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Here Are My Top 10 Strategies I Use To Promote My Brand

How To Promote Your Brand

If you’re coming straight from LinkedIn, welcome! After competing in the marketplace for 5 and a half years, I decided it was time to leave the family business and work on my personal brand.

When the stars began aligning, I knew I had to develop my brand full time. I took Franknez.com from earning 8,400 views its first year in 2020, to 1.8 million views (and counting) as of today.

How To Brand Your Business

Here are the top 10 strategies I personally use to promote my brand!

#1. Create Content Pertaining To Your Niche

When I create a piece of content, I create it for a specific community in a particular niche.

If you’re reading this, you are more than likely interested in marketing and branding. Marketing and branding allows us to get our product, service, or brand in front of the right audience.

Avoid publishing content that isn’t going to serve a specific group of people with the same interests as yours.

#2. Use Your Logo Everywhere!

promote brand on instagram

If you’re publishing a video, blog article, or image online, be sure to brand it with your logo.

By implementing a logo design, you’re raising brand recognition and awareness.

This strategy is going to help you stand out from the rest of the crowd offering similar services, products, and content.

I was putting my website and tagline on every Instagram photo I published before I even had my logo. This told my audience I was a brand and not just a general account.

Here are other areas where you can use your logo:

  1. At the bottom of an email signature
  2. Watermark your YouTube content
  3. Every page on your website
  4. In your profile picture
  5. Social media banners

Is it overkill to promote your content? Ask Gary Vee or Grant Cardone and they’ll say absolutely not. And I agree. Leave me a comment below if you follow these two marketing masters.

#3. Publish Content Daily

If you’re not publishing content daily then you’re not being seen. This is one of those things that seem like in some areas could be a waste of time. But the fact is that these small steps actually compound over time.

Every piece of content you publish for your audience, existing customers, or prospects, is an opportunity to provide value at scale.

Your brand needs to be promoted daily through the use of some sort of content. This could be in video, blog, or social media.

The compounding effects of publishing content daily is what took my blog from 8,400 views to 1.8 million views its second year.

This strategy is considered to be taking ‘massive action’. So if you’re not taking massive action, and you know you need to, publish content daily.

#4. Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media allows us to connect with people we’ve never met before and make an impact in their lives.

This impact should always be for positive change.

Once you shift your mindset to this golden rule, you will be able to curate your social media content to help others no matter which platform you choose.

Once you’re creating social media content to provide value to your existing customers, prospects, or audience, be sure to take advantage of every tool.

One tool I love using throughout social media is the ‘story’ tool. This story tool is highlighted when you post a new story, letting your audience know:

  1. You’ve published new content
  2. You have something important to share
  3. You’re actually active
franknez instagram branding

This goes back to publishing content daily. Even if you don’t put out a new post, keep your story rings lit for newcomers visiting your social media accounts for the first time.

Promote Your Brand Everywhere

Use more than one social media platform to promote your brand. Even if engagement isn’t as high on some platforms, use them to your advantage.

Your website will be ranked higher on Google’s search engine if it sees your links are being found all over the biggest social media platforms.

I found that although my engagement is different on Facebook, Twitter, and IG, there are always people engaging with my content.

My advice is to curate content differently for each platform since each user prefers a unique type of content experience.

#5. Use Relevant Hashtags To Promote Your Brand

Hashtags are basically portals from which your content can be discovered on social media feeds. If you content receives a lot of engagement, then the platform’s algorithm will push it to a larger audience.

Use relevant hashtags when promoting your brand to ensure the right audience has a chance to discover you.

Certain niche topics will have higher engagement than others depending on which platform you decide to use. This is mainly due to popularity and where your niche audience hangs out the most.

For instance, you might have a larger group of #contentmarketing audience on Twitter than you do on Facebook. The same could be said about another niche topic, such as travel. #Travel could have a significantly larger audience on Instagram than on Twitter.

Engage With The Hashtag

Engage with accounts using the same hashtags as you. Like their content, comment, and share it if you love it. This will expose them to you.

This is one of those small steps that also feels like a waste of time in the beginning but ends up compounding over time. Before you know it, your brand will be growing in months time so as long as you’re consistent.

#6. Create A Newsletter

When I first started building my brand I would see this tip often. I didn’t think it was very important starting out since my audience was so small at the time.

