Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Sleep on Shiba Inu Coin

Shiba Inu Coin is up more than 57 million percent this year.

The cryptocurrency has become one of the most popular cryptos since its rise to 9300.

It’s made the top 10 list of most popular cryptocurrencies and continues to gain mass attention from the crypto community.

However, SHIB has been falling for two months straight since its runup.

Should you buy Shiba Inu coin now or wait for more dip?

Welcome to – today I want to touch topic on a beloved cryptocurrency that continues to stand out and innovate.

Let’s get started!

Shiba Inu Innovation

One of the biggest reasons you’d invest in a cryptocurrency is whether the crypto is innovating or not.

While Shiba Inu Coin might have started as a meme, it has many plans for the future that make it an attractive long-term investment for current SHIB holders.

Let’s start with some of the most recent SHIBA news.

Shiba Inu Games

Shiba Inu Games Playside Studios
Shiba Inu News – Shiba Inu Games

SHIB has announced that they are finalizing paperwork with a triple A studio (AAA Studio) to create both mobile gaming and metaverse gaming, via. Shytoshi Kusama.

And although they can’t say much, they mention that this AAA Studio has worked with the likes of Disney and Warner Bros., so you know this is going to be quality work.

In fact, the studio just launched its Twitter account this month of December.

PlaySide Studios will be the AAA Studio working on this project.

Joining the Shiba Inu team is game industry veteran, William Volk.

William Volk was the former Vice President of Tech for Activision.

“I am honored to be working with an amazing team on what will become one of the most significant games of all time”, says William.

The first game the SHIB team will be developing is called Shiboshi and will be primarily for mobile.

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The Launch of SHI Stablecoin

The next launch for Shiba Inu is SHI, a stablecoin expected to launch after the Shibarium project has gone live.

Shibarium is a layer 2 solution that essentially speeds up transaction processing and reduces gas fees, making it a better more updated platform.

According to Ryoshi, SHI is meant to be a global stable currency that is used both as a store of value and method of payment.

There is currently no set date for the release of this project, however, we know that the stablecoin will start at $0.01.

Shiba Inu Coin Now Accepted as Payment

shiba inu coin payment
Shiboshi – Shiba Inu Coin Payments – Shib Coin – Should you buy Shiba Inu coin?

Shiba Inu Coin is now being accepted in more places than ever before.

SHIB has now been accepted as a form of payment via BitPay which is going to allow a ton of merchants to accept the crypto.

This type of attention draws more investors towards buying the cryptocurrency.

We’ve also seen AMC Entertainment recently announce their acceptance of Shiba Inu Coin too.

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And with Shiba Inu Coin now trading on Kraken, it’s only a matter of time before larger trading platforms such as Robinhood begin trading the cryptocurrency.

SHIB has gone mainstream and is no longer considered to be a meme token by some.

The value this crypto is providing in projects to several communities is astonishing.

Shiboshis (Shiba Inu NFTs)

Shiboshis NFTs
Shiba Inu NFTs – Shiboshi – should you buy Shiba Inu coin?

Shiboshis are another one of Shiba Inu Coin’s innovative projects in the NFT realm.

The NFT community is changing the way we transact value, product, and services.

If you don’t know how massive NFTs are becoming or how they’re changing today’s world, you have to bookmark this article here.

While NFTs may be highly profitable investments, they’re more about community.

And it’s this community that exposes the world to SHIB and will continue to increase its value as a cryptocurrency.

Should You Buy Shiba Inu Coin?

should you buy shiba inu coin
Shiba Inu News – Should you buy it? – Shiboshi – Shib Coin

SHIB is too affordable for anyone to not put something into it.

You don’t have to make an incredibly large contribution.

But if you’re betting on innovation and a growing community like I am, then it is certainly a buy.

Some of my readers got in on SHIB before the runup when I sent out the email via my newsletter and made a lot of money trading it.

Many continue to hold it for its long-term potential.

This cryptocurrency doesn’t have to move up very much to make investors a lot of money.

Look at it this way – many people will become millionaires when SHIB hits one penny.

Yeah, it’s that affordable right now.

Regardless of investor opinion, you cannot deny SHIB knows how to provide value to a number of growing and innovating communities.

Are You Invested in Shiba Inu Coin?

If you’re holding Shiba Inu Coin in your portfolio, leave a comment below.

I’m curious, how many of you are holding more than 1 million SHIB?

And if you’re not invested in SHIBA yet, read my guide on how to invest in cryptocurrency for beginners, or simply open your account with Coinbase  to begin today.

