Though they have been around since 2010, Crypto Faucet Casinos have yet to make much of an impact on the market. When the first site launched, all players had to do was complete captchas in exchange for Bitcoin. Of course, this was also when Bitcoin was not worth very much, and these kinds of gimmicks were merely used as a way to get people to actually use the cryptocurrency.

Impressively, players who consistently used such a site could have made 100 Bitcoins in just 100 days. In today’s market, this could be worth $60,000,000 if they had stored their coins. Of course, such faucet casinos were not well-known. And neither was the potential increase in value of Bitcoin.

With Bitcoin’s popularity increasing, faucet casinos reduced the amount of Bitcoins awarded to players. In fact, nowadays, given the value of Bitcoin, no Bitcoin faucet casino actually gives out Bitcoins at all. Instead, they award Satoshi, which is the smallest Bitcoin unit.

Earning at Faucet Casinos

As these types of casino do not pay out large amounts, it’s a little more time-consuming to actually earn when playing on these sites. However, they do pay out small amounts of Bitcoin (much like a dripping faucet, hence the name) each hour to those who are signed up. This is a great way to boost the Bitcoins you have without actually having to spend any money.

But, it’s not that simple or straightforward to earn money in this way. To actually earn, players need to participate in the various activities offered by the site as a whole. This often involves using application programming interfaces (APIs) from other networks affiliated with the casino.

In fact, it can be so complex that these casinos will actually provide tutorials to help players understand what they need to do and how they can earn.

Benefits of a Faucet Casino

For players or users that are new to Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies as a whole, a faucet casino can actually be a beneficial place to start. Rather than being a distraction, or something that’s unnecessary, these sites can be very helpful. For instance, those who are considering getting into cryptocurrency can use these sites to actually learn about cryptocurrency investments. Potential investors using these casinos can learn more about the process without risking their own funds. Additionally, it’s a great way to practice using Bitcoin wallets and using Bitcoin for purchases, again, without using their own funds. As such, this helps users gain confidence in their abilities on a relatively risk-free platform.

In addition to this, players can also benefit from playing different games and having fun. These sites also use loyalty as a way of offering more rewards. So, if players stick around, then the rewards increase. These sites are anonymous as these are cryptocurrency sites, a factor that is appealing to more and more players.

Using the right site

Of course, choosing the right faucet site is important. There are many scam casinos out there. These can actually be very detrimental to the industry as a whole. As such, finding and playing at a real faucet betting site is a must for getting the right experience.

Another downside to this is that, while it is possible to make a profit, it will be slow going for most players. Tiny amounts of crypto are released, which prevents any type of high-stakes gambling or investing without risking additional funds. Finally, gambling or using Bitcoin in this manner can result in legal ramifications depending on where the player is located. As such, each player needs to check whether such casinos are actually legal in their country before signing up.

Overall, these faucet betting casinos can be profitable, but more often they’re simply a good opportunity to discover more about cryptocurrency.