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There are tons of different social media promotional methods you can read about on the Internet – however, a good half of them don’t work, and the other half requires knowing a special moment about them to make them work like they should.

In this article we have decided to give you 3 reasons (and tips at the same time) to use paid subs for development of your IG page in 2022; we will speak about why a chance to buy Instagram followers suits everybody, what benefits and possibilities it opens for any user and what you can do to max out its effects.

Reason 1: It Helps to Build a Base You Need

how to get paid Instagram followers and likes
How to get paid Instagram followers and likes.

If you’re fresh on Instagram and have literally no bonds to help you start, this service can really come in handy – you will be able to create a base of subscribers to make other people believe that your content is worth their time.

Yes, it doesn’t work like it used to earlier: you could spend some time online liking and following people and they’d pay you with the same coin later. 

No, not today – now people prefer following and reading only those people whom they adore or count as close ones, and there can be no exceptions.

A chance to buy real Instagram followers helps to skip the stage where you’re desperately trying to gain viewers for an empty page using targeted ads, not that expensive PR from bloggers and other time-taking methods.

Reason 2: It is Safe

how to get paid Instagram likes and followers
How to get paid Instagram Likes and Followers | Viplikes.

There are other methods online, and some of them are even free, but not all of them are safe.

For example, you can join activity chats where content creators exchange links to their posts that need support, but that option will only give you temporary results.

Plus, lots of creators prefer to have two accounts – they leave likes and comments in these chats using the fake one, and it doesn’t affect your statistics in a good way.

The same goes to commenting: it looks somewhat safe and sound, but if you’d be too annoying, a content creator whose page you’re using to develop can block you and send a report on your behavior to IG directly.

Reason 3: You Can Add to It and It Will Give Even Bigger Results

Paid Instagram Followers
Paid Instagram followers | Viplikes.

Yes, you can purchase not only subscribers, but also thumbs up, comments, views and whatever you need to make your page look balanced and developed.

With all of those options in hand you will be able to create a total illusion of success that nobody will suspect to look fake; and as they say, “fake it till you make it”.

You can add some PRs from bloggers to this scheme, some targeted ads, and people who will come to you from these actions will see a professional and successful page – and they won’t have any doubts whether they should follow it or not.

This is a safety mattress that you’re putting in front of you to have a smoother and easier promotion in the future. 


Buying subs is safe, great for your profile and highly efficient – do it right, find the nice company to make a purchase (or use the links in this text to save time) and watch the positive changes coming at you! 

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