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Gasparino Engages in Conflict of Interest: CobbleCord Scandal

Charles Gasparino CobbleCord Scandal
Charles Gasparino CobbleCord Scandal

The conflict of interests continues to unfold, we now have the CobbleCord scandal.

FOX Business’ Charles Gasparino has been recently caught a deer in headlights.

Information about his wife owning a streaming services company has retail investors not just looking at Charles Gasparino, but at FOX Business as well.

FOX Business has allowed Charles Gasparino to defend shorting AMC Entertainment without taking into consideration the narrow worldview of his personal interests.

Most of you might know Charles Gasparino from unprofessionally attacking retail investors on social media, trolling and taunting the ‘ape community’.

With his wife owning a streaming services company, it’s in their best interest that a company such as AMC Entertainment suffers from viewership.


Welcome to Franknez.com – the matters presented before you today are rather big news to the community. Gasparino could very well get fired for this major conflict of interest.

Let’s get started!

Is FOX Business Complicit?

FOX Business

Retail investors are wondering, is FOX Business complicit?

FOX Business has allowed Gasparino to influence viewers by representing a side of the story that provides some type of gain for his own personal agenda.

AMC Entertainment escaped from the depths of bankruptcy when retail investors saved the century old movie theatre chain from collapsing.

Hedge funds have overleveraged their positions in hopes of bringing the company down after losing several billions of dollars.

Anchorage Capital closed after 18 years, betting against AMC.

Melvin Capital would have closed earlier this year if Citadel Securities did not lend them a lifeline.

There’s a trend we’ve begun to see where overleveraged hedge funds are shutting down to losing short position bets.

Charles Gasparino, a strong short seller supporter, has used his influence on mainstream media to stray the public from buying AMC stock.

This advice has cost millions of curious investors to lose out on an opportunity like no other.

AMC is currently up more than 1300% year-to-date.

But short sellers are in extremely tough positions.

#FireGasparino Creates Frenzy on Twitter

The hashtag #FireGasparino is gaining traction on Twitter after retail investors discovered the information about CobbleCord.

The CobbleCord scandal creates real conflict of interest because of the two scenarios that take place here.

There’s a group of retail investors who saved AMC and are going long on the company to squeeze the short sellers from their positions.

Then there’s Gasparino who defends short sellers, trolls retail investors online, and exclaims AMC has no chance against streaming services, albeit his wife owning an industry-competitor company.

Viginia Juliano is Charles Gasparino’s wife and founder of CobbleCord.

She formerly worked with Showtime on their streaming services and considers herself to be a streaming evangelist.

The CobbleCord scandal only amplified when Charles Gasparino tweeted his lawyers would be in touch when a community member shared the topic.

Charles Gasparino CobbleCord Scandal

Now that the Kat is out of the hat, Gasparino might threaten to sue.

This isn’t the first time Kat has been reached out to in regard to legalities.

Ken Griffin’s lawyers have also reached out to Kat when discovering the preparation of #KenGriffinLied banner planes.

The act was sparked after the community uncovered Ken Griffin did indeed lie under oath when asked about Citadel’s communication with Robinhood during the trading halts earlier this year.

What Are Your Thoughts Regarding the CobbleCord Scandal?


Is FOX Business complicit?

Should Charles Gasparino get fired for engaging in conflict of interest?

Leave your thoughts below.

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Anchorage Capital Closes After Betting Against AMC Stock

Anchorage Capital closes after betting against AMC Stock
Anchorage Capital AMC | Anchorage Capital Closes

Anchorage Capital Group, LLC has announced it is shutting down due to significant losses.

The hedge fund is closing after 18 years and returning the $7.4 billion dollars it manages back to clients.

Their credit fund, Anchorage Capital Partners is suspending clients’ ability to get their money back, via WSJ.

Hedge fund Citadel Securities is facing a similar issue with their clients, preventing them from withdrawing unless they pay a heavy fee.

Anchorage Capital was one of the top 10 financial institutions shorting AMC stock and now they’re throwing in the towel.


Welcome to Franknez.com – Hedge funds have been warned not to bet against AMC Entertainment or the community. Retail investors are about to shut hedge funds down.

Let’s get started!

Anchorage Capital Had 4 Million Puts of AMC Stock

Anchorage Capital AMC Puts
Anchorage Capital AMC Puts, Source | Hedge fund closes

This hedge fund was betting against AMC in put options.

A put option allows traders to profit from the decline of a stock.

These contracts have an expiration date by which a trade settles if it meets at or below the strike of the bet.

The put buyer’s entire investment can be lost if the stock doesn’t decline below the strike.

