It is extremely difficult to avoid digital content from reels to memes; you can access content across multiple platforms with new content available every second online. Most social media platforms are free to download and access; however, creators can earn money from the content they produce. 

With all platforms, there are stipulations and requirements to be met before a creator can be paid for the content that they upload. Often, a creator will need to make a considerable amount of content before they will be able to make a noticeable amount from it. 

However, with a high enough following or a niche that is not often used, content creators can make a living solely from their online content. Below, we have details of the different ways creators can make money from their uploads. 

Ad Revenue

One of the ways content creators can make a living is through ad revenue that can be made from including advertisements in their videos. Advertising revenue is a popular way for creators on YouTube to make money; the higher the following, the more money will be made with each video viewed. 

YouTube has conditions regarding the number of subscribers and hours of content watched before they allow creators to become monetized and adverts to be included. Once they are able to include adverts in videos, creators can build up their income over time. 

The more content created, the more money is earned from the adverts in each video. 

Direct Payment 

Rather than making money from advertising, content creators can also set up accounts with platforms that enable direct payment to be made to the creators. Platforms such as Kofi, Patreon, or Waptap all allow creators to receive money or tokens directly for the content that is enjoyed by users of the site.

You can choose to withdraw money directly from sites such as Patreon, where many creators will use the money to fund their content. Money can be used for living costs but is also frequently used for props and filming of videos. 

A site such as Waptap, which is one of the newer available online platforms, has a novel approach to rewarding content creators, with users of the site able to give tokens to creators. The tokens can then be used in a number of ways by the creator; more information can be found at$wap.


Alternatively, creators can be paid in sponsorship. Many influencers will collaborate with a brand that fits their niche. A beauty influencer will team up with a new or leading makeup brand to get more exposure to the brand or a specific product. 

Influencers will then be allowed to keep the products they have featured and may also be paid for the content. Being able to keep the products enables long-term exposure for the items in a more organic way than a single video. 

A dress featured in a video and then shown as worn in several social media posts will continue to bring new customers to the brand over time.