However, it is never too early or too late to set up a mailing subscriber tool for your business or brand.

I use OptinMonster to connect with my readers via email.

promote brand with newsletter

This tool has allowed me to connect with over 5,000 readers via email. You can integrate OptinMonster on your website to provide all types of information, discounts, or announcements to your potential or existing customers!

I use my newsletter to let my readers know when I’ve published a new article or announce a giveaway.

I never understood just how important this tool would be for both my brand and my audience.

#7. Be Engaged With Your Community

If you have not found a community to provide value to yet, don’t worry. At least now you know this is something you have to be on the search for.

I found that when I engage with my community, my brand awareness spikes. And that’s because your brand isn’t your logo, it’s you.

Everything you do within your community is setting your brand apart from everyone else. Communities are also a great way to network with people who can share your product, service, or content with other people.

Your community is where word of mouth happens. And we all know that word of mouth can reach a significant amount of people, especially when done online.

Communities have been part of my branding success. Of course, you have to get all the other strategies down first. Otherwise, the community will stumble into a social media account or website with little to no content and be turned off immediately.

This is why it’s so important, at least for me, to ritually process each of these strategies to grow my brand. But I’m confident that if you follow these proven strategies too, your brand will begin to takeoff.

Where Can I Find A Niche Community?

Niche communities can be found just about everywhere online. There are communities within Facebook Groups, Quora, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other online forums.

My advice is to identify where your community hangs out the most and introduce yourself there.

Provide them with solutions; being your product, service, or content. If what you have to offer improves their lives, then they will follow what your brand has to offer.

8. Prioritize Quality

My brand was nothing like what it is today when I first started. A few aspects of it was because my brand is me, except it was an amateur me.

Consistency forced me to get better at writing and creating content as a whole. But when I realized that quality in content creation is king, that’s when I decided to step up my creativity and content marketing game.

I switched from the free Canva tool to Canva Premium. It’s small reinvestments like these that allowed me to take my brand to the next level.

The paid version of Canva allowed me to publish much higher quality content on Instagram, it allowed me to create amazing banners for all my social media accounts, and it’s helped me establish an awesome first-impression.

I didn’t begin to see exponential growth immediately. That’s because when you begin to prioritize quality content, it’s almost like starting from scratch.

It should be unrecognizable from your older material, whether it be your website, social media content, service or product.

This means you must now be patient for that compound effect to begin taking place. When you produce high quality content at consistent levels, your brand will be spread organically by your audience.

In Summary

Quality promotes your brand. Consistency promotes your brand. Being engaged with a community promotes your brand. And connecting with your audience via your content, emails, and social media elevates your brand awareness.

#9. It’s Okay To Use A Personal Account

If you’re promoting strictly from your brand page and not from your personal account then you’re missing out!

I use my personal account to share my publications on Facebook, and even post my brand’s content on my personal stories.

I promote my brand on my personal accounts to show people what I’m up to and what I’m creating. If they’re curious about what it is exactly that I’m sharing, they’ll have direct access to that content and what my brand has to offer.

One way you can elevate your brand awareness is by sparking curiosity in your own personal circles.

What this does is it leaves an open door for curiosity.

10. Be Genuine

How To Promote Your Brand

And lastly, one of the most powerful ways to promote your brand is to be genuine. As clichรฉ as this sounds, your personality has the power to draw masses of people in.

Being genuine established an awesome connection with my stock investing community. I’ve made friends and allies in this niche group of over 4 million people, and am seen as a community leader by many.

If you really care about your audience, customers, and prospects, believe me when I say they’ll know. That’s because they’ll care about you back.

Remember, you are your brand. So show people who you are and why there’s no other brand like yours.

Leave me a comment if you found this article helpful. I’d love to hear back from you. And if you have any questions, leave them below too.

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Easy Marketing Hacks That Guarantee Your Small Business is Seen

Easy Marketing Hacks That Guarantee Your Small Business is Seen
Easy Marketing Hacks For Your Small Business

In today’s world we are being marketed to all the time. You see it everywhere you go in some form or another. The marketing clutter is real though. So, how do you stand out in a world where everyone is demanding for attention? Here are a few secret marketing hacks that guarantee your small business gets noticed in today’s crowd.

franknez.com marketing tips

Welcome to Franknez.comย โ€“ the blog where you can digest content on personal finance, side hustle ideas, entrepreneurship, and trending investing topics.