This is how hedge funds such as Citadel Securities have lost billions all year.

Retail investors continue to buy and hold AMC stock, meaning short sellers don’t stand a chance against the community supporting the century old theatre chain.

And with AMC Entertainment continuously innovating with crypto, NFTs, and licensing agreements, the company is impenetrable.

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The news came shortly after Hong Kong’s $2.8 billion hedge fund Tybourne shut down.

Is this a trend we’re going to continue seeing from hedge funds shorting companies, but more specifically AMC stock?

Without a doubt.

Squeezing Shorts from Their Positions

AMC Short Squeeze Rocket
AMC Rocket

As retail investors continue to buy and hold AMC stock, they will eventually squeeze shorts from their positions.

The stock has recently come down from the consolidating level ranges of $40 and $30.

Its current share price of $24 seems rather appropriate for hedge funds with overleveraged positions to cover.

That is unless they are willing to lead their customers into the brand-new year with mounting losses again.

AMC is currently oversold and will be making its way back up resulting in further losses for shorts who’ve recently opened new positions.

The company has progressively been paying down its debt every quarter and increasing its revenue throughout the year [read Q3 highlights].

And with an incredibly strong retail community rooting for the company, more hedge funds like Anchorage Capital will begin to realize betting against AMC will result in a massive loss.


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Reddit Confidentially Files for an IPO A Year After ‘Meme Stocks’

Reddit IPO News
Reddit IPO News

Reddit just filed for an IPO a year after its incredible attention from ‘meme stocks’ on r/wallstreetbets.

The company submitted a draft registration statement on Form S-1 to the SEC related to the proposed IPO.

The number of shares and price range for the IPO has yet to be determined.

I’m extremely curious to hear what the community thinks.

This IPO is currently under review by the SEC.


Welcome to Franknez.com – today’s market news is on Reddit filing to go public. This should be interesting.

Let’s get started!

Many of us have spent time on Reddit at least once this year.

Some probably a little too much time, lol.

Should you invest in Reddit?

Let’s discuss it.

How Does Reddit Make Money?

How does Reddit make money?
Reddit IPO news – how does Reddit make money?

Reddit generates revenue through advertising and ad-free premium membership plans.

Reddit is currently valued at more than $10 billion dollars and has raised $410 million in funding this year.

The company is reportedly aiming for $15 billion when its IPO comes to market.

In its 16 years, Reddit has mainly focused on growth rather than profitability.

However, fundamentally speaking, the company is very profitable, surpassing $100 million for the very first time in Q2 of this year.

More than 50 million people visit Reddit daily!

Innovation For the Future

reddit rocketship

Reddit plans to improve product features and advertising products for small and medium-size businesses.

Reddit is also focused on expanding internationally since most of the site is U.S-centric.

Curiosity drove millions of people to Reddit after GameStop and then AMC stock went mainstream.

The site saw an increase in users more specifically in trading and stock investing subreddits.

Wallstreetbets had about 3-4 million members when I joined.

It now has 11.3 million and counting.

Reddit is truly the CEO of forums.

Will You Invest in Reddit Stock?


I’m curious to know your thoughts.

Once approved and Reddit goes public, will you invest in the stock?

I personally wouldn’t mind diversifying my portfolio with a few shares to start and see where it goes.

Comment your thoughts below.

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How To Solve Issues Within The Retail Community

AMC Retail Community

There has been a massive boom of new investors within the retail community.

The community has grown on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit ever since the rise of GameStop, AMC, and other ‘meme stocks’.

What is keeping this new wave of retail investors alive?

For most it’s the drive to make a life changing trade.

For others, it’s more than just the money.

It’s about fighting against market corruption.

As the community grows, we’re beginning to see a little bit of division.

While not everyone in the retail community might see eye to eye, there are certainly ways to solve common issues.


Welcome to Franknez.com – if you’re a retail investor you’re going to gain so much value from this article. I hope you enjoy.

Let’s get started!

Finding Common Ground

retail community

It’s important to identify the common ground when facing issues within the retail community.

Whether you agree with someone or not, are their actions going to affect your money?

Your trade or your investment?

And if so, is it positive or negative?

The retail community, but most specifically the ape community, has a common goal to squeeze short sellers from their positions.

The common ground here is the retail community wants a mother of all short squeezes.

The retail community as a whole isn’t divided, we’re simply beginning to understand our differences.

We’re beginning to identify a variety of scenarios and ideas that may cause a short squeeze within AMC for example, and not everyone agrees.

Or, some retail investors are inclined to think there is only one short squeeze play, whether it’s AMC or GameStop.

