Is RDBX Stock a Short Squeeze Play?

RDBX Short Squeeze
RDBX Short Squeeze

Redbox (RDBX) stock has been gaining a lot of attention on Reddit recently.

The stock’s short interest data has exploded in only a months’ time.

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I’m going to break down what’s going on with RDBX stock down below.

Let’s get started.

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RDBX short interest data

RDBX Short Interest
RDBX Short Interest

Redbox stock is heavily shorted.

Like, very heavily shorted.

RDBX stock jumped from a 30% short interest to its current 162.44% in just a little over a month.

The cost to borrow is at 571.05 and utilization is at 100 meaning every share available is out on loan.

Redbox has a small float of 8.83 million, and with an extremely high SI of 162.44% short sellers are overleveraged.

The short interest data is what allowed retail investors to predict GameStop and AMC would have massive runups.

Last year GameStop saw gains upwards of 1,500% while AMC saw gains over 3,000%.

Is RDBX stock a short squeeze play?

Very much, but it’s going to need momentum to squeeze shorts from their positions.

Will RDBX stock squeeze?

RDBX stock will need heavy buying pressure to squeeze short sellers from their positions.

We saw that heavy buying pressure played a very big role in squeezing some shorts from both AMC and GameStop last year.

Redbox stock already has the overleveraged position perfect for a short squeeze, now the short squeeze play needs momentum from retail.

Enough buying pressure (high volume) would drive RDBX stock’s price up which could cause short sellers to panic and close their short positions.

It’s this same strategy that drove AMC and GameStop to all-time highs last year.

And although AMC and GameStop aren’t done running, RDBX stock has enough short interest to initiate the first wave.

How soon will RDBX stock squeeze?

It’s highly likely RDBX stock will squeeze as more retail investors discover its short interest data.

But investors beware.

Last year SPRT stock had an insane short interest as well but merged with Greenidge eliminating the short interest data and leaving investors holding the bag.

Keep a lookout for Redbox news and updates.

If you would like me to touch more on RDBX stock leave a comment below so I know there’s interest in this stock.

I presented AMC’s short interest data for many months prior to its runup to $72 per share, it’s possible we have something going on here.

How high will Redbox stock go?

how high will redbox stock go

It’s difficult to identify how high a Redbox short squeeze will go.

But like any short squeeze, we can expect the price to shoot up thousands in gains.

AMC saw gains over 3,000% last year and GME stock saw gains up to 1,500%.

Plugging in these percentages with Redbox’s current share price would put RDBX stock anywhere between $95.85 to $191.70 per share.

A RDBX short squeeze could be less or higher, but one thing is certain.

Redbox is a short squeeze play due to how high the short interest data is.

I’m curious to know your thoughts on this.

Are you holding RDBX stock?

Leave a comment below.

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  1. Neil

    Thinking of closing some Amc positions so I can open Redbox positions?
    Good or bad idea?

  2. Rob Quinn

    Is Rdbx being squeezed? What is the short interest at now? Is it still being squeezed? I’m looking for an update. It’s way up from when you first posted this article

  3. Trey

    Definitely keep talking about RDBX and other stocks! I love amc and have 8000 shares of amc but use your knowledge to find other stocks for the community

  4. zumpoems

    Frank — aren’t you concerned that the average daily volume is so much higher than the entire total of shares shorted. Shorts can, if they wish, cover in a few hours. Why would they want to though? As long as CSSE stays at its current price, shares of RDBX are worth less than a 60 cents each.

  5. Carolyn

    I have only 25 shares, but some is better than none, right?

  6. Darkrat

    We don’t seem to have the volume—-but if we get it then sky is the limit

  7. Isaiah P

    I’m very new to stocks. However, I recently bought 500 shares of AMC when I became aware of how close it is to the MOASS and came across your newsletter through a fellow Ape.
    My Initial thought as a newbie is maybe once the Squeeze happens to AMC, everyone will be looking for another SS play then they’ll discover the potential Redbox has… maybe, maybe not. I’m very interested in more articles on Redbox from you Frank, thanks for the Information you provide. To someone like me it’s very helpful how in-depth you explain things and provide definitions.

  8. tommy kelly

    RDBX before or after AMC?

  9. Vinnie

    I have about 600 shares and holding. Wish we would get more volume. People seem to be chasing other shiny objects when the ring to destroy Mordor(HFs) is $RDBX.

    • Frank Nez

      Mordor WILL GO DOWN

    • Gorilla Grodd

      This ape has only 10 shares with an average price of on or about $3.86. Would love to see $150 a share. Would put that into GME or AMC. This could be epic

    • Tracy

      When the market opens Monday I will be putting some money into Rdbx. Been sitting on AMC so I have nothing but time.

  10. Frank Nez

    Let’s start a discussion! Leave your thoughts below.

    • Nicholas Jackson

      850 shares and buying all the dips 🍟 si and ctb are ridiculus, they never learn!

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