Online casinos face different challenges than physical establishments when it comes to protecting clients. Usually, reputable and trustworthy casinos provide additional safety tools to standard measures; for example, Pin Up casino offers a chance to set up two-factor authentication so that users receive a verification code when someone initiates a withdrawal of funds process. This article explains the importance of setting up two-factor authentication. You will also learn how to set it up at Pin Up from the desktop/mobile version and an app. 

The Importance Of Two-Factor Authentication At Pin Up

Before we explain what to do to perform Pin Up kaydolun and set up two-factor authentication, let’s explain why you need it in the first place. Even though the casino goes to great lengths to protect you and your personal data/funds, scammers and hackers still may harm you.

For example, if you accidentally leak your personal data or it’s stolen from your device, the hacker can use it to log in to your personal account and withdraw winnings. However, not if you have a two-factor authentication switched on. At Pin-Up, users get a notification with a code that they must use to withdraw funds.

So, even if the hacker logs in to your account, they won’t withdraw your funds because you would have to approve the action. You get the message on your verified phone number. You can log in to your account and inform the support that someone else logged into your account. You may also visit the profile section and check out all recent sessions to ensure that you were the only person who logged into your account. 

Guide To Set Up Two-Factor Authentication From Desktop Version

As mentioned, Pin Up users can enable two-factor authentication for withdrawals. This means that you will receive a code on your phone every time you want to withdraw funds. However, for it to work, you must have a verified (confirmed) phone number. You can provide and confirm it in your personal profile.

Here’s what you should do to switch on this feature:

  • log in to your account;
  • visit personal profile (menu on the left);
  • find «Safety» section;
  • select «two-factor authentication.»

Switch on this function, and you will receive a confirmation code on your phone. Once it’s on, you will receive codes on the indicated phone number. 

Guide To Set Up Two-Factor Authentication From Mobile Version And App

Switching on two-factor authentication from the mobile version and the app is the same. However, if you’re using an app, you must first perform the Pin Up apk indir process. Here’s what you should do:

  • visit Pin Up website from a mobile browser;
  • click the «Menu» button in the middle;
  • choose the «Download Android app» button;
  • initiate the download process and then install apk files.

Once the app is installed, open it and log in to your account. Then, follow these instructions:

  • click the «Menu» button in the middle;
  • find the «Profile» button (on top of the Menu);
  • select «Safety» section;
  • choose «two-factor authentication.»

And that’s it, you can switch on this safety feature. Use this guide to switch on two-factor authentication from a mobile version. The only difference from the desktop guide is that the menu is in the middle. You’ll easily find the profile section, as PinUp has a convenient and user-friendly interface for all its versions. 

To conclude, it’s not obligatory to switch on this function, but it grants additional protection. Thus, it’s recommended to use it because it protects you from anyone who tries to withdraw funds from your account.