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How to teach how to write an essay without stylistic errors

Schoolchildren have not yet mastered many forms of expression of thought, but they want to write smarter. They try to pick up terms, words of lofty vocabulary heard or read somewhere, build long sentences, etc. But they don't yet know how to use the chosen words and how to construct long sentences. Middle school (and now high school) students are familiar only with the norms of colloquial style, with the form in which they are like a fish in water and almost never make mistakes. But they are afraid to use colloquial style in their essays. EssayAssistant can help you with your writing. "You can't write an essay that easily," teenagers think, and they make stylistic mistakes. The reason for these mistakes is that students resort to unlearned styles.

To reduce the number of errors, it is enough to adhere to one rule: "write as well as you can." Allow students to play on their own turf, to write in the language they use in the company of their friends. Don't make style requirements. At first the guys' speech will not be scientific enough, but without a huge number of stylistic errors, but if you already need to write an essay with arguments, then you can buy argumentative essay help. Over time, by reading critical literature, they will learn new vocabulary, and it will come naturally to their essays.

At this stage, the requirements for the essay should be as follows: independence, the presence of the main idea, hitting the subject. With this approach, mistakes can be easily eliminated. You can gently individually explain why they do not say so.

Take your time. Essays should be assigned at least once a month (but more often is better). By the end of the year, you will see for yourself that children are not afraid to state their thoughts in writing, are not afraid to make mistakes, their style will begin to approach that of a journalistic or even scientific essay, and if the topic of the essay is more complicated, such as algebra, then will help you with the task.

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