5 Habits You Need to Crush Your Money Goals
5 Habits You Need to Crush Your Money Goals

If you’re thinking of setting financial goals for yourself you’ll need to develop these 5 habits to crush your money goals first. Let us know in the comments section below if you’re on track.

#1. Learning to Budget

Crush your money goals by setting a budget
Crush your money goals by learning to budget

Budgeting is a great habit that will play an important role on your money goals. Learning to budget allows you to know exactly how your money is being used.

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This crucial habit prepares you for the discipline required to meet your financial goals. It will teach you to stay focused on your numbers and to stick to your goal.

#2. Being on Time

Your money goals will require you to be on time.

Being on time demonstrates responsibility and can show people you’re dependable.

Your money goals will require you to be trustworthy. Here are some examples being on time influences your habits:

  • Being on time for work (dependability & promotion opportunities)
  • Paying bills on time (increases your credit score | shows lenders you’re responsible)
  • Meeting deadlines (allows you to retain clients & enables more business opportunities)

Being on time is a great habit you can develop in order to crush your money goals because of how diverse this action influences your world.

Financial success will require you to pay your bills on time in order to increase your credit score.

By increasing your credit score, you’ll be able to easily qualify for a home, car loan, or anything of significant meaning to your money goals.

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#3. Understanding Needs VS Wants

Understanding Needs VS Wants

If you want to crush your money goals you’ll need to be able to identify the difference between needs and wants.

This habit will allow you to make smart purchases.

Needs Are:

  • Food expenses
  • Utilities
  • Affordable rent
  • Proper clothing
  • Tools for work
  • Means of transportation

Wants Are:

  • The latest iPhone and tech
  • Fancy and unnecessary clothing
  • The new car
  • Dining out and entertainment
  • Vacations

When you are setting money goals for yourself and your family, you learn to identify priorities.

Priorities are the important things that come first. Anything beyond that is a luxury.

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#4. Avoiding Income Creep Lifestyle

People who lack the will to spend less as they earn more experience what is known as income creep lifestyle.

Avoid Income Creep Lifestyle

If you move into a bigger home or decide to finance your dream car as soon as you receive a promotion then you are experiencing income creep lifestyle.

Avoiding income creep lifestyle means you’ll have to be patient and develop a habit to delay gratification.

You cannot reach your money goals if you are spending more money as you earn more. This cycle will keep you in a repetitive loop leaving you with little to no funds to save, invest, or pay off debt.

Here are some great habits you can develop if you earn a raise in income:

  • Keep your expenses the same
  • Use the additional income towards your money goals
  • Delay gratification and stay the course

By keeping your expenses the same you’ll be able to allocate your additional earnings towards your money goals. You can use this extra money to pay off debt, save for a home, or to pay off high interest debt!

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#5. Always Aiming to Increase Your Income

Increase Your Income To Crush Your Money Goals
Crush your money goals by increasing your income

When you’re looking to crush your money goals you’ll come to the understanding that it will require sacrifice to meet such goals.

You understand that increasing your income will allow breathing room to not only enjoy your money but to also meet your financial goals quicker.

Aiming to increase your income is a great habit that will help you reach your goals without a doubt as long as you avoid income creep lifestyle.

By delaying gratification, you’re setting yourself up for financial success.

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