There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that some of the biggest upcoming investment opportunities are going to end up being in technology. After all, the world is evolving at breakneck speed and we’re going to need ever-faster turnarounds in development, meaning that expansion is on the cards across the board. The only trouble is picking which industry tech is set to do the best, so here are our picks to think over.


You’d be forgiven if you hadn’t noticed much that you would call cybersecurity in your daily life. By design, it’s meant to be discreet. However, just under the hood of the digital world is a vast network of security activity. At the most visible end are things like two-factor authentication and VPNs. The latter have become a mini-industry in their own right, with examples like ExpressVPN for the USA market alone now providing extra security to millions.

Dig deeper and you’ll find the dedicated cybersecurity companies constantly battling against hackers and fraudsters all over the world. This aspect of the industry is something of a digital arms race between the two sides, so it’s no wonder we expect to see a near-constant stream of new cybersecurity startup companies in the pipeline.


One of the most popular tech names of the last few years is also one of the most misunderstood by the wider public. The big hype around both Bitcoin and NFTs, both being innovations that derive from the blockchain, has left many believing that this is the main purpose of it. In reality, an actual blockchain is a tech creation that may prove invaluable in the coming years.

A blockchain is a publicly visible record of transactions which could be anything from delivery supply chains to financial transfers. What makes it special is that each step, or block, in the process, is recorded and encoded in a way that is immune to tampering or altering by anyone. It effectively cuts fraud down by keeping a near-flawless ledger. Talented blockchain developers are already in high demand and the industry is set to get big.


It hardly needs saying what a big deal artificial intelligence is going to be across the world. This area of development is being watched with both anticipation and anxiety by business leaders in every sector, and with companies like Microsoft weighing in on AI, the amount of money pouring into it is already eye-watering and can only look to increase in the future.

We’re expecting to see AI getting involved in all manner of business very soon, with systems already being adapted for things like stock market predictions and customer service centers. Investment options don’t just include pumping money into development either, as AI training enterprises are going to be in demand very soon to get the workforce up to speed with any major changes.

With the topic being technology, there’s every chance something brand new could pop up tomorrow and surprise everyone, but the three areas above seem to have the best chances of taking off.