What’s the common ground here?

Retail investors are saving companies they believe in from hedge fund culprits.

Eliminate Cheap Influencers

If you’re growing restless from Twitter drama, it’s more than likely because you’re following influencers projecting drama energy.

I’ve mentioned this in the past.

The retail community needs to look out for their well-being and identify which influencers are actually providing valuable information and content.

AMC was clout for the online personalities you see now that don’t provide real value to you.

It’s never been easier to identify these people than it is now.

Solve these headaches by eliminating influencers from your timeline that provide no true value to you.

Some issues within the retail community are much simpler to solve.

The type of energy you follow is what the AMC community will mean to you.

And to the influencers reading this, what you say matters.

You have the power to shun all negativity, don’t feed it.

Respect Valuable Influencers

The reason many retail investors have been able to make a massive amount of money on paper is primarily due to a number of valuable influencers.

At one point you read, or watched a video on what was happening with GameStop or AMC earlier this year.

Whether you hold now because of that influencer or not is 100% up to you.

But you cannot deny, disrespect, or attack a valuable influencer for simply being an influencer.

While yes, I agree that some personalities have more influence than they should, you have the power to exclusively follow those who bring real value to the table.

So what’s a valuable influencer?

These are the influencers that have been providing you with value nonstop, year round.

Drama-free, just giving.

They’re the ones fighting for a fair market and look out for the community as a whole.

The ones who actually care about you making tons of money.

The Content You Consume Matters

Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Discord, there are so many ways to consume content from the community.

This content can be a simple Reddit post or a tweet.

I believe most issues the retail community is facing at the moment is due to consuming content that manifests mental exhaustion.

Because you already know how easy it is to HODL.

The content you consume matters, community.

The Data Hasn’t Changed

amc retail community

An issue the retail community is battling against in the macro is that of overleveraged hedge funds.

The financial system is polluted.

These momentum stocks continue to be heavily shorted.

And hedge funds will eventually have to cover.

The way we can solve these issues surrounding hedge funds is by being consistent about the message.

A proper short squeeze will require either serious buying pressure or honest regulation.

But it’s up to each and every one of us as individuals to make a ruckus and make each day count.

Final Thoughts


Disagreeing with a fellow community member does not mean it should be the end of the world.

We must shift our focus towards squeezing shorts from their positions.

Because in the end, when a short squeeze happens, no one will argue the point in how it happened.

Stick to your convictions, respect one another, and enjoy the awesome and positive things about this rare retail community.

I’m in the middle of publishing some market news for you, stay tuned.


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AMC’s Extremely High Short Interest Is A Ticking Time-Bomb

AMC High Short Interest

Banks, market makers, and hedge funds are all very well aware of the trouble stocks with extremely high short interest can mean for them.

Financial institutions have been overleveraging printed money to help hedge funds keep up with margin requirements and borrowing costs.

Hedge funds have have lost billions despite turning a few profits recently from plays such as AMC and GameStop.

Still, any ‘gains’ seen on paper can easily turn upside down with another upswing. Long short sellers are going to burn new shorts getting in on these plays.


Welcome to Franknez.com – S3 Partners are reporting a 100/100 short squeeze score again based on algorithms. An AMC short squeeze is inevitable.

Let’s get started!

If you don’t know who S3 Partners are, they’re a company similar to Ortex. These companies gather real-time short interest data and other analytics.

Ortex may not have a short squeeze predictability score but S3 Partners does.

The algorithm has put AMC at a 100/100 short squeeze score. And although this score fluctuates from time to time, it should be no surprise that AMC has hit this predictability score more than once.

AMC’s short interest is at an outstanding 17.65%! This is self-reported and could be significantly higher.

This high short interest was just recently around 20%. Did some shorts cover?

And if so, what will happen to AMC’s stock price next?

Iceberg Research Closes AMC Position

Iceberg Research analyst has closed their AMC positions, down 30%. For those who aren’t familiar with short selling, down 30% means they profited 30% from their initial entry.

I saw apes had this information mixed up. The analyst also took it to Twitter to explain this.

They stated, “we may open shorts later”.

What mad the analyst close their short position in AMC? It makes you wonder how many other small short positions could have closed too.

Iceberg Research closing their short position is extremely bullish for AMC shareholders.

It proves that AMC has set a new bottom. It’s retested the mid to high $30 range about three times now.

This bullish sign of strength could be the reason why this short seller decided to take profits now before another massive upswing.

Which if you ask me, was very smart.

AMC’s has very high short interest which means it has enough fuel to move the stock relatively high.