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October 24, 2021 Topic Discussion with FrankNez – Shiboshi – Shib Coin


  1. Dale

    I have been on board since September……..over 430 million……looks promising by years end we should see a zero erased……a lot of things on their plates which is exciting..over 1 million off us on board

  2. Paul

    I’m holding over 34,000,000 shares. Hoping to make some gains. At a loss now because I Haight near the ATH but holding either until it goes to 0 or makes me a millionaire and even anywhere in between. I’m in.

  3. TYLER

    Holding 90M

    • Frank Nez


  4. Frank Nez

    Yes 🔥🔥🔥

  5. Frank Nez


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  7. Frank Nez

    Not for sale 💪

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  10. Evaristus Okey

    I hold 15 milion Shiba inu coin

  11. T Griff

    103,000,000 here. Selling some of my other crypto to buy more Shib.

  12. Jeffrey T Johnson

    Holding 534 million Shiba inu and up to 208 million dogelon

  13. Chuck

    I have 36 millions SHIBA AND 133 millions dogelon

  14. Harrison Beasley III

    I’m holding 20 million Shib, I bought in around March of this year, I want about 30 – 80 more million Shib over time and wait & see what happens…🤞🤞🤑🤑

  15. Jeremy Michael Richards

    Hodling 103,000,000, and still buying 500,000 every day. 1 billion seems like a good round number to start sitting on it.

  16. James Watts

    I’m holding just over 2.1 million and planning on purchasing more every 2 weeks when I get paid. I want to be holding 10+ million by my birthday day next year


    Can I buy Shiba now

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  19. James Lewis

    180,000,000 I am holding

  20. Tyran

    .008 and im Financially Free! Shiba let’s go!!🚀🚀🚀🚀


    Got 30million and holding!!!! TO THE MOON!!


    180 million SHIB!

  23. Joseph McChesney

    100 million

  24. Andrew Focher

    I have 260 million shib. At .00385, less than half of a penny, I will be a millionaire. At .01, a penny, I will have 2.6 million and it only goes up from there. I plan on keeping this long-term

  25. ER

    64.5mil SHIB in my crypto portfolio

  26. Bill

    Holding 340 million.

  27. Jeremy

    33M… Long Term HODLer

  28. Shane hale

    I have 5 million my wife has 5 million, and trying to convince pops her needs at least 10 million

  29. Tim

    Over 21 million

  30. sake kootje

    I.m. holding 562.000.000 Shiba
    Hope top go for 0.1

  31. Denny Bodden

    91 million

  32. Bogdan

    250 millions holding for few good years maybe selling 2025

    • Dan

      Well over 1mil. yes

  33. G

    I have $ 100 on Shib Inu. I riding the wave 🌊

  34. Jason Perez

    Hello all as I’m truly new to crypto I’m currently holding 14 mil in shib let’s go to the moon

  35. LARz

    Currently HODL’ing 420 million Shiba Inu.

  36. NAPOLEON Slater

    I have 2million and I will hold it in til it hit 1penny go hold so fly to the moon

  37. Shahid qureshi

    I have 28 million shares plan on buying 100 million more

  38. mdsman

    210 M… Still Buying & Holding out for .01¢ Take some profits then. Pay off the house, spend some time on a beach, start some businesses for kids that need help… ALL in for JESUS!

    • Richard

      Ty,love your Jesus reply.
      God is good and Jesus saves!!
      8 mil and reaching for 10 mil.


  39. Jason W wolfgram

    Good article. 1.5 million shib. 2 months invested and have watched the roller Coaster ride. I believe in this coin. Shib army

  40. Mark

    Holding 500 million and very patient….2022 and 2023 will be HUGE !!!!

    • Phil Mervis

      Currently own 13.35 million and plan to hold for a few years. I possibly will buy more.


    I own $55Mill Shiba will Shibastable Coin help me or hurt my chances of earning more money with my regular Shiba?

  42. Gary M Adams

    Holding 345 million.

  43. Emmy

    I am holding 386 millions and waiting for Shiba Inu to reach 0.01 cents.

  44. todd

    im holding 120mill my brother got in before the jump holds 1.1 billion

  45. Ivan Matos

    Holding 260,000,000 shib

  46. Rick

    Had 1.3 Billion cashed out 1 billion wish i hadn’t but still holding 300 million for the long haul!!

  47. Skaali

    378 Million Coin and will holding them

  48. Franco C

    Holding 1.4 Billion 👍🏼

  49. Ciprian

    I have 20 million and i keep investing small amounts every month. I keep them for long term even if it take 10 years

  50. Miguel Juarez

    I have 75 million not for sale

  51. Stevee

    I have 25m at the moment.

  52. Brandon

    87.5 million and climbing

  53. Cosby Henderson

    Sitting on 14 million and I’m in it for the long haul

  54. Marc Najmi

    I’m sitting on 8 million

  55. Joe

    I’m sitting on 245 mil.

