Here’s Why Red Days Shouldn’t Scare AMC Stock Holders

why is amc down
Why is AMC stock down?

I’ve seen a few retail investors literally destroy their day just because AMC is down for one day. Ladies and gentlemen, lets take a step back and realize look at the overall stock chart. Days like this is where it is all earned.

Red days combined with FUD are going to test you. AMC stock experienced a downwards consolidating phase due to low buying pressure and massive amount of shorting. However, we’re finally beginning to trend upwards again.

If you thought of selling today but didn’t, this is what diamond hands are made of. Diamonds are made under pressure. Don’t let one red day ever ruin your mood. That’s not the ape way.

Welcome to – today I just want to talk to the community. I love engaging with each and every single one of you on social media but today I have a message.

Lets get started!

The battle of $8.01

The battle of 801

If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I’m a longtime AMC stock holder. I’ve seen it all. The battle of $8.01, I was there; I bought that day. The Discord chat groups were blowing up. There was so much anxiety and anticipation during this rally.

Chat after chat to push and hold was all you saw during this battle. On the last second before the market closed, we were victorious. We had reached $8.01 where call options in the money would help us move forward.

There were more battles like this. Like breaking the level of resistance at $14 for example. Where every time we reached this level, Wanda Group would cash in; further diving the stock price down.

It’s a war community. It’s a financial war between the apes and short sellers. Good versus evil, truth vs corruption and chaos. Are you going to let a bloody day ruin your entire day? Or are you going to prepare for the fight that will lead you to victory?

And if you can’t control your emotions, don’t take it out on the community. We’re not children.

A message to seasoned apes

We’ve been fighting this together. We’ve been part of this movement since the beginning. Now it’s up to us to pass down the information we’ve uncovered to the new infantry that has joined this amazing community.

We must remind our new apes what it takes to hold AMC stock, and that they’re partaking in a part of history that will always be remembered.

And if you’re a seasoned ape that’s growing impatient, use my strength to hold up. I’ve got your back, Trey has your back, and other community leaders have your back.

The matter of the fact is AMC continues to be heavily shorted which means the squeeze play is still very heavily on. When we squeeze these shorts out of their positions, we’re going to celebrate like never before.

A message to the new apes buying AMC stock

This is no game. You’ve opened a position at a higher price than most of us. But your risks will be rewarded if you dive into the due diligence we’ve found and strategize accordingly.

The lucky part? You got in right before this short squeeze play. I’m happy to be able to provide you with insight and knowledge on what’s been occurring. Welcome to the community and prepare yourselves for a rollercoaster like no other.

You’re about to see some serious gains, and some serious losses. However, it’s only a gain or loss if you sell. What your account reflects during the intraday is only on paper. It’s not real yet. Not until you decide to make it real. So if you’re going to make anything on paper real, make sure it’s some massive and life-changing gains. This is not financial advice but advice from a friend.

Community leaders will continue to post due diligence for the community to read. I’ve said this a few times now. This information is simply for record keeping purposes only; for the archives.

I’m documenting what’s occurring during this short squeeze timeline, even if articles and DD don’t have anything to do 100% with a short squeeze play. The information is important nonetheless.

The AMC short squeeze message

The message has always been simple and no one says it better than Trey. Buy and hold. It’s that simple. No matter what other news is occurring, holding is going to be your path to a successful trade. Remember, this is a trade and not an investment.

Hedge funds are losing millions to hold their short positions every day and have lost billions of dollars along the way. Meanwhile, seasoned apes have seen gains to-date. We’re winning as a whole.

If you got in during this temporary runup, know it’s only temporary. Zoom out and look at the yearly chart. We experienced AMC run up from $5 to where it’s at today. As AMC continues to run up, you too will see this significant gain as the price increases.

Why was AMC down today?

The answer is simple. It’s for the same reasons we’ve had red days and red weeks in the past. AMC stock continues to be heavily shorted by hedge funds. They’re borrowing stock left and right. I update the numbers here every trading day.

Even if you’re a new retail investor buying AMC stock, you must look at the movement and gains as a whole. Hedge funds lose millions of dollars every day they have not closed their short positions in AMC. You and I experience gains or losses on paper with no additional fees.

Their losses from fees aren’t on paper however, they’re very much real. And although they continue to hold their positions, there will come a point where they’ll have to suck in their pride and take the L.

A message to short sellers

amc short sellers

You should have closed at $5. That is all. No I’m just kidding. In fact I’m glad you didn’t close at $5 and you want to know why? Because the AMC community grew and it allowed us to become a stronger force than you could have ever imagined.

Not only that but more people now have a chance of beating you at your own game. Every person you allowed in now has a role in history as this play continues to unfold.

Every single one of us will hold our positions until you’re wiped from this play. You are cornered. All attention is on both of us. Who do you think the public is going to choose. Corrupt investors willing to bankrupt businesses with no regard for the economy or the people, or for the people fighting for financial freedom?

Close your positions while you’ve only been exposed to this community, or keep holding and get exposed to the world. Because once this is over, names will be out. Go back in time today, and make your little problem less bigger.

Finance | Knowledge | Freedom

Community, if you ever find yourself in need to talk to someone please reach out. I understand some days can be daunting and frustrating but we must learn to control or emotions. Talk to others in the community and build your strength. I’m going to leave my social media links below so you have access to me at all times.

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And lastly…

If you think an ape in the community needs to hear this please share it with them. What makes our community so great is that we are always lifting one another up. I’d also like to personally invite you to my Discord group if you are not a part of it yet.

I created this safe community for us to share AMC stock news, DD, and even memes. Why not? AMC memes are the funniest memes on the internet right now. My mod Stonky is great with these you’ll love em’.

Here’s a personal invitation for this sub community. See you there.

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  1. Jerome

    Thank you for the encouragement. May God Bless you more๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™

    • Frank Nez

      I appreciate that Jerome, and may God bless you brother ๐Ÿค

  2. T

    Thank you Sir Nez

    • Frank Nez


  3. Alfredo Iznaga

    I am using the Google translator because I do not know English, Frank thanks for being there giving encouragement and information, I signed, holding on and trying to buy in the descent, how much do you think you can buy in this descent?

    • Frank Nez

      Alfredo, thanks for commenting brother and signing up to the newsletter! I see that short sellers have borrowed a ton of shares at the moment which means they can continue to drop the price if retail investors do not counter it with buying pressure. I personally look at the downtrend and try to catch the lowest dip possible.


    Thankyou Frank for your expertise and guidanceโ€ฆ. I am Holding and buying more shares on the dipsโ€ฆ. Thanks for keeping me grounded! I am proud to be an Ape ๐Ÿฆ! Letโ€™s make history and end this evil of trying to bankrupt great companies ๐Ÿ‘ Keeping the Faith and i truly appreciate you ! Glenn

    • Frank Nez

      I appreciate your comment Glenn! To the moon brother ๐Ÿš€

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