Cryptocurrencies have become a legitimate payment method and a preferred option for numerous consumers all around the world. The advantages it offers combined with its popularity are doing wonders for its promotion. It is hard to imagine that 15 years ago nobody knew about it, and now they represent a highly regarded currency in important financial markets. However, their popularity doesn’t mean they are a stable currency. The Crypto industry is famous, or better said infamous, for its volatility. The values can change rapidly, unpredictably, and in huge amounts. This instability is as exciting as it is frustrating. However, it draws investors as the chance to monetize on these changes is enormous.

Why Do People Invest in Crypto?

To make things clear, the benefits of cryptocurrencies are numerous. They offer a safe and fast way to transfer funds, hence their popularity at establishments such as and others. They have eliminated banks from the process; therefore, owners don’t have to wait for clearance to claim their money. Also, there is no need to pay the annoying fees to the banks, making your money exactly that, your money in its entirety.

There is also one more benefit for the owners of cryptocurrencies, and that is anonymity. It is useful for certain transactions, and it helps customers keep their private information safe from malicious people who want to exploit them for identity theft. Last year was named “Crypto Winter”, due to drops in the values of many of them, but this year shows signs of improvements. So, which ones are the best for investments now?

Bitcoin (BTC)

The most famous of them all, and one of two that are the best to buy. What more needs to be said when we face the fact that the value of this currency represents more than half of the entire market? BTC’s value is over 750 billion USD, which makes it the most stable and renowned name in the Crypto market. The mainstream investors adore it, and they all want it. After winning the dispute with the Securities and Exchange Commission, it improved its position. However, to explain it even better, when we say that this is among the most stable currencies, you must realize that its value shifted from 17 thousand USD at the start of 2023 to 39 thousand USD a year later.

Ether (ETH)

The second one of the big-league cryptocurrencies is probably more famous by the name Ethereum. The next in line by value is worth over 260 billion USD, making its share of the Crypto market at 17 percent. Unlike Bitcoin’s role of peer-to-peer payments, Ethereum has many uses, of which the latest is the trade of non-fungible tokens or NFTs. We expect that its switch from a proof-of-work protocol to a much more energy-efficient system will spark a rise in value in the current year.

Avalanche (AVAX)

When you exclude BTC and ETH from the options for investment, you are pretty much left in a no man’s land. Everything else offers much more risks and instability, and the space for prediction is very foggy. To better explain this, we always use the Dogecoin example, where one very rich man decided to play with its value. Elon Musk leaned heavily on its internet popularity, bought the currency, elevated its value, and sold it instantly, diminishing its value again. AVAX is included in the list as it represents an ambitious pick. The blockchain technology behind it is very complex and innovative, which caused a surge in its value. It nearly doubled its value in 2023, and its market worth stands at 10 billion USD.


Due to its volatility, cryptocurrencies can’t be seen as a stable investment. However, the bigger the risks, the bigger the prize. Blockchain technology represents the future, and we all must learn from the lack of vision when it comes to investments when it first appeared. Further analysis is needed, but these represent the recommended options if you decide to dabble in the crypto market.