of your health.

That it’s coming up, it’s coming up. Retail investors must continue to hold the stock in order to claim $100 per share. The community has the power to claim the stocks price.

If a stock is bullish, it’s because its shareholders make it bullish. As long as the community continues to play offense, AMC’s stock price will fundamentally continue to surge.

So, how soon will we see $100 per share?

This is really going to depend on when we cross that resistance level of $63 or so. Crossing this amount will trigger the push for next level around $70 that will further take AMC’s stock price past $100.

I understand shorts continue to short the stock. This is the primary reason why AMC Entertainment is consolidating.

Them attacking the upticks only validates just how bullish this stock is. The funny thing is they’re losing money every day. While short attacks might slow the progress down, they can’t prolong the inevitable.

Before you think of selling at $100

Charles Payne

Don’t be a paper hand Portnoy. Or else…

LMAO, if you don’t know what I’m referencing that’s okay. Remember that AMC Entertainment hasn’t squeezed yet. I understand everyone’s financial situation is different.

However, the road to $100 per share is all going to be fundamental. The community is in this for a short squeeze. Many of us are already up several gains, but we continue to hold the stock.

There’s more money in my accounts than there has ever been but I don’t have the slightest excitement to cash in. Why? Because shorts haven’t even covered. And I know this is majority of the communities sentiment.

What hodling can mean for you

Holding your stock means you own AMC Entertainment, the company. You truly are an owner of this gigantic century old business.

Your shares are your tickets to that world you keep envisioning. Don’t forget why you got in the first place. All great things take time, so be patient. Blessings are coming for all.

Except hedge funds, they’re totally screwed.

Continue to spread the message

I have to say, I’m extremely proud of my Discord community. Apes here are sharing great DD amongst each other. Our new members are always learning something new.

Here’s a personal invitation to the Discord if you’re not a member yet. AMC with Frank Nez is a safe environment for retail investors to learn about AMC and and get their voices heard.

If you found this article to be helpful in any way, shape, or form leave me a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

AMC with

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BREAKING NEWS: Charles Schwab margin calls short sellers shorting both AMC and GME stock

Wanda’s Out But Here Are The Biggest Institutional Investors Buying AMC

Wanda is out but here are the biggest institutional investors buying AMC stock

AMC’s biggest stakeholder Wanda just sold all but 10,000 shares of stock netting $426.7 million dollars. Wanda Group owns the largest movie theater chain in China. Retail investors are curious how this affects AMC Entertainments bull run.

It seems that the media has once again shed light on what appears to be negative sentiment in AMC Entertainment. But what if I told you Wanda only owning 0.002% in stake isn’t a bad thing? See, Wanda contributed largely to AMC’s share price from surpassing $14 due to selloffs.

Perhaps now retail investors will begin to see AMC’s stock break $15. AMC

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AMC Entertainment and Wanda’s relationship

Despite this selloff, Wanda Group and AMC Entertainment continue to have a mutual and tremendous respect for one another. In a recent interview Adam Aron advises China’s policies require international investors to allocate their investments towards domestic companies in order to grow their economy.

With Wanda Group out of the picture, retail investors now own majority of AMC Entertainment stock.

Adam Aron AMC

“These individual investors likely own a majority of our shares, they own AMC. We work for them. I work for them. By definition, their interests and passions are important to AMC, their ambitions and passions are important to me.”

Adam Aron

AMC Institutional Owners

One thing that’s mind boggling to me is why no one is talking about AMC major institutional shareholders. These institutions keep buying the stock!

If we saw headlines such as “INSTITUTION increases position in AMC by x percent” the sentiment would draw more retail investors in wouldn’t you agree? However, hedge fund partners and affiliates don’t want that. AMC Entertainment continues to be the most shorted stock in the market and retail investors continue to hold for a short squeeze.

Wanda Group may be out but here are the biggest institutional investors buying AMC Entertainment stock right now.

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#1. Vanguard Group Inc.

Vanguard Group Inc institutional investor buying AMC Entertainment stock
Vanguard – institutional investors buying AMC Entertainment stock

The Vanguard Group, Inc. is an American registered investment advisor based in Malvern, Pennsylvania with about $6.2 trillion in global assets. Vanguard’s top holdings are in Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and Google.

