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AMC, the SEC, the FEDS, and more

On Wednesday July 26th, the SEC announced it had charged a total of 27 financial firms for FTDs. Failure-to-delivers are orders that were not executed, primarily due not enough shares being available.

And although none of these charged involved Citadel, the feds are finally looking to broaden consequences for hedge funds, online brokers, and powerful trading firms.

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Almost 45 million on FTDS for June

The SEC has just fined 27 financial firms for FTDs. They also reported a total of 44.7 million fails-to-deliver for the month of June via Stonk-O-Tracker.

AMC Fails To Deliver
AMC Fails To Deliver

What’s being done about it? The SEC is slapping these financial institutions on the wrist. Now, while the SEC hasn’t been able to properly serve the people, the Feds are finally getting involved.

More on that a little later.

Financial firms getting fined by the SEC

  1. Altschuler, James Stephen
  2. Canton Hathaway, LLC
  3. Carmel Capital Management
  4. Castle Wealth Planning ,LLC
  5. Cohen Klingenstein, LLC
  6. Dynamic Trading Management, LLC
  7. Eastside Financial Advisors, LLC
  8. Embree Financial Group, Inc.
  9. Harold Davidson & Associates, Inc.
  10. John A. Bysko Associates
  11. Madden Funds Management Ltd.
  12. Medallion Wealth Advisors, LLC
  13. Might Oak Strong America Investment Company
  14. Minot DeBlois Advisors, LLC
  15. O’Brien Greene & Co. Inc,
  16. Paratus Financial Inc.
  17. Quantitative Asset Management LLC
  18. Sauberan & Company LLC
  19. Summit Financial Advisors Inc.
  20. The Cavanaugh Group, Inc.
  21. Westbourne Investments Inc.
  22. Bill Parker Agency
  23. Birkelbach & Co.
  24. Capital Portfolio Management, Inc.
  25. Greentree Investment Services, Inc.
  26. ST Invest LLC
  27. Tradier Brokerage, Inc.

These financial firms were fined between $10,000 and $97,500 but we all know those are just fees to continue illegal shorting in the market.

21 of these were investment advisors and 6 were broker dealers. But how about the ones responsible for the 45 million FTDs back in June for AMC Entertainment?

Why isn’t Citadel Securities on this list? Citadel is not taking any responsibility for the FTDs. And although the SEC has fined them in the past, Citadel is simply too powerful of an institution for the U.S. government to do anything about at this point.

At least that’s what lobbying has show us. Since president Biden elected Gary Gensler as the chair of the SEC, nothing much has really happened.

The Feds jump in

According to Bloomberg, a push by Democrats to tighten market rules in response to the implosion of Archegos Capital Management and this year’s meme-stock mania is gaining traction in the U.S. House.

The Financial Services Committee led by Maxine Waters may hold votes as soon as next week on legislation that could raise consequences for hedge funds, online brokers, and powerful trading firms.

Lawmakers are considering imposing federal oversight on large family practices such as Archegos and banning the controversial practice of market makers such as Citadel Securities paying Robinhood Markets and other brokerages to execute investors’ trades.

The movement is very well alive apes! Even after all these months at war with hedge funds, the feds have had enough. There are currently more than a dozen proposals under review.

Capital Markets Engagement and Transparency Act

One of the proposals the committee is trying to get approved is the The Capital Markets Engagement and Transparency Act. This act would require hedge funds to publicly disclose their bets against stocks and dark pools.

This would be a tremendous help for AMC shareholders as it would tell us how many short shares, naked shares/synthetics are actually floating in the market.

Technical analysts following AMC chart patterns would also be able to better identify just how high AMC stock could skyrocket up to. Although the data says we can easily shoot above 4-figures and beyond, this type of transparency would help us shrink the target number(s).

Retail investors would also have SEC data such as FTDs and other data on a monthly basis oppose to quarterly.

This article is a follow up to Tory’s article on lawmakers proposing these regulations. I wanted to dig in a little more as well and talk about what exactly this would mean for the AMC community.

AMC Community making history

I want you to know that you just made history. That’s right – even if we don’t see this regulation occur this instant, we’ve made a massive change in our timeline.

Perhaps the squeeze happens before these laws are put into place. But it won’t matter. That’s because we have paved the way for new plays in the market. Our generation is creating a fair and free market.

The community should be celebrating for the change we are making right this moment. Zoom out and look at the bigger picture. We’ve saved an entire movie industry from collapsing during a pandemic, and have voiced our concerns regarding market manipulation; resulting in change for the future investor.

All these articles will be archived in financial history. If you’ve commented on this blog before, your voice, your story, will be recorded in history.

A new buyer comes in before AMC squeezes

The State of New Jersey Pension Fund just purchased 229,000 shares of AMC stock in quarter 2. It is reported to be worth about $13 million dollars.

A purchase this big from a huge institution can only mean they are preparing to cash in big profits alongside the community. AMC Entertainment stock has begun to trend upwards again and analysts in the AMC community are predicting continued momentum.

If you’re an ape in the community who has been doubting AMC the past few weeks or even months, know that institutions continue to buy the stock.

And although they are not apes like you and I, they are certainly not going to miss out on what’s about to happen next with AMC.

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