Lets get started!

What is Marketing?

Marketing by definition refers to the actions taken by a business to promote a product or a service through stories.

It’s a strategy in business that puts what you have to offer in the marketplace in front of the right people. Seth Godin is a master at marketing and I’m actually still learning about it to this very day.

The first time I started marketing I didn’t even know I was doing it! It was my senior year in high school when I was the front man for a band. I was promoting our sound, our gigs, our Facebook page, you name it! I’ve been in love with marketing since.

Why marketing is important for small business

The purpose of marketing is to attract people to your business. This creates leads known as potential buyers. Buyers are the sustainability to a businesses growth.

A business who doesn’t market is always chasing sales. A business who markets attracts a potential buyer and focuses on closing a sale.

Frank Nez How To Get Clients To Pay You When They're Past Due

Marketing creates credibility for your business

When your target audience sees you over and over and over again, at some point they begin to question what they’re missing out on.

People notice when your social media following has increased, whether your content is high quality, and how engaged you are online.

If your business isn’t marketing online who’s going to know you?

Marketing goals

The purpose and goal of marketing is to put your brand in front of the right people. You should only be marketing to people who could potentially use your product or service.

Marketing your brand to a broad range of businesses in people will often times be time-consuming, non-effective, and result in a poor reinvestment.

How do I choose the correct marketing target?

Choosing the correct marketing target can take quite some time. Especially if your services or product can be used by all type of businesses and people.

So where do you start?

Niche down

Begin by targeting a specific market and work your way out. Eventually, your product or service will get shared by word of mouth.

Referrals may bring your business from both within the niche, or outside the niche.

How to Market Your Business Online

Marketing your business online

Every business should be marketing their business online. The internet has allowed online businesses to scale at no limit. This is why we see blogs and YouTube channels making 6-figure incomes, if not more.

How are businesses marketing online?

Social media is the #1 way new businesses are promoting their product or service online.

Paid advertising through Google puts your business contact information at the top of their search and result pages. However, advertising doesn’t work like it did before, ask Seth Godin.

Blogs such as Franknez.com who generate tends of thousands of views per day write and promote your product or service on their website.

How do I choose the right platform to promote my business?

Start off with social media. It’s easy to use and you can begin showing the marketplace what you have to offer instantly.

I use Instagram mainly for my advertising agency and Twitter mainly for sharing blog posts. Find which platform best suits your business and connects strongly with your audience.

You can also see where similar businesses are on social media to get an idea where to start as well.

#1. Social Media Marketing Hacks

If you haven’t opened any social media accounts for your business be sure to do so after reading this post. And while you’re at it, be sure to give this post a social share!

Here’s a quick rundown of social media marketing hacks that guarantee your business to be seen.

Social Media Marketing
How to market your business on Instagram
  1. Go to a related hash tags most recent posts on Instagram and like 100+ posts: you will get followers without a doubt. Same with Twitter. Your followers now have exclusive access to what your business has to offer.
  2. Create content specifically for your targeted audience: if your target audience are college students, create infographics or art that include campuses, library’s, students, etc. Make your audience feel at home.
  3. Leave interesting and eye catching comments on posts to redirect viewers to your social media profile.
  4. Use paid advertisement to promote your social media content: this is time for your content to shine. Target a specific audience and draw them to your profile or website. I’ve found this actually works better on IG than on FB; however, advertising isn’t the same as marketing unless you’re telling a story.
Social Media Marketing Hacks

Be sure to use social media every day. Consistency is key to marketing your business online.

I’ve found that if you start scheduling your day, you can really post content on social media every day!

Scheduling it makes it a task and will keep you consistent.

#2. Promotional Products and Apparel

Promotional products and apparel are a great marketing hack to get your business seen. Easy Marketing Concepts ships custom t-shirts, mugs, pens, and more, domestically in the United States.

Easy Marketing Concepts and apparel
Click the image to see Instagram Profile
  1. Wearing a t-shirt, jacket, or hat with your company logo on it is a guaranteed way for people to see your business name out in public.
  2. Gifting pens with your phone number and logo allows your brand to get recognized and remembered. Pass these out at social events or gift them to your customers.
  3. America loves coffee. Market to coffee lovers by putting a captivating logo on a mug with your business info. When they need your service or product, they’ll have your info “handy”.
Easy Marketing Concepts

How would you feel if you get the spotlight but weren’t wearing something that represented your business. It would feel like a missed opportunity, right?