Their ownership in AMC Entertainment is around 8.22% which is equivalent to a whopping 36,996,803 shares. Vanguard is AMC Entertainments biggest institutional investor as of May 23rd, 2021.

Vanguard has been bulking up with AMC Entertainment stock since the beginning of the Reddit phenomenon. My guess is they don’t want to miss out on what’s coming.

Vanguard Stay The Course Tweet AMC

#2. BlackRock Inc.

AMC Entertainment Institutional buyers BlackRock, Inc.
Institutional investors buying AMC Entertainment stock

BlackRock, Inc. is an American multinational investment management corporation based in New York City. Founded in 1988, initially as a risk management and fixed income institutional asset manager, BlackRock is the world’s largest asset manager. They hold $8.67 trillion in assets.

Like Vanguard, BlackRock’s top holdings are also in Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and Google.

BlackRock’s owner ship in AMC is 5.45% or 24,551,774 shares. They are AMC Entertainment’s second biggest institutional investor. Like Vanguard, BlackRock has been adding to their position for months now.

Both Vanguard and BlackRock have been adding largely to their position in AMC Entertainment.

#3. Invesco Capital Management LLC

Invesco Capital Management LLC
Institutional investors buying AMC stock

Invesco PowerShares Capital Management LLC operates as a wealth management firm. The Company offers investment advisory, retirement planning, and portfolio management services. Invesco PowerShares Capital Management serves customers worldwide.

Invesco’s top holdings are in McCormick & Co. Inc., Air Products & Chemicals Inc., Intel Corporation, International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc., and Johnson & Johnson.

Invesco’s stake in AMC Entertainment is 1.48% , or 6.6 million shares. This amount is equivalent to $66, 692, 730.

#4. SSGA Funds Management

SSGA Funds Management

SSgA Funds Management, Inc. operates as an investment firm. The Company provides portfolio management, financial planning, and investment advisory services. SSgA Funds Management serves clients globally.

Their stake in AMC is 1.45%. SSGA owns 6.5 million shares of AMC Entertainment which is equivalent to $65,562,710.

SSGA is a hedge fund that is long in AMC Entertainment stock.

#5. Geode Capital Management LLC

Geode Capital Management LLC

Geode Capital Management, LLC is an American Investment Management firm based in Boston, Massachusetts. They hold approximately $719 billion dollars in assets.

Like Vanguard and Blackrock, their top holdings are in Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and Google.

They hold a 1.38% stake in AMC Entertainment. Their 6.2 million shares are valued at $62,374,514.

AMC Entertainment’s top 10 institutional holders

  1. The Vanguard Group, Inc.
  2. BlackRock Fund Advisors
  3. Invesco Capital Management LLC
  4. SSgA Funds Management, Inc.
  5. Geode Capital Management LLC
  6. Susquehanna Financial Group LLLP
  7. Northern Trust Investments, Inc.
  8. Charles Schwab Investment Management, Inc.
  9. BlackRock Investment Management, Inc.
  10. BlackRock Advisors LLC
Top 10 owners of AMC Entertainment holdings inc

List provided to you via CNN Business.

Retail investors should not be concerned about Wanda Groups departure. There are several institutional investors that continue to add to their position in AMC Entertainment.

How much AMC stock do retail investors own?

According to Fidelity, retail investors own approximately 63.9% of AMC Entertainment’s float.

To put things into perspective, about 40% of retail investors own Apple stock and 33% own Tesla stock.

With more retail investors buying AMC stock, the percentage of owners is going to continue to go up.

Latest institutional buyers in AMC Entertainment

Latest institutional buying AMC stock
Latest institutional buyers in AMC stock, via MarketBeat

The chart above shows the latest reporting dates of institutional buyers getting in on AMC Entertainment stock.

You can see the latest institutions buying AMC stock are holding tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of shares.

Morgan Stanley has a position in AMC Entertainment with a market value of $9.78 million dollars! At this point any FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) should be completely off the table regarding Wanda Group selling their stake in AMC.

AMC Entertainment stock is a heavy buy.


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AMC with Discord

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