Naked shorting AMC

The illegal practice of naked shorting has now publicly made it’s debut in the mainstream media.

CNBC and FOX Business have both acknowledged the manipulation, and the AMC community is loving it.

Aside from that, Benzinga has just publicly announced the illicit activities.

But can they be trusted after several months of bashing the stock and our community?

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Hedge funds have been using illegal tactics such as naked shorting, to drive down the price of ‘meme stocks’.

Naked shorting became illegal back in 2008 when the economy collapsed.

Retail investors are questioning why the SEC hasn’t stopped these illegal and unethical tactics on AMC or GameStop.

So, what’s naked shorting anyway?

What is naked shorting?

Naked shorting is the illegal practice of trading a stock that is not available or does not exist.

Clearing houses are responsible for allowing or denying these transactions to execute, or go through.

Citadel is a hedge fund that has been shorting AMC Entertainment.

They are also a clearing house which means they hold accountability for allowing these illegal activities to occur in the first place.

The SEC needs to understand that hedge funds have too much power.

Their power must be divided.

CNBC on naked shorting / Melissa Lee

Melissa Lee has been the talk recently on social media regarding the mentioning of naked shorting.

It seems she accidentally let it out on live television.

Melissa Lee Naked Shorting AMC CNBC

I didn’t want to embed the video simply because of the noise. Sometimes noise is just irking you know?

Here’s the link to the video.

The community is speculating it was a mistake on Melissa Lee’s end but I don’t think so.

I personally think she was speaking freely.

The panel did not seem to like it though.

This clip came shortly after CNBC’s interview with Trey’s Trades.

The mention of naked shorts is incredibly helpful to the AMC community because it puts us on the radar at scale with what’s going on.

Retail investors have been filing reports since February regarding the illicit activities.

The question is why did it take the SEC several months to finally make a statement that they were looking into tightening restrictions on short sellers?

Jefferies Prime Brokerage blocks short sellers

Jefferies Prime Brokerage announced they will no longer allow the execution of short sells.

This gives retail investors the momentum they need to continue driving AMC’s share price through volume pressure.

As sources begin to block short sellers, it sends a message.

A message that these brokers will not support these unethical activities.

FOX Business on naked shorting

Charles Payne from FOX Business makes a great point when he questions why the SEC has allowed the illegal activities of naked shorting.

In this video you’ll find just how much FOX Business and its partners are against naked short selling.

Naked short selling was the cause of the last financial disaster in 2008 and could be the reckoning of the market today as well.

It’s amazing to see experts back up the community regarding naked shorting.

This is exactly what retail investors need in order to start seeing some change.

One of the biggest things the community wants to see happen is for margin calls to begin taking place.

Margin calls would essentially force short sellers to close their positions ending this once and for all.

And for the retail investors?

This would mean a short squeeze of a lifetime.

Benzinga Publishes Article on Naked Shorting

Benzinga is one of those mainstream media platforms that has been doing what The Fool and Yahoo Finance do best, and that’s lie to the public about the data our community has been sharing.

Well now Benzinga has published an article regarding naked shorting in AMC.

Should retail investors trust them?

I certainly don’t, but I’m glad our message has gotten through and that’s what ultimately matters.

Naked short selling and FTDs

Naked shorting has been the cause of many fails-to-deliver that were in the pocket and needed to execute.

Because many synthetic shares have been floating around in the market, call options in the pocket that should have gone through never did.

Hedge funds have been cheating the system.

Any fine the SEC gives to these institutions is only an operating expense. The SEC must be investigated by the FBI.

What can the community do about the manipulation?

The community has to be loud. Share this information.

But don’t just share it, voice your opinion too because it matters more than you know.

Tag people in power, tag the news, get things trending.

This generation is the generation to make real change happen.

In 2020 we saw what happened when the community stood up against corruption.

We are powerful united.

Hedge funds must be margin called. And once they are, their power must be divided.

Sign the petition to margin call Citadel here.

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