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Billionaire Mark Cuban Has Launched a War Against Big Pharma

Mark Cuban Pharmacy Company
Mark Cuban Pharmacy Company poses threat to Big Pharma

Mavericks owner and Shark Tank celebrity Mark Cuban has launched a war against big pharma.

The multi-billionaire opened an online pharmacy to fight Big Pharma and provide people with affordable medicine.

Mark Cuban is cutting the middleman along with the aggressively marked-up prices; you won’t believe the difference.

Keep reading below to find out!


Welcome to Franknez.com – corporate media is not pushing this and won’t touch topic on this incredibly positive news. You know I gotta cover this.

Let’s get started!

Mark Cuban provides affordable medicine

Mark Cuban just made medicine extremely affordable, and I mean extremely affordable.

Big shoutout to my brother Randy who is a pharm tech for providing this information.

We are not surprised mainstream media isn’t covering this, I mean why would they?

Big Pharma is trillion-dollar industry netting hundreds of billions of dollars per year.

Profits have been expected to reach up to $610 billion in 2021 alone.

Big Pharma is one of the most powerful industries in the world and Mark Cuban’s online pharmacy just posed a major threat to the industry.

Here’s why.

Top 5 Big Pharma companies by sales

Here’s a list of the top 5 Big Pharma companies by sales in the billions.

Mark Cuban's Online Pharmacy poses threat to Top 5 Big Pharma companies
Mark Cuban’s Online Pharmacy poses threat to Top 5 Big Pharma companies – Source

On the right side of the chart, you’re going to see the most popular prescriptions of these companies.

While Mark Cuban’s pharmacy website contains a variety of medicine (more on that below), they plan on adding new medications as the demand for certain medicines are requested.

This means Mark Cuban can provide Big Pharma’s most popular medicines at much more affordable costs.

See the online pharmacy’s price comparisons below!

Mark Cuban's Online Pharmacy Business Cost Plus provides affordable medicine
Mark Cuban’s Online Pharmacy Business Cost Plus provides affordable medicine

And the list goes on and on.

Mark Cuban’s online pharmacy Cost Plus is going to make an incredibly positive impact as the business begins to scale.

It may not be so disruptive now during its inception, but it certainly has the capabilities to pose serious threat to big pharmaceutical companies in the long-term.

How are Cost Plus Drug Company’s prices so cheap?

Cost Plus Drug Company
Cost Plus Drug Company – Affordable Medicine

Cost Plus is able to keep medicine prices low by providing the customer with wholesale prices instead of marking up costs like industry leaders do.

The company eliminates the middleman and aggressive markups to make popular generic medicine affordable for everyone.

Big Pharma companies get their medicine from wholesalers and then mark up the price for the retail market.

Often times the markup is so greedy that people find it difficult to keep up with the high costs of medicine.

Mark Cuban is doing what India has done to provide people with affordable medicine at scale and it’s incredible to see it happening in the states where a lot of capitalism tends to be corrupted by greed.

Mark Cuban Pharmacy Affordable Medicine

Where Big Pharma companies might have 100%+ markups and other fees, Cost Plus has a 15% markup rate and $3 pharmacy labor charge plus shipping.

Can Cost Plus Drug Company really compete with Big Pharma companies?

There’s no way Big Pharma will be able to keep up with this philanthropic venture.

Mark Cuban’s online business might be a little too new to make a dent in the industry at the moment, but it certainly has the structure to create massive change.

And while mainstream media isn’t pushing this information out, you can play a big part of that positive change by raising awareness.

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Have more questions?


Check out the FAQs section at the very bottom of Mark Cuban’s pharmacy website for more information.

The company website goes over insurance questions, how the process works, and much more.

Cost Plus Drug Company is currently a private company therefore does not have a stock symbol yet.

However, stock enthusiasts are already looking forward to Mark Cuban’s pharmacy company IPO.

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Reddit Confidentially Files for an IPO A Year After ‘Meme Stocks’

Reddit IPO News
Reddit IPO News

Reddit just filed for an IPO a year after its incredible attention from ‘meme stocks’ on r/wallstreetbets.

The company submitted a draft registration statement on Form S-1 to the SEC related to the proposed IPO.

The number of shares and price range for the IPO has yet to be determined.

I’m extremely curious to hear what the community thinks.

This IPO is currently under review by the SEC.


Welcome to Franknez.com – today’s market news is on Reddit filing to go public. This should be interesting.

Let’s get started!

Many of us have spent time on Reddit at least once this year.

Some probably a little too much time, lol.

Should you invest in Reddit?

Let’s discuss it.

How Does Reddit Make Money?

How does Reddit make money?
Reddit IPO news – how does Reddit make money?

Reddit generates revenue through advertising and ad-free premium membership plans.

Reddit is currently valued at more than $10 billion dollars and has raised $410 million in funding this year.

The company is reportedly aiming for $15 billion when its IPO comes to market.

In its 16 years, Reddit has mainly focused on growth rather than profitability.

However, fundamentally speaking, the company is very profitable, surpassing $100 million for the very first time in Q2 of this year.

More than 50 million people visit Reddit daily!

Innovation For the Future

reddit rocketship

Reddit plans to improve product features and advertising products for small and medium-size businesses.

Reddit is also focused on expanding internationally since most of the site is U.S-centric.

Curiosity drove millions of people to Reddit after GameStop and then AMC stock went mainstream.

The site saw an increase in users more specifically in trading and stock investing subreddits.

Wallstreetbets had about 3-4 million members when I joined.

It now has 11.3 million and counting.

Reddit is truly the CEO of forums.

Will You Invest in Reddit Stock?


I’m curious to know your thoughts.

Once approved and Reddit goes public, will you invest in the stock?

I personally wouldn’t mind diversifying my portfolio with a few shares to start and see where it goes.

Comment your thoughts below.

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