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Market News: Credit Suisse says sell AMC

Credit Suisse shares are now worth less than AMC shares and mainstream media is nowhere in sight urging investors to sell the bank’s stock.

On the contrary, the bank is predicting AMC shares are headed towards 95 cents per share and claims shareholders of the movie theatre chain company should sell.

And CNBC is giving the claim a platform.

Credit Suisse (CS) is currently trading at $3.95, AMC Entertainment (AMC) at $6.50, or $8.59 combined with APE.

Retail investors are baffled by the claims and by the lack of media coverage surrounding the bank’s recent decline in share prices.

Now the beloved movie theatre chain is being used as a scapegoat and target to what many investors are suggesting could be a conflict of interest between the declining bank and mainstream media.

The bank had a massive loss in Q3 of $4.09 billion and is scurrying for ways to revive their lost fortunes, per Investopedia.

AMC Entertainment on the other hand has beat earnings expectations every quarter since the beginning of 2021 when retail investors backed the company in an attempt to squeeze short sellers.

The company has been reducing its debt and increasing its value through a series of innovative and fundamental strategies such as the acquisition of several new movie theatre locations, the introduction of NFTs and cryptocurrency payment, and now the collaboration with online streaming platform giant Netflix.

The movie theatre chain recently partnered with Disney to offer Disney+ customers with exclusive perks such as special screenings at AMC movie theatres.

Is AMC Entertainment a sell?

Value investors would tell you otherwise.

InvestorPlace says now is the time to buy AMC stock as the company has come down dramatically from its all-time high.

But I’m curious to know what you think.

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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