Market News Today - A Famous Casino Is Now Closing Down in Las Vegas

Betting on sports often brings big winnings to players. Unlike slot machines, sporting events can be won through analysis and strategy. However, history shows that players often catch their jackpots completely at random.

Today, Canadian betting sites give you the opportunity to compete for big winnings on a daily basis. Top betting clubs review thousands of sporting events on a weekly basis. In addition, online club operators offer bonuses to players. A visiting betting site picks up a bonus, which helps to increase the bankroll and thus increase the chances of success.

Analysts have collected a rating of the best Canadian bookmakers with bonuses:

  • Betway. New players pick up several deposit gifts at once. A newcomer has a chance to rip off the jackpot already on the first day of the game.
  • TonyBet. The operator organizes sports betting tournaments. Players who make accurate sports predictions can win more than $100,000 at a time.
  • BWin. The bookmaker has created a loyalty program that allows players to receive cashback on a regular basis.

Winning in sports betting easily solves financial problems. Some players have managed to become millionaires.

The biggest winnings in the world of sports betting

One of the most famous cases of winning in the betting industry happened in March 2011 in the UK, when plumbing engineer Steve Whiteley won a whopping £1.45 million by betting just £2. He bet on the Exeter Tote Jackpot horse race, which featured horses from the UK and Ireland.

Another famous case was the win of 60-year-old salesman Fred Craggs from Yorkshire, UK. He placed a 50p bet on a horse race at bookmaker William Hill and won £1m.

It is not only in the UK that there are big wins. For example, an anonymous punter from Las Vegas won a prize of $305k for a $5 bet on basketball games in March 2016, also playing at bookmaker William Hill.

November 2011 remains in the memory of bookmakers as a month of large payouts. One of the biggest payouts was made at bookmaker William Hill when Liverpool defender Glen Johnson scored the decisive goal against Chelsea in the 87th minute.

Fan loyalty also leads to amazing stories. For example, in 2011, an anonymous baseball fan bet $250 on the St. Louis Cardinals winning the World Series at 500 odds, and then another $125 on a win at 999 odds. The team won, and the fan received $375,000.

Mick Gibbs, a roofer from England, has twice guessed the results of football matches and won substantial sums: in 1999, he received £157,000 for a £2.50 bet, and in 2001, he won £500,000 for a 30p bet.

Bill Walters, formerly a professional poker player, has used his skills to bet successfully. He has bet more money than anyone in history for nearly four decades and has gone on a winning streak that has earned him hundreds of millions of dollars.