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How To Monetize Your Blog With Google AdSense

How To Monetize Your Website With Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of the most sought out programs to monetize your website. Its simple ad layout makes it an attractive choice for content creators. Lets break down how you can get approved for Google AdSense and start earning money from your content.

Why Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is super popular because they have the highest paying advertisers.

If you’re looking to monetize your blog then you’re naturally going to want to utilize the best means of producing income through your blog.

Can Anyone Advertise with Google AdSense?

Yes. If your blog or website meet the Google AdSense team’s requirements you will become eligible to start displaying ads such as the ones on this page!

Here are things your blog or website should have in order to get approved by Google AdSense:

Your Niche Should Stand Out

Before you begin to submit to Google AdSense, be sure your website is clear on what it’s about. Your niche should be easy to identify as Google’s team will thoroughly review it and assess the type of category you pertain to.

Avoid branching off into several topics that don’t relate to your niche. Google AdSense will not monetize your blog unless it is categorized properly.

Choose relatable images and accents to demonstrate what kind of blog you’re running visually.

Amazing Website Layout

Use Bluehost to monetize with Google AdSense

The layout of your website is very important. It must be easy to navigate and look professional.

Yellow background and blue text by all means is not an attractive web page. Be sure your website is simple, creative, and easy to use.

We recommend using a web hosting service company like Bluehost where all the tools you need to succeed will become available to you.

Bluehost is optimized for WordPress therefore your content will never come short of looking presentable. The website layouts are also incredible and easy to work with.

If you’re working towards getting your blog monetized by Google AdSense, you’ll need to use a professional webhost provider. And yes, a professional website costs money. This will be your first investment in your blog.

Trust me, it’s worth it.

Privacy Policy Page

A privacy policy is basically a statement that discloses the ways a party gathers, uses, and manages a customer’s or clients data. Your website must contain this information for legal circumstances.

You can find examples online in order to create a page detailing this legal statement on your website. Fortunately, Bluehost creates one for you. You’ll just have to do minor edits and publish it on your website.

If your website has been rejected by Google AdSense, perhaps you’ve come across the AdSense team advising your blog has no privacy policy page. This is essential to monetize your website.

It’s very simple, you can check out ours here.

Quality Content

Monetize with Google AdSense with a quality website

You must put out quality content with tons of value for your readers. Be genuine and think about your audience’s needs first.

The passion behind sharing valuable information to the world is so fulfilling as a content creator. Stay passionate and also get rewarded for it.

It is very important for your content to be original and genuine. If your website is plagiarized or shows little to no effort then it will not be approved for monetization.

Above all, have fun with it and speak directly to your audience!

Here are some ways you can ensure your blog is producing quality content:

  • Check your spelling and grammar
  • Include high quality images
  • Use a reputable webhost provider
  • Provide your readers with an easy -to-navigate layout
  • Use a theme that fits your niche

Lack of quality should be the last thing Google AdSense should be rejecting your blog for. Our suggestion would be to not cut corners.

Invest in your idea and vision. You can do this.

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Sufficient Content

If your website does not have enough content, Google AdSense will reject your submission. What makes it difficult to get approved is that not only must you create quality content, but you must also create enough content to get recognized by the AdSense team as a serious content creator.

With so much competition out there, you must stand out and demonstrate why you’re worthy to monetize your website. The key is to be consistent.

Don’t rush publishing posts for this reason.

You’re better off taking as much time as you need creating great and useful content. Rushing into the process will only set you back.

How Can I Maintain Consistency?

  • Draft ideas on a blank word document
  • Identify how many times you want to publish a post (e.g. weekly, twice a week, monthly, etc.)
  • Write down your blog goals to stay motivated
  • Draw inspiration from everything and everyone around you

Stay motivated. Most bloggers give up within the first to three months. Keep blogging, and keep reaching your blogging goals!

Website Page Views

Your website must be generating enough traffic for Google AdSense to recognize the value of your content. Advertisers will not place ads on a website with little to no traffic.

Be sure you’re sharing your posts all over your social platforms in order to increase your website views and begin to earn a following. Get as much exposure as possible.

You can publish great content and enough content; however, if you aren’t directing traffic to your blog, Google AdSense will not allow you to monetize your website.

You can increase your traffic by:

  • Promoting daily on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Growing your newsletter
  • Having supporters ‘share’ your content
  • Re-sharing to keep engagement and traction going
  • Consistently writing
  • Updating your SEO
  • Revising old posts
  • Get your posts featured on other blogs

Once your blog gets monetized by Google AdSense you’re going to want to continue taking these actions.

