Which AMC Stock to Buy and How to Buy AMC Stock

Which AMC stock to buy - How to buy AMC stock
Which AMC stock to buy. Everything you need to know.

Are you wondering which AMC stock to buy?

I mean, there’s two AMC ticker symbols, right?

There’s AMC, and then there’s AMCX.

Well, if you’re looking to buy AMC Entertainment, the so called ‘meme stock’ for a short squeeze chance, then you’ll want to buy ticker symbol ‘AMC‘.

AMCX on the other hand is AMC Networks, as in the TV network where The Walking Dead airs.

Last year the Motley Fool published an article deceiving the public into buying AMCX to refrain AMC’s share price from surging due to retail demand.

You’ll know you’re buying the correct AMC stock as long as it’s the world’s largest movie theatre chain ‘AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc., and not the television network.


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How to buy AMC stock

How to buy AMC stock
How to buy AMC stock with Vanguard.

To buy AMC stock, you’ll need to open a brokerage account with a broker such as Vanguard.

Once you open your account, you’ll be able to fund it similarly to a bank account and buy AMC Entertainment Holdings stock along with other desired stocks of your choice.

I don’t suggest you buy AMC stock with Robinhood as the broker has undergone several liquidity issues in the past.

Robinhood is no longer a trusted source for investing in the eyes of AMC and GameStop retail investors.

For a step-by-step guide on how to open your Vanguard brokerage account, you can read my beginners guide here.

AMC Entertainment stock is currently trading around the $14-$15 levels.

Is a short squeeze really possible?

AMC managed to squeeze a few short sellers from their positions last year when AMC’s short interest dropped from 23% to 20%, then to 14%, respectively.

For over a year now, AMC’s short interest has gone up to nearly 20% again indicating there is still juice for shareholders to take AMC’s share price to the next level.

I update AMC’s short interest every morning here on the blog so be sure to bookmark the page for the latest reported data.

The biggest reason investors are buying AMC stock is because of this massive short squeeze potential.

AMC may have reached an all-time high of $72 per share last year, but shareholders only saw this price runup as just the beginning.

AMC CEO Adam Aron recently hinted at an upcoming ‘pounce’, and investors are speculating something big for the stock.

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Is AMC stock dead?

Absolutely not. In fact, AMC’s fundamentals have greatly strengthened in the past year.

AMC’s Q1 results for 2022 were very impressive as the company beat earnings, shocking Wall Street once again.

Q2 earnings call will be announced on Thursday, August 4th.

Be sure to check back in for the highlights here.

Is AMC’s short squeeze dead?

That’s very unlikely as AMC’s short interest is still rather high.

All AMC needs to squeeze shorts from their positions is momentum to drive the price up again, initiating mass panic for those betting against the company.

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Many of my readers got in on AMC last year when the stock was trading at only $5 per share.

If you’ve been following my work closely, then chances are you also got in on HYMC stock (AMC’s mining company) and Shiba Inu Coin early enough to profit big.

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