Don’t put yourself through regret, get promotional products and apparel to market your business wherever you go.

Elevate Your Brand with Easy Marketing
Elevate Your Brand with Easy Marketing

#3. Evoke Emotion Through Color Marketing

This marketing hack is more important than you know. Colors have a way of conjuring up emotions that can influence people to buy your product or service.

Think of the golden arch from McDonalds. Did you know that yellow evokes warmth, optimism, youth, and happiness. Does this sound like McDonalds to you? Absolutely. By using Ronald McDonald as the company’s mascot, they were able to further execute all four of these sentiments perfectly.

How about Coca-Cola? The color red evokes strong emotions, excitement, passion, and energy.

Color marketing - McDonalds, Coca-Cola

Certain console games even feature character drinking a can of coke refilling their health points. What a creative way to evoke energy right?

How about Coca-Cola’s commercials? They’re usually advertising exciting content leading to a sip of the beverage. Remember when they printed names on their bottles? This strategy most certainly evoked emotion.

What colors mean in color psychology

Red: Passionate, Excitement, Active, Bold, Energy, Ambition, Power, Confidence

Orange: Playful, Freedom, Spontaneous, Extrovert, Instinct

Yellow: Optimistic, Youthful, Warmth, Happiness, Fun, Energetic, Cheerful

Green: Balance, Growth, Restore, Sanctuary, Prosperity, Safety, Stable, Nature

Blue: Goals, Determination, Trustworthy, Ambition, Spirit, Self-Sufficient, Success

Purple: Creativity, Fantasy, Individual, Original, Deep, Respectable, Wealth

Marketing with color

How to use color marketing in your business

  1. You can use color marketing with your very own logo. If you feel you may need to rebrand and change things up don’t be afraid to do so.
  2. When you create an ad, don’t forget to highlight certain words or phrases using a specific color to evoke a specific emotion.
  3. You can also use color marketing in the theme of your website or overall brand recognition online.

Combine colors with other forms of advertising and you can multiply the effects of color marketing.


Put your expertise to use by sharing it online! Create a blog today and start earning money from home.

#4. Email Marketing Hacks

Email is often times overlooked due to social media’s popularity but did you know that you can use emails for your market strategy?

Email Marketing Hacks

Here are 2 great ways you can market through your emails!

Paste content to the body of an email: you can copy and paste content you create such as advertising images to send out to leads and prospects. You know when you get discount emails from your favorite retail stores straight to your email? That’s what these emails should look like.

Link your social media and website to your signature: Use your signature as a means of connecting to other business platforms. This increases the chances of a prospect to see your work on Instagram, visit your website, and spark up an interest in your service or product.

For anyone who thinks emailing is dead, think again. Emailing is a great way to connect with your network and provide them with tons of useful information and content.

And lastly…


You can support the blog by giving this post a social share. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter! I personally email my readers articles I feel they can gain loads of value from.

Leave me a comment below if you found any of these hacks to be helpful or if you’d like to see more posts like this one.

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Smart Ways You Can Reinvest Back Into Your Small Business

Smart Ways You Can Reinvest Back Into Your Small Business
Reinvestments = Growth!

So you’ve managed to build some capital from your small business. You haven’t quite paid yourself just yet. Now you’re looking at ways to scale by reinvesting. As an entrepreneur, you know it is in your best interest to grow and pay yourself later. Here are some smart ways you can reinvest back into your small business.

Welcome to Franknez.com – the blog where we post content on personal finance, side hustle ideas, entrepreneurship, and keep you updated on trending investing news. Lets get started!

#1. Use Paid Promotion

Reinvest back into your small business by using paid promotion

reinvest in your small business by using paid promotion

Paid promotions are a smart way to get your service or product in front of the eyes of many people.

You can use paid promotion through:

  • Instagram Sponsored Posts
  • Facebook Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Blogs such as Frank Nez
  • Twitter Posts

See our ‘Network’ tab – this is where we sponsor businesses and put their product or services in front of potential clients that will one day need their services.

While you can set a budget of $30 for 6 days on Instagram, we keep a published post about your services on our ‘network’ tab for only $45/yr.

We also include your service in a variety of posts if it is relatable to the topic!

