Personalizing your college room guarantees great aesthetics and can make it your safe place.

With all the activities and demands of school, you need a warm and cozy place to return to.

You will only find essential items such as a study desk, closet, and bed in your college hostel.

From there, you can customize the room.

You can customize your space with simple designs and decor even if you are not a professional designer.

Freedom in college starts from your dorm since you decide what you want, unlike at home, where parents make all decisions.

Here are some tips to make your college hostel more livable.

Switch up Given Dorm Design

Living alone will give you the final say on the design you want.

However, consulting them on changing the room layout is best if you are given a roommate.

It is usually easier to change the room design before you bring in more things.

Therefore, you can move the beds or study desks to your desired position after arriving.

Choose a Theme

Having a theme should be among the first stages of customizing your room.

After coming up with a theme, it will be much easier to come up with a list of items that will fit into your theme, from floor rags to art pieces.

Be more intentional about finding a theme.

Themes can range from minimalist to vintage or wanderlust.

Like a professional essay writer, try and be creative with your theme so that the space embodies your personality and attitude.

Your room can speak volumes about your personality.

For example, using bold colors can mean being adventurous and energetic.

Whatever theme you choose, ensure it matches your personality to make the space more relatable.

Choose Your Textiles

Before finding any additional decor for your room, start with the textiles.

They include your curtains, duvet, throw blankets, and bed sheets.

These textiles distinguish between a cozy room and a plain one.

Once you develop a theme for your room, you can select your curtains and bed covers along that line.

Having one color code will make the space more organized.

Include Items From Home

College can sometimes be a rollercoaster; all we may need to soldier on is a reminder of home.

Something as small as pillows from home can be instrumental in keeping you grounded and reminding you of where you come from.

A family picture on the wall can give you peace of mind that your family is there for you even though they may be miles away.

Also, having items from home can be essential in helping you beat homesickness.

Consider Applying a Vertical Design

Campus dorms are usually small-sized; however, you can create an illusion of a bigger space by going vertical.

You can embrace the upwards design by uprightly placing posters, wall art, and shelves.

Even your wall art, consider positioning them vertically so that the room feels taller.

Additionally, make the window the focal point by clearing any items around it to allow fresh air and more light into the room.

Another way to create an illusion of a bigger space is by using mirrors on the wall.

Make the Room Inviting

You will be spending a significant amount of time in your room; thus, it is essential to make it livable.

So, you should consider creating a space suitable for you to sleep or study and where you can spend your free time.

Making your room an all-purpose space saves you from the hassle of finding a study spot or a place to hang out with friends.

To make the space more inviting, strive for an open layout and improvise seating materials with items such as throw pillows and poofs.

So, the next time your friends are looking for a space to hold a game night, your room can be considered the perfect space.

Bottom Line

Decorating your campus room can be done without breaking the bank since you will only need simple items and decor pieces to make the space more inviting.

Also, it is good to draw a line on how much is too much so that you do not find yourself in an overcrowded room.

Creating a safe space to come to after a tough day in school can be therapeutic.

Therefore, after finding a school dorm, be sure to find a way to customize the room, even if it means changing the bed position.