Maintaining a valid passport is a crucial part of living in a foreign country. It’s an important piece of identification that enables you to travel between countries and provide proof of legal residence.

Any passport issues that arise can hurt your ability to travel back and forth between the USA and Mexico, or even access Mexican consular services.

In this guide, we will go over how to renew a Mexican passport. We will walk you through the process, including all the documents needed when renewing a Mexican passport.

Understanding Mexican Passport Renewal

Mexicans residing in the USA require a valid passport regardless of the context of residency. An up to date passport is a requirement for entry and re-entry. Even Mexican permanent residents of the USA must have  a valid passport in case of any kind of international travel (including to Mexico).

For temporary visa holders (H-1B, L1, F-1), a passport serves as a far more crucial immigration document. Your Mexican passport is your main proof of legal residence.

Any Mexican citizen in the USA may face several negative consequences from not having a valid passport:

  • Difficulty when traveling internationally
  • Legal compliance issues when interacting with US institutions
  • Difficulty accessing consular services when trying to renew Mexican documents or seeking emergency assistance
  • Inconvenience caused by rushing to fix your passport status for any of the above

For more information on renewing documents and sending money between the USA and Mexico, visit our site for detailed information.

Gathering Required Documents

To renew your Mexican passport, you will need to obtain these documents:

  • Your current Mexican passport (expired or not)
  • A filled out OP-5 (Solicitud de Pasaporte Ordinario Mexicano)
  • Another form of Mexican personal ID
    • Driver’s license
    • ID card
    • Etc.
  • Original Mexican Birth Certificate or Citizenship Certificate
  • Proof of address in Mexico
  • 2 new passport-sized photos
    • 3.5cm by 4.5cm
    • Plain background
    • Regular clothes and no headwear or glasses (with religious exemptions)
    • Head in the center of the photo
    • Neutral facial expression
    • No exposure or dark light

When you have all of the above prepared, you can make an application for a new passport. You will need to make an appointment with your local consular office. At that point, you have to pay the consular service fees to begin the process. This fee will vary by location.

It may be a bit more difficult to apply if you lack the above documents. An OP-5 can be found at consular offices or downloaded online via the Mexican Consulate link we provided.

For other Mexican documents, you will need to discuss the situation at the consulate. Explain your personal circumstances and they may enable you to:

  1. Make an affidavit or declaration explaining why you lack that document
  2. Explore alternatives or document replacement options

Submitting Your Renewal Application

You have two options for formally submitting your renewal application:

  1. In-person applications
  2. Mail-in applications

First Steps: Making an Appointment

Going in and speaking to them in person is normally the simpler option. When that isn’t possible, mailing is an option.

You can schedule an in-person meeting with any Mexican Embassy or consulate. To do so, use the MEXITEL Hotline:


This hotline is specifically dedicated to giving Mexicans passport assistance. Call them and their representative will take care of everything for you. You will then have a meeting in your closest embassy or consulate.

If you’re considering mail-in applications, keep in mind that not all consulates support them. The process will require you to send in all the documents and the consular fees by mail. Contact your local consulate for further information.

The Meeting

After your documents are ready and you’ve booked the appointment, the right step is to arrive at the consulate early.

If you have not yet filled out your OP-5, they should have copies available for you to fill out. If you are under 18 years of age, they will provide you with an OP-7.

Take your completed documents to the consular clerk. At this point, you will have to pay the consular fee. According to the Mexican Consulate in Austin, these are the renewal fees:

  • One year (emergency situations and infants only): $40
  • Three years: $93
  • Six years: $126
  • Ten years (adults only): $192

Fees & Wait Times

Consular fees often change and it is up to you to contact the particular consulate and find out what they charge. Overall, fees have increased in recent years.

Consulates may also vary when it comes to service times. This is another area where you need to ask your local embassy or consulate in advance.

In most cases, the passport application process should not take very long.

For example, the Mexican Consulate in Austin delivers your passport on the same day as your appointment. Processing takes approximately two hours. If there are no processing issues and no technical problems with their systems, they will provide your new passport right after that.

Tips for a Smooth Passport Renewal Process

The easiest way to ensure a smooth passport renewal process is to start early and double-check your application. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth passport renewal process:

  1. Start this process before your passport expiry date
  2. Check the requirements listed out in the website of the consulate that you intend to go to
  3. Complete your OP-5 form online and double-check the information before printing and submitting it
  4. Collect all the necessary documents and ensure they are still valid
  5. Verify the passport renewal fees
  6. Call the consulate or MEXITEL and schedule an appointment
  7. Take professional photos that meet the photo requirements
  8. Keep extra copies of all required documents and photos
  9. Contact your consulate ahead of time to ask about new fees, requirements, and other recent changes.


Always having a valid Mexican passport makes living in and traveling from the USA much easier. To avoid last-minute rushes and headaches, take care of the process well in advance.

Getting your Mexican passport renewed is not normally particularly complicated. But it is important to stay informed and receive up-to-date information to avoid delays and hardships.