Iceberg Research mentioned they would possibly open short positions later signifying it’s something they would do when the price is significantly higher for them to profit from on the way down to new levels.

Do Stocks Go Up When Shorts Cover?

Activity from covering may create a chain reaction where other shorts begin to cover their positions.

Whether shorts close their positions with gains or losses, a stocks share price increases due to buying pressure from shares being bought back.

How Long Does It Take For A Closed Short Position To Settle?

According to the SEC, the settlement cycle is about 3 business days.

Iceberg Research announced they closed their position in AMC on Monday October 11th.

Meaning the transaction would not be reflected until mid to end of the week.

How much AMC’s share price moves up will depend on whether these short sellers were mainly small individuals or large financial firms.

Are Short Sellers Profiting From AMC?

Short sellers who entered during AMC’s runup are profitable. But not everyone is up. Large financial firms who shorted AMC earlier this year are still facing apocalyptic losses.

Don’t Short AMC Stock – They Can Soar To ‘Unimaginable Highs’, CNBC


AMC still has a very high short interest meaning there are original short sellers betting the stock will go low enough to finally make a profit.

Thing is AMC gets extremely uncomfortable when it gets pushed down a cent below $30.

The best strategy for short sellers holding losses would be to close now before AMC claims a higher level of resistance, resulting in even greater losses.

And for new short sellers, CNBC warned about unprecedented highs back in June even as it peaked saying, ‘resist the temptation’.

Because even those who are profitable on paper, another major upswing can change that in one day.

The high short interest in AMC is a ticking time-bomb due to the explosive effect a few short sellers can trigger from closing.

Iceberg Research for example took profits without the care of other short sellers, even though it means the price is subject to move up from such a move.

That’s the danger of short selling AMC, this simple update from the analyst could trigger smaller positions to close, ruining the play for other shorts holding their positions.

For retail, this would mean a surge in price action.

Retail Investors Are In It For A Short Squeeze Play

This is another advantage retail investors have over short sellers. Short sellers are paying a fee, must keep up-to-date with their margin requirements, and have no control over other shorts.

You could be short on AMC stock but if a financial firm closes due to a margin call, you could lose a massive chunk of your portfolio.

Retail investors continue to raise the bar regardless of AMC’s current share price.

The community continued to buy the stock at $50, $60, and $70.

That’s because retail’s conviction towards how much AMC is worth is beyond what short sellers can comprehend.

Profitable short activists are better off taking profits and getting in on this short squeeze play against market manipulators.

Both retail investors and short activists want to make money. A short squeeze would yield some of the biggest gains any party has ever seen.

Another Major Upswing Is Around The Corner

amc rocket

If you read my article on why an AMC rebound is sure to happen, then you understand the significance of patterns.

We’re seeing that as AMC’s short interest continues to climb, the play is set up for bigger upswings.

This is bad news for shorts holding the stock as new levels of resistance are being created during these upswings.

AMC’s short interest reached a high of 9% back in January when it topped $20 per share.

Short sellers jumped in and raised the short interest to 20% where the stock ran up to $72 per share.

After this runup, AMC’s short interest fell to 14.76% before continuing to move back up to it’s current percentage.

The original 9%-20% is an 11% increase. From 14.76% to the high of 21% we saw not too long ago is another 6% increase.

Here we can see short seller sentiment. Fewer of them are willing to get burned on this short squeeze play.

Short activists have the decision to close positions now while AMC’s share price is extremely close to it’s new base price.

Failure to do so and you may get caught in significant losses that are awaiting hedge funds and bigger short sellers alike.

It Takes One Major Upswing To Ruin Short Position Gains

How many waves can short sellers tolerate? Short sellers going long on their plays are burning cash passively from borrowing fees.

The next major upswing AMC has will set a new foundation.

The $30 range will no longer be AMC’s base price but rather $70-$80 respectively.

And we’re talking about the floor here, not AMC’s upswing peak. This next peak could very well reach hundreds of dollars from mere momentum pressure.

And although AMC’s share volume has decreased recently, we’ve seen this pattern happen right before retail and whales create massive buying pressure again.

It only takes one massive upswing to create a chain reaction of buying from both new retail investors and short sellers.

Both sides are looking at their strategies. It’s not costing retail investors anything to hold their stock.

Apes continue to buy when they have the means available. A community with a ‘why’ is much stronger than individuals trading for small profits on the way down.

It’s only a matter of time before larger financial firms begin taking profits from shorting AMC stock and leave smaller short sellers behind.

Or vice versa. AMC’s extremely high short interest is a ticking time-bomb.

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