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How to Trade Options in The Market With a 9-5

how to trade options
Everything you need to know about calls vs puts – Calls vs puts options

AMC’s Share Price Beats Every Analysts Price Prediction

Market News: AMC stock outperforms analyst price targets - meme stocks
Market News: AMC stock outperforms analyst price targets

GameStop 4-1 Stock Split Makes Buying It More Affordable

Market News: GameStop announces 4-1 stock split - meme stocks
Market News: GameStop announces 4-1 stock split

Robinhood and Citadel Colluded Night Before Trading Restrictions

Robinhood and Citadel
Robinhood and Citadel Colluded right before ‘meme stocks’ were restricted

Here’s Why It’s The Perfect Time to Buy AMC Stock Today

buy amc stock today
Meme Stocks: Why it’s the perfect time to buy AMC stock today

These Two Signs Will Tell You a Short Squeeze is Over

AMC short squeeze over
Don’t get caught holding the bag – here is how you will know a short squeeze is over

AMC, GME Soar: Volume Proves There is A Massive Demand

AMC and GME soar as buy volume increases

Will GME Stock Split Force a Short Squeeze?

GME Stock Split
GameStop News: What will a GME stock split mean for shareholders and short sellers?

How Close Are AMC and GameStop to Squeezing?

AMC and GameStop squeezing
How soon will AMC and GameStop squeeze?

Was AMC’s MOASS Just Threatened by New ‘Put Theory’?

AMC Put Theory
AMC Options Trading – Put Theory

AMC’s Hycroft Raises an Astonishing $195m in Two Weeks

AMC's HYMC Hycroft raises $195 million
Adam Aron says, ‘Eat crow!’ – AMC’s Hycroft raises $195 million in just two weeks!

Ryan Cohen Gets 3 Bed Bath & Beyond Board Seats

Ryan Cohen gets 3 Bed Bath & Beyond Board Seats
Momentum Stocks: Ryan Cohen’s RC Ventures discloses 9.8% stake in BBBY Stock

AMC Dark Pool Trading Surges as Momentum Builds

AMC Dark Pool Volume
AMC Dark Pool and Off Exchange volume + forecast

AMC’s Surging Volume Will Trigger a Short Squeeze

AMC's surging volume will trigger a short squeeze
A short squeeze is imminent. Here’s what to keep an eye out for.

Official: GameStop and Loopring Launch Beta NFT Marketplace

GameStop and Loopring partnership
GameStop and Loopring partnership

GME Shorts Face Nearly $500 Million in Losses from Surge

GME shorts face nearly $500 million in losses from surge
Short sellers are facing the wrath of retail investors again – GME shorts face $500m in losses

This Data Shows Another AMC Massive Price Runup is Inevitable

AMC Price Runup
Will AMC’s third runup be bigger than the first two from January and May?

GameStop Is Evolving into A Tech Company: Q4 Highlights

GameStop Q4 Highlights
Momentum Stocks: GameStop Q4 Highlights

Should You Buy HYMC Stock or Pass on It?

HYMC Stock
Momentum Stocks: Is HYMC Stock a buy, or should you pass on it?

AMC Stock Price Falls Despite Strong Earnings Report

AMC Stock Price Falls Despite Strong Earnings Report
AMC is down nearly 8% the first week of March

Will AMC Stock Go Up? [2022 Deep Dive]

will AMC stock go up?
AMC had a great 2021, will AMC stock continue to go up in 2022?

Will AMC Squeeze in 2022? [Short Interest Data]

will AMC squeeze in 2022
Will AMC Squeeze in 2022? Here’s what MSM doesn’t want you to know