  56. Kendrick

    Holding 58 mill. HODL!!

  57. Bryan J

    Love Shiba , currently holding a little over 40 million and adding more. 🎉🎉🎉

    • Frank Nez

      🎉🎉🎉 #SHIB

  58. Arianna

    i’m have 2million shib i’m in for the long haul

    • Frank Nez

      Holding for the long haul as well, I’m excited to see how many zeros it eats in 2022.

  59. Paulo

    Temho aproximadamente 16 milhões de shibas. E é para manter por longo prazo.

    • Frank Nez

      Eu estou nisso por um longo prazo também

  60. J Thomas

    I have just over 30M – and holding.

    • Frank Nez

      There it is 🔥

  61. Don

    Great article good read I have 17 million I’m in for the Long haul


    • Frank Nez

      Thanks Don! Same here brother, going long on this one

  62. Jairo

    75Millions and plan to buy more

    • Frank Nez


  63. Destin

    Merry Christmas and may Shiba go up in value.

    • Frank Nez

      Merry Christmas! Holding strong 💪

  64. Dale

    I am in with 250 million…..a squid not a whale….2022 very big year…buy the dips…

    • Frank Nez

      Love it haha, 2022!

  65. Dale

    In Shiba for 4 months ….long and strong…2022….here we go…

    • Frank Nez

      2022 will be a great year for SHIBA!

  66. Mike

    Have 25m since may and staked them, so I’m earning 3% each month

    • Shane

      What platform are you using to stake? I have 82mil and would love 3%

      • KP

        Use shibaswap site to stake!

    • Frank Nez

      Hell yeah!

    • Denny Bodden


    • Tami Dee

      Where and how do you stake them?

  67. Walter

    220 millions

  68. Rally

    Hello, I have 500 million holding also have provided liquidity in shibaswap not selling.

    • Frank Nez


  69. Tyler McAllister

    70M. I will accumulate more using DCA and plan to hold long term. Any Intel you can pass my way is appreciated. Merry Christmas to all!!

    • Frank Nez

      Merry Christmas Tyler – thanks for commenting brother 🤝

  70. Glory Meazza

    I bought 2.000.000 in may and add some more in august and october,
    Now I have in binance and coinspot
    And my shib in binance is on earn mode so it multiply 1% every day

    And I will HODL till 2023, thats when my work contract finish

    • Frank Nez

      That’s dope! You have interest on it 🔥

  71. Miguel

    800 M I got in back in April

    • Frank Nez

      Dayum! 🔥

  72. Don

    Frank; nice article, I just started investing in crypto a few months back. I have lots to learn. I have 238 million shiba and a copy of others . Any information on we’re to learn more.
    Thanks Don

    • Frank Nez

      Thanks Don! I don’t know platforms discussing this information aside from the community on social media. I’m publishing content as I learn too brother so we’re learning together 👊

  73. Richard Holder

    Holding 315 million as of now

    • Frank Nez

      Nice! 🔥

      • Jacqueline Williams

        I have 9 million as of today, also Dogecoin and various other crypto. I’m 66 years old and decided to jump on board.

  74. Mike

    Hi Frank,

    I opened an account with etoro on 10/28/21, deposited $800.00 on 10/29 and bought SHIBxM. Between 11/2 and 11/30 I added an additional $1200.00 for $2000.00 total in SHIBxM (13 buy transactions). It’s down a little over 45%, but I’m leaving it alone for now (maybe add a little more). I’m a novice at this, so please let me know if I’m understanding this correctly.

    – My account says 30.84 UNITS
    – Right next to this it says AVG OPEN and it reads 64.8501
    – If I divide my $2000.00 investment by 30.84 units, it equals 64.8501(in dollars)

    My questions are:
    – Does 1 SHIBxM UNIT equal 1,000,000 SHIB coins, meaning I own 30,840,000 SHIB coins with SHIBxM?
    – If I hold in the hope that it reaches .01 and then sold, I would make $308,400.00, correct?

    Please let me know. Thank you.

    • Frank Nez

      Hi Mike, yes that’s correct brother. You own 30.8 million SHIB 🚀 #SHIBMillionaire

      • Mike

        Thanks for letting me know, Frank.

      • Keith Muenzer

        I have about 470 million Frank

        • Frank Nez

          Sweeeet 🔥

  75. Tom Peper

    I’m holding 25 million SHIB, for a few months. And will hold for sure ! Thanks for the great Article!

    • Frank Nez

      Nice! I’ve collected 120 million SHIB so far, holding STRONG 💪 thanks for commenting

      • Charles fields

        I have 47 million.that I’m holding.also doge about 14 betting on Shiba to reach the seems like it is talked about world wide.more and more are jumping on the wagon.

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