Year May End in Short Squeeze Cyclical Rallies Says Analyst

Short Squeeze News Marko Kolanovic
Short Squeeze News – Marko Kolanovic

JP Morgan Chief Global Analyst, Marko Kolanovic, is predicting we will transition into the new year with short squeeze cyclical rallies.

He indicates that short sellers will get squeezed soon due to aggressive shorting and resilient retail investors.

“Large short positions will likely need to be closed before January”, via Business Insider.

This news comes after the retail investor community in AMC and GameStop have been advising about overleveraged hedge funds all year.

GameStop is up 800% and AMC is up more than 1300% year-to-date.

While both stocks have recently come down, they are still heavily shorted with lots of room for growth with a short squeeze.

The ape community has been speaking of a ‘third phase’ where the next runup of both these stocks will reach new ATHs.

But some apes are skeptic.

Will this be a proper short squeeze?

Welcome to – if you’ve been reading the blog since early 2021 then you’ve probably made a ton of money. And if you’ve diamond handed AMC stock all year, it’s about to get a whole lot better.

Let’s get started!

Massive Moves Are on the Horizon

rocket ship

Mainstream media claimed the runup to $72 per share was AMC’s short squeeze.

Only it wasn’t a proper runup.

AMC has always had more potential due to how overleveraged short sellers are on the company.

The Ape community has held through losses and gains and bought every dip.

This resilience is why AMC stock is setup for another massive runup.

Only this runup will be much larger than the first and second.

TA (Technical Analysis) charts have shown AMC’s next runup could very well reach hundreds of dollars per share.

I’ve predicted AMC’s third runup will easily reach $200-$300 while other analysts in the community are predicting $400-$600 per share.

How high AMC’s price will go will depend on how much short covering actually occurs.

Even then, with millions of synthetics circulating the markets, there’s no question why retail investors are deeming the next runup a ‘fake short squeeze’.

What we do know however is that massive moves are coming up regardless of the label.

Can This Next Runup Trigger MOASS?

While it’s certainly possible the next runup could trigger MOASS, the feds are still investigating hedge funds.

And what’s a proper MOASS if synthetics aren’t fully taken accountability for and covered?

In this video I discuss my thoughts on the topic.

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The next runup will mean that every ape invested in AMC will be profitable.

That I’m certain of.

MOASS will occur when these phantom, synthetic shares have been closed.

While the community can put the information out there, it will ultimately be up to regulators to force financial institutions to cover these too.

Retail investors will have to continue fighting for proper market structure if a MOASS is to occur.

In the meantime, the community should keep an eye out on the short interest data.

While Ortex data is self-reported and could very well be higher, it’s the only tool retail investors currently have to measure some ‘squeeze potential’.

Get Excited for Big Moves

Regardless of if the media refers to these coming moves as a short squeeze, the community is going to be very profitable on paper.

What lies after these price runups will become clearer as this play continues to unfold.

Massive moves seem to be up ahead, know what you hold.

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