When your blog is running ads, you’ll want to increase your traffic as much as possible in order to make the most from advertisement income.


Your content must be fairly easy to read. Avoid improper use of grammar and spelling so be sure to always double check and proof read before publishing a new post. Google AdSense will not approve a website with even the slightest errors.

You can use a website like Word Counter to double check your writing before publishing a post to make sure everything looks great. It only takes a second to receive your results!

Contact & About Information

In order to present credibility, your website must contain a contact and about section. Include your email and social media outlets as well as a brief summary of yourself or your website.

Having a contact and about page shows you’re professional and are serious about your content. Readers want to know the person behind the blog so get creative with it!

Your contact info is a requirement to get your blog monetized by Google AdSense make sure you don’t miss it!

Be Consistent

Don’t give up if you get rejected by Google AdSense. You can always resubmit once you’ve fixed the errors detailed on your application.

Every rejection should push you to improve your website in order to reach your goal of monetizing your content. If you get approved instantly, amazing! Keep doing what you’re doing.

Google AdSense will often times advise which areas on your website you must continue to work on. Use these notices to your advantage. It may be easy to feel discouraged if you receive multiple emails from the AdSense team rejecting your application. Just know you’re one step closer to reaching your goal.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below and I’ll be more than happy to reach out!

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Google AdSense Rejected My Blog | Now What?

Rejected By Google AdSense

If Google AdSense rejected your submission for ad placements on your blog we understand the feeling. When all successful things come into fruition one must sail through the storms and knocking waves of rejection first. So how do you get approved by Google AdSense after just being rejected?

Not to worry, there’s hope.

Can I Still Apply To Google AdSense?

Fortunately, you are still able to apply and re-submit to the Google AdSense team to review your website. Before you submit; however, take note for the reason(s) why your blog was rejected in the first place.

Here are some reasons as to why your blog might have been rejected:

  • Not enough content
  • Your website has no value
  • Your website has no views
  • No privacy policy page
  • No contact page
  • Low quality content
  • Spelling & grammar errors
  • Design of your website

The great thing about Google AdSense is that the team informs you what your blog is lacking. Remember, Google AdSense has very strict policies and requirements so you must earn the access to monetize your blog.

How Many Times Can I Apply?

There’s no limit to how many times you can apply to Google AdSense. The only limit is your will. How bad do you want to accomplish this goal?

Here are some great ways to add value to your blog:

  • Publish new posts consistently
  • Increase your blogs traffic
  • Write posts over 500 words
  • Share on social media
  • Check your spelling and grammar
  • Use high quality images
  • Look professional

If your blog isn’t structured in a manner to get approved by Google AdSense, it simply means you have more work ahead of you. If you Google AdSense rejected you more than once let this motivate you. You’re one step closer to monetizing your website.

Why Google AdSense? Should I Use Another Advertiser?

Google AdSense is the most sought out means of placing ads on blog websites for many reasons. Their popularity makes them an attractive choice. They have higher paying ads amongst their competitors and their credibility is a huge factor as well.

There are actually many alternatives to Google AdSense of which are much easier to receive approval from. You can actually find a big list when searching for Google AdSense competitors on any search engine.

If Google AdSense rejected your website and you’re interested in treading other waters you can certainly do so. Some of these competitors are actually easier to be accepted by but don’t bid higher than Google.

So How Do I Get Approved By Google AdSense?

Congrats! Approved By Google AdSense!

Getting approved by Google AdSense will require whatever it takes from you to do it. Do not let rejection put you down to the point where you stop blogging overall. Fun fact: Franknez.com was rejected about 6 times before finally being approved! Each time I was told no I pushed even harder. Believe me when I say it’s doable.

Be attentive to the reasons provided by Google AdSense. If the team emails you notifying what must be changed to your site make sure you take care of it. There is no cutting corners on this one guys!

When Google AdSense rejected my blog I kept fixing and adjusting my site until eventually I was given the green light. Be persistent and keep getting better.

For more information on how to monetize your blog, read: Google AdSense | How To Monetize Your Website

If you have any questions at all pertaining to the subject please leave me a comment below. I’ll respond to everyone who needs guidance. If you haven’t subscribed to my blog yet click on the pop up banner below to get immediate access to new blog posts when they’re published.

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