Where Will AMC Be Next Year 2022?

AMC 2022
AMC 2022 Predictions

Where will AMC be in 2022?

There’s a pattern we’ve seen with AMC Entertainment all year.

Although the company was on the brink of bankruptcy entering 2021, AMC Entertainment has been beating every new quarter in 2021.

Will we see a similar pattern transition into 2022?


Welcome to Franknez.com – I can’t help but to think what will be of AMC next year. I want to discuss the possibilities.

Let’s get started!

2021 has been an incredible year for AMC Entertainment and investors alike.

More exciting and innovative plans have been announced recently and it’s incredible to think this is only the beginning.

While I can’t predict the future, I can certainly walk you through where AMC will be in 2022.


AMC First Ever NFT

Adam Aron just recently announced some rather exciting news regarding Spider-Man No Way Home and it’s first ever NFT release.

He announced during the Q3 earnings call that AMC Entertainment would be releasing NFTs exclusively for new movie titles.

And now they’re doing it.

In fact, 86,000 NFTs are being given away to the first investors who buy a premier ticket for Spider-Man No Way Home.

The NFT community just gained a new type of collectible.

I’m certain these movie title NFTs will gain serious value over the years, especially as limited-edition ones become available.

AMC Entertainment has an advantage here because of how they can leverage popular movies with NFTs.

This is only the beginning for AMC and NFT.

AMC NFTs will become bigger in 2022 as NFTs continue to reach mainstream media in general.

For more on NFTs and how they’re changing the world, bookmark this article.

Earnings & Debt

While AMC is still not out of debt, they’ve done an incredible job in working alongside their vendors to pay it down.

A common pattern we’ve seen with AMC Entertainment all year of 2021 is that not only has the debt decreased, but AMC’s revenue has steadily multiplied.

In Q1, AMC’s earnings were higher than 2020’s 4th quarter (given).

The company raised a record breaking $2 billion in liquidity and talks of bankruptcy were officially off the table by Q2.

Q3 proved to be an innovating period for AMC.

They announced the acceptance of cryptocurrency, a possible GameStop partnership, and many more news including an increase in revenue.

I expect to see AMC Entertainment continue to pay off its debt in 2022 while increasing company revenue through its several income streams.

Investors watching AMC’s fundamentals from the sideline might want to consider getting in on AMC now before they begin netting positive again.

Because ultimately that’s the path AMC is headed towards.

Short Squeeze Aftermath

AMC Apes
AMC Short Squeeze Aftermath

AMC’s short squeeze aftermath would have been one of the greatest victories for retail investors in all of history.

I’d like to think most retail investors will continue to have shares in AMC after a short squeeze.

Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, InvestorPlace, Benzinga, would all have failed.

And hedge funds would have been brought to their knees.

But what if AMC has not squeezed by the start of 2022?

Then hedge funds are diving into the new year with losses, again.

See, retail investors didn’t hold AMC stock for a year so they could experience absolutely no results.

Short sellers will close their positions before retail investors sell their stock.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts.

What does a short squeeze aftermath look like to you?

Leave a detailed comment at the end of the article.

What About Share Price?

AMC Entertainment
AMC 2022 Share Price Prediction

AMC’s share price for 2022 will depend on a variety of scenarios.

The price will depend on whether AMC has more of a Tesla type of squeeze and hasn’t squeezed yet, (where it’s continuously growing) or whether the stock has already squeezed.

AMC’s share price could very well be hitting ATH’s throughout 2022, or be coming down from a short squeeze.

The share price for either scenario would be high enough for all current retail investors to have some rather significant gains.

As long as retail investors continue to support the company, one of these two scenarios are absolutely possible.

And with so much innovation happening with AMC Entertainment, it’s not difficult to see why a diverse number of investors wouldn’t buy the company stock.

I feel optimistic about AMC’s share price in 2022 and beyond.

Where Do You Think AMC Will Be In 2022?

Leave a comment below. Where do you picture AMC in 2022?

Is AMC establishing higher highs and higher lows?

Is it coming down from a short squeeze?

Or do you see other scenarios playing out?

And Lastly…


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  1. John Snyder

    Great read! AMC has turned bullish for years to come, I tried to get an NFT and was not successful due to high volume on the app, I will try even harder to get a Matrix NFT and so will others. I’m buying the dip!

    • Frank Nez

      I couldn’t get the Spider-Man either! I was so bummed out haha. There will be others 馃挭 #AMC

  2. hipsophie

    I’m seriously baffled that there is not one so called AMC ape leader speaks loudly about the on-going, sneaky manipulations of these hedge thugs. No one is truly outspoken about these unethical practices of hedges. How long are we going to just sit & take this corruption? You all know that they rule and control the market including AMC!! SEC has been worthless so far. Ape leaders? Where are you?!? You have the influence to raise this issue and lead the rest of the community to rise up against the corruption – whether it’s through social media, youtube or blasting them on various news media, podcast, ertc. Enough is enough. Let’s make some waves. Let’s bring some regulations and justice.
    At least make some noise letting the rest of the world know how corrupted they are. Come’on grow some diamond balls fellow apes!!!

    • Frank Nez

      We’ve been speaking out against hedge thugs all year and will continue to do so.

  3. celso amoeiro perez

    Frank, me gusta que haya personas como t煤 animando a la gente pero despues de tanto tiempo ya aburre esta situaci贸n, ha perdido el interes el precio fluctua en un rango d贸nde si sales no hay mucho beneficio y si te quedas tu dinero no crece. Estoy convencido de que los unicos ganadores son las grandes ballenas que compran y venden sacando beneficio mientras los simios aguantamos la posici贸n para que no se desplome la acci贸n, estamos haciendo el trabajo sucio a los trades y a los HF, esamos en un bucle d贸nde no va a existir ning煤n apret贸n fuerte, habr谩 peque帽as subidas y bajadas en las que los 煤nicos que saldr谩n victoriosos son los de siempre. Saludos y 谩nimo

    • Frank Nez

      Gracias por tu comentario Celso.

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