‘The Batman’ on Track for A $120 Million Weekend

The Batman on track for a $120 million weekend
The Batman movie earnings

‘The Batman’ secured $21.6 million in Thursday previews alone.

The film received an 85% on Rotten Tomatoes and 90% audience score.

AMC’s CEO said in Q4 earnings call that more than 60 million guests attended the movies in Q4 of 2021 alone.

He anticipates double the attendance this new year.

‘The Batman’ began its domestic box-office run on Friday earning $57 million in total with pre-release earnings.

The film is on track for a $120+ million weekend.


Welcome to Franknez.com – who said movie theatres were dead? Today we’re going over ‘The Batman’ earnings and where movie theatres compete in the online streaming world.

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‘The Batman’ now playing

‘The Batman’ starring Robert Pattinson

People are calling Robert Pattinson the best Batman so far.

If you watched ‘The Batman’ I’d love to hear your take in the comment section below.

The film was distributed worldwide in movie theatres on Friday March 4th.

So far ‘The Batman’ has had a killer start in the box office.

Here are some earnings reports worldwide:

  1. UK: $6.4 million
  2. Spain: $1.2 million
  3. Mexico: $5.2 million
  4. Brazil: $4.6 million
  5. France: $4.4 million
  6. Australia: $4 million

The film’s estimated $120 million-$130 million opening is the sixth-highest for March, behind Beauty and the Beast ($174.7 million), Batman v. Superman ($166 million), Captain Marvel ($153.4 million), The Hunger Games ($152.5 million) and Alice in Wonderland ($116.1 million), via. Collider.

Movie theatres are thriving

Movie theatres are thriving
People are flooding movie theatres despite the ongoing pandemic

Movie theatres are thriving yet once again despite the ongoing pandemic.

People’s need for a sense of normalcy is being met by high profile movie titles on the big screen, something you cannot replicate with online streaming.

Though online streaming has become quite popular due to the pandemic, more people have proven the desire to get out again.

Restaurants, movie theatres, and shopping centers are all packed today.

More people are beginning to feel things are getting back to normal with mask mandates being lifted in some areas of the country too.

While online streaming is here to stay, so are the movie theatres.

The theatrical experience is hard to follow

AMC Theatres 'The Batman'
‘The Batman’ now playing in AMC theatres

Films like ‘The Batman’ and ‘Spider-Man No Way Home’ make the theatrical experience a hard act to follow.

Especially when comparing it to online streaming at home.

The movie industry is booming again, and the numbers say it all.

‘Spider-Man No Way Home’ is on track to make more than $800 million to-date, currently at $786 million.

‘The Batman’ is anticipated to continue generating millions leading up to next weekend.

While the finance world continues to criticize the survival of the movie theatre industry, it’s safe to say cinemas aren’t leaving.

What’s your take on the movie theatre industry?

Let’s start a discussion below.

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