Is AMC Stock Due to Go Up Next Week?

will AMC stock go up next week?
Will AMC stock go up next week?

AMC stock finished up +5.45% on Friday.

The largest movie theatre chain in the world is down 55% this year as the DOW and SPY also face major pushback.

Stocks have fallen year-round, and AMC is no exception.

However, it’s important to remember that unrealized losses aren’t really losses.

Majority of companies have also had rocky earnings for 2022’s first quarter.

But how is AMC looking for next week?

Let’s discuss it.

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AMC Q1 earnings call 2022

AMC Entertainment is just announced their Q1 earnings call for 2022 earlier in May.

The company has beat every quarter earnings since 2021 as more guests attended AMC movie theatres.

AMC announced earlier this year that as of Q4 of 2021, the company now has a positive EBITDA.

EBITDA provides investors with a snapshot of a company’s overall financial performance.

Fundamentally speaking, it’s a massive win for AMC Entertainment as a business.

AMC Shareholders were able to arm the company with more than $1.8 billion in liquidity for Q4 of 2021 and ended Q1 of 2022 with $1.7 billion.

CEO and President Adam Aron said this $1.7 billion will provide AMC with more security and flexibility to go on the offense.

Given the number of titles that have been released so far (and upcoming), AMC should have no trouble dominating in 2022.

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AMC’s Q1 earnings will matter later

Despite AMC’s incredible improvement in the past year (and this year), earnings calls played a very little role in the company’s overall stock price.

AMC’s EBITDA improved this new year.

Analysts believed AMC and the entire movie theatre industry were going to collapse after the Covid lockdowns, but AMC proved them wrong.

AMC hosted approximately 60 million guests in the United States, Europe, and Middle East in Q4 alone.

And as Covid restrictions have been lifted in 2022, people are feeling safer attending the movies and other public events today.

This bear market is tanking stocks despite good or bad news as majority of the market mimics the SPY, down more than 15% this year.

What will truly move the markets is the transition from bear to bull market.

But if you haven’t heard of executive order 14032 yet, it’s incredible.

And I’ll touch more on it below.

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Executive order 14032 goes into effect soon

If you haven’t read about executive order 14032 yet, you have to take time to read about it soon.

This order is going to affect the markets in an incredible way.

We recently saw small uptick in AMC after hours when it released positive earnings for Q1 of 2022, but it wasn’t able to maintain it due to the pull of the market.

AMC finished green on Friday, up 5.45%.

What is next week looking like?

SPY stock has hit $400 per share quite a few times, which leads me to believe it’s possible this area could be a strong level of support.

For an entire week straight, this level played a very important role, so we’ll have to keep an eye out on where things go from here.

A lot of the market follows the trajectory of the SPY (S&P 500), so we could very well see AMC consolidate for a while, mirroring the rest of the market.

If the SPY begins to make a break and move upwards, we could very well see AMC start a similar pattern, and vice versa.

But regardless of what happens, early June seems like it will be a very important time for AMC due to executive order 14032.

I’m curious to learn what you think.

Leave your thoughts in the comment section of the blog below.

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  1. Christopher

    Shorting has taken on a different level in today’s stock market. Every company has been shorted down and piled on. When I was a kid we used to play pile on . We would pick the weakest kid in school and then a bunch of us would just pile on him day after day. That’s what I feel is happening today , as the whole market is being piled on, not directly but also with with derivatives and sideways and over the top and so many different creative ways that were established by these hedge funds and major corporations. That’s why I’m holding AMC, they will survive, people are going out and want to be together socializing enjoying themselves watching a good new release. No matter what happens to the market the economy people will always be social and they will pay a premium in these days for that but they will do it because that’s just human. What is happening in the market is not human it’s animalistic and it’s terrible that they’re getting away with it at this. Eventually I don’t know when but eventually it has to stop!!!!

    The Death of Wall Street Cometh

    Retail investors are pissed off about how these markets operate. Whichever way you look…whichever stock you own…there is unfair, unethical, illegal shit happening constantly. The SEC doesn’t care. The FBI doesn’t care. The Treasury Department doesn’t care. The US Government doesn’t care.

    On the contrary. THE SEC, FBI, TREASURY, DOJ and Congress are all in bed with Wall Street elites. Crony capitalism is what the Central Governments of the world are fighting tooth and nail to protect. But their attempts to protect their wealth and guarantee their winning for the wealthy are causing our markets to plummet. Inflation is bullshit. The Coronavirus pandemic is bullshit. The war between Ukraine and Russia is bullshit. Higher gas prices…higher food costs…higher interest rates — nothing is scaring the HODL investor. After all, aren’t you all doing what the sage Warren Buffett has always advised? ***Buy (be greedy) when there is fear?***

    The vast majority of stocks have no business being at the prices they are today. They are at 52-week lows only because corrupt firms like Shitadel and Fuckrock have connections to the elites and are doing everything they can to maintain…nay, FORCE the status quo. And what is that exactly, you ask? **To ensure that the wealthy 1% never lose to anyone in the 99%.**

    I have 100% confidence that there are AMC investors here who are 1000 times smarter and more sophisticated than the average fuck who has “privileges” on Wall Street. And those Wall Street fucks have been doubling down no matter how much more the small investors fight to beat them. The game has gotten so lopsided and unsustainable that the fucking Fed has had to intervene. THE FED IS THE MOST CORRUPT ORGANIZATION ON THE PLANET. It’s legalized mafia, period.

    Bottom line, the more Wall Street cheats, the more the retail movement grows. And if Wall Street bankrupts the market to get your money, they will have shot themselves to death in the process. Nobody in the world will trust Wall Street.

    You go down…they go down

  2. tom Peper

    Great update Frank, it’s always nice to read you’re articles! And i’m really exited for the next 2 months. I guess we wil see a Al time high in this time frame! I mean markets stil are manipulated algorithms!

  3. Howard

    I also am a little impatient with the lack of interest the SEC seems to have knowing the manipulation going on behind the scenes. However, I can’t resist buying a few more shares most every pay day because of the “sale price” we have seen.
    Looking forward to possibly even going past the moon when all this breaks loose. Keep Hodling my friends. We’re gonna win.

  4. Jerome

    Thanks Frank. I’m still Walking by Faith. 777 shares w/ $37.17 avg price. I’m just waiting for God’s perfect time🙏

  5. Tyler Durden

    Shorts haven’t covered – that’s what the play is about. AMC not going BK is hurting them – so the stock price really means nothing other than trying to create FUD.

  6. Frank Nez

    Let’s start a discussion! Are you looking forward to AMC’s Q1 earnings call?

    • Harley

      I know that the shorts haven’t been called because they are synthetic shorts or something. My question is, at what time will the shorts actually be due. Is it an infinite thing? I’m not in a rush, I’ve been invested since it was 9$ a share last year( missed the 72$ chance to get out and reinvest) Also, I see a lot of powers that be moving against AMC stock holders, through media, button removal and SEC rulings. It makes me sad, just to think I could’ve won and had something,but am stuck spinning my wheels where I’m at.

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