How to Successfully Manage Money As A Couple

Whether you’re married or are in a serious relationship, learning how to manage your money as a couple is going to become a real thing if it hasn’t already. More so if you’re both hustling.

Communication is going to play a very important role and your success is going to highly depend on it.

Without the financial vision or guidance, there’s always going to be some sort of disagreement or standoff which can hinder the health of your relationship.

It’s important to listen to one another and speak your mind out loud.

Discuss Savings Goals

A great way to break the ice with your partner is by getting together and discussing a savings goal plan.

It can be as simple as saving your first $1,000 together or building your emergency fund. This strategy develops a teamwork mindset between you and your partner.

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Identify The Bigger Picture

What are yours and your partners biggest goals together? Are you aiming to becoming debt free so you can spend time vacationing together? Looking to buy a home?

Communicating about the bigger picture allows you as a couple to stay motivated. It’s going to help you stick to your financial goals and stay focused.

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Should We Combine Bank Accounts?

If you’re married and both partners feel safer doing so, then yes. You should definitely have a joint bank account as it keeps things tidy and easy to manage.

With this type of account you’re able to see all expenses deducted from one account. This means when your earnings deposit you’ll also see a nice chunk of money sitting there.

If you’re a couple and both of you are more independent, either way works. This helps both partners learn how to manage financing prior to marriage or creating a joint account. If you’re combining savings or paying off debt with separate bank accounts, communicate on how transfers will work.


Maybe you’re both using the snowball method to tackle debt. You may transfer money over to your partners account so they take care of the smallest debt on the list prior to proceeding with yours (or vice versa).

This strategy also helps you both as individuals increase your credit score. This is especially good if you’ve set financial goals that require an excellent score.

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What About Investment and Money Market Accounts?

If you have money allocated in investments or money market accounts, be transparent with your partner.

If you’re married, your partner should have an idea of where you are allocating certain money to. They are entitled to that information.

Serious couples should also be informed of any money whereabouts. This allows you to gain trust in your partner and instill confidence to one another.

Learn to Budget As A Couple

Couples who want to manage their money correctly will need to learn how to budget successfully.

You’ll need to come to an understanding of how much money is to be allocated towards certain expenses. This may include groceries, entertainment, shopping, etc.

Budgeting together is a great way to manage your money as a couple because it provides you with control and stability.

When you have control and stability, you’re able to move money into savings, towards debt, and anywhere else you need it to be in order to meet your financial goals.

How Do We Go About Vacationing?

The wise thing to do is to have your finances under control before vacationing. This could simply mean having your emergency fund built and making sure you aren’t behind on any bills that may be a detriment to your finances.

Think of vacationing as a long-term goal or reward. Earn it. Delay that gratification and never settle for now.

Think about how much successful you will feel having your finances under control oppose to vacationing knowing you have past due bills back at home. It’s simply not the same.

Set Your Money Intentions

Money is only a tool.

When you begin to manage money with your partner you’ll both begin to set money intentions. It’s very similar to your goals but has to do more with your desires.

While your financial goals are usually to get you out of debt or prepare you for financial stability, money intentions are the rewards you reap for working hard.

Such intentions can be making enough money to provide for your mom and dad or to give to charities. Other intentions can be to pass wealth down to the next generation.

Setting money intentions with your partner aligns both of your visions and goals. When you both have the same or very similar mindsets, you’re able to accomplish anything financially.

Don’t Allow Money To Get In The Way

Money should not destroy a couple. It should encourage you to make wise decisions for a more comfortable and secure future together.

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Communication Is Key To Succeed

There’s no doubt communication is the secret to succeeding financially as a couple.

The combination of tackling financial goals together and taking disciplined action is what will manifest your desires.*

Keep setting all sorts of life goals as a couple. This mindset is what’s going to allow both of you to strive beyond your imagination.

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