Is AMC’s Real Share Price Being Hidden?

Is AMC's Real Share Price Being Hidden

Retail investors have debated whether AMC’s real share price has been hidden from the public for over a year now.

Why would anyone question a stock’s price?

Before the ‘conspiracy theorist’ alarm starts going off in your head, know this.

Every time mainstream media called the retail community conspiracy theorists, data and news was released confirming retails claims.

Such claims included naked shorting, dark pool trading, and major conflicts of interest in the market.

So, are these glitches that show AMC trading in the hundreds of dollars per share merely glitches?

Or is there more going on that retail can’t see?

Let’s discuss it.

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Is AMC’s share price real?

is AMC's share price real - real amc share price

Retail investors have debated that because so much of retails orders do not get processed in the lit exchange (NYSE), not all of their buying power is being reflected in the actual share price.

Gary Gensler himself said 90%-95% of retails orders are processed in dark exchanges during a Bloomberg exclusive.

This provides concrete evidence AMC’s share price is heavily suppressed.

And heavy overleveraged short selling doesn’t make it any better.

If the SEC has proved one thing, it’s that the stock market is tailored to better fit the needs of financial institutions rather than individual retail investors and the companies that are the backbone of our economy.

Saying AMC’s real share price is being hidden is a strong way of saying institutions are stealing money from retail investors.

But where’s the lie?

When market makers make money trading retail’s orders through foreign exchanges while regulators allow this to happen.

Is AMC’s real share price being hidden?

It’s safe to say retail investors understand AMC’s real share price is definitely being suppressed.

AMC share price glitches

AMC Share price glitches

Evidence has surfaced on Reddit and Twitter showing AMC at a higher share price than is being traded on the NYSE.

These glitches have surfaced for over a year now where AMC has been seen trading between $100-$400 per share momentarily.

These discrepancies in the market have left retail investors wondering if AMC’s real share price has been accidently leaked from time to time.

To keep an open mind is to ask questions and to get down to the truth, whether these glitches truly are just glitches, or not.

Similarly, glitches have also surfaced for GameStop (GME) stock.

The ‘meme stock’ duo have been victims of heavy shorting for years now but market injustices have been brought to light by the ‘ape’ community in the past year.

Mainstream media won’t touch topic on these issues which is why I’ve made it my mission to stand up for the community.

I’m interested in learning your perspective.

Leave your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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  1. CJ

    There is no doubt in my mind that bad actors are outright stealing from RETAIL. At what point does this turn into civil unrest. Patience is wearing thin as I watch the likes of Kenny Griffin make multi million dollar donations to campaign funds to keep his legal theft alive. Gary Gensler is a patsy and has zero balls to enforce the rules on the books. Gensler is scared as he should be of the amount of money thats been siphoned from retail. There will be debts beyond cash before this is over.

  2. Robert

    Very simple we are getting screwed ! How ? Hmm somebody Could be named anything from Citadel to
    Citadel lol is getting to a few peoples pockets. Just a guess .

    • Frank Nez

      Citadel… SMH 😤 haha

  3. Matt Allen

    i am proud that you are highlighting high levels of market manipulation and am also happy I am a part of it. So far, I am losing my butt. But I also plan to let it ride. Matt

    • Frank Nez

      Thanks for your input, Matt – happy to be part of this incredible community fighting for market transparency and justice.

  4. Frank Nez

    Let’s start a discussion! Do you think AMC’s real share price is being hidden? If so, what do you think AMC’s real share price is worth?

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