So why is paid promotion a good investment?

Paid promotion is a great way to land new leads and new business. It’s a great way for your business to be seen by thousands of if not tens of thousands of people. Think of it as an online billboard!

Why promote with Franknez.com?

why promote with franknez.com

Social media platforms are too expensive. And, if you’re not great at analytics then your campaign won’t reach your targeted audience.

Franknez.com makes it simple. We publish a post about your business and service or product which can benefit our readers. Our readers:

  • Are interested in business and finance
  • They’re looking for ways to make more money
  • Are serious about progression and goal setting
  • Want to learn about starting their own business

Our ‘Network‘ tab allows our readers to network with your business so that their business and endeavors can grow. This is a great benefit to both our readers and clients. And pricing is only $45/yr!

Another benefit is that the businesses who renew will grandfather into the same price bracket even though our number of visitors continues to increase!

#2. Promotional Products & Apparel

Reinvest into your small business by elevating your brand

Promotional products and apparel is an attractive way of reinvesting back into your small business because it’s a fun process and it works.

Small businesses are marketing by handing out t-shirts and caps with their logo on them or simply wearing them to elevate their brand awareness.

This strategy serves as an eye-catching way to get people to recognize your business. It’s a great way to direct attention to your services and products no matter where you go! This self-promotion tactic brings customers right to your front door.

Easy Marketing Concepts is an advertising agency that allows you to order and brand apparel such as shirts, caps, jackets, backpacks, and other wearables.

They print on mugs, pens, and provide stickers for your business too!

Check out their Instagram or email them here.

#3. Purchase New Assets

Reinvest back into your small business by purchasing new assets

Purchasing new assets such as new equipment or new software is a great way to also put your money to good use.

If you started your business with older equipment and software but have built enough capital to reinvest in your business, then upgrade these tools.

Investing in the latest equipment and tools will pay off long-term and ensure you’re providing your customers with top notch quality work.

Most people are afraid to reinvest in new assets

The reason most people are afraid to reinvest in new assets is because their current assets are doing just fine at the moment.

The tools they are currently using has allowed them to make money therefore don’t think of the long-term gain but rather in only the short-term gain.

However, you should always strive for better quality, and overall a better way of operating.

Ditch the old equipment

When you’re able to do so, ditch the old equipment. As your small business continues to scale you will be thankful for this investment.

When you’re growing faster than ever you’ll be able to avoid the strains of dealing with the poor performance of older equipment and software.

#4. Start Building A Team

Hire talented professionals so you can continue to scale

There will come a point where you will need to reinvest in your company by hiring talented professionals to help in different areas of your business.

Reinvest in your small business by building a team to scale your company

If your revenue has been consistent for the past 5+ years and you’re looking to grow then you might want to consider building a team so that you can focus on bringing in the sales to further scale your small business.

Who do I hire first?

Who you hire first will vary from business to business. Ask yourself, “in what area can I use a hand with the most?”.

If accounting is taking too much of your time then hire someone to take care of that side of the business for you. Whether it’s operations, social media and marketing, or something else, make the investment to hire the talent so that you may continue to scale your business.

#5. Reinvest In Your Current Customers

Always give back

Your customers success is your success, so show them you appreciate them. Find ways to give back to them.

These incentives might be in the form of giveaways and gifts or discounted services and products.

Some businesses give their customers a free plate of food after their 10th order for example. Watch stores will sometimes provide their customers with a free battery after their fifth one.

These incentives will keep your customers happy and coming back for your service or product.

Take advantage of the holidays

During the holidays, present your best clients with gifts to show them your appreciation for their business.

This small reinvestment can yield high returns in the future and grow your relationship with the client.

These small tokens of appreciation demonstrate gratitude. And when you’re grateful bigger and better things tend to come your way.

Why Reinvesting In Your Small Business Is A Great Idea

Reinvesting in your small business is going to scale it. It’s one of those process that requires you to be patient with the payday. It’s delay gratification at it’s core. Instead of paying yourself from the profits, you are reinvesting the profits back into your business to increase your revenue.

You understand that reinvesting in your small business is going to yield bigger and better returns a year, five, and ten years from now.

This exact discipline is what’s going to allow you to continue succeeding in business and ultimately reaching your life goals.

Read: How Marketing Plays A Big Role In Your Small Business

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