AMC emotional ride
AMC emotional ride

Written by Grant Medford

There are things in life that involve a significant amount of emotional energy. Here are a couple of things that come to mind:

  • Buying a car – Haggling prices is exhausting. Car dealers know the ins and outs of the car buying experience. They use this knowledge to sell those cars at top dollar pricing. The back and forth negotiating can leave the car buyer frustrated, and force them to settle.
  • Telling my kids “no” – Teenagers have a lot of ammunition to use when trying to get their way. They will work hard to wear you down and even pit parents against each other.

Sounds a bit like being an AMC stockholder.

With the emotional warfare we face every single day, it’s easy to trade in those diamond hands for paper ones. It’s easy to get worn down by the pitting of apes against apes. That’s what hedge funds are banking on. So, how do we maintain a brave face and firm resolve when hodling week after week?

The key is having a strategic plan for the weekend.

When the bell rings on Monday morning, the difference between a true ape and those who are clinging onto their shares with a pinky finger are the apes who have taken care of their emotional selves over the weekend. Here are six things you can do to maximize your weekend for stronger resolve on Mondays. 

Rules for the Weekend

1. Manage social media

Social Media AMC

Reddit, Twitter, Discord, YouTube, news clips, articles. These are the fields of great information and quality DD. But, for every post, there will be a crowd of naysayers, meme creators and those playing devil’s advocate. Things can go south in a hurry.  

At some point, the noise of public opinion can be deafening. Managing your intake of voices has to be prioritized. While a good chain of gorilla memes can be quite entertaining, they can also be a rabbit hole that consumes way too much time.

The temptation to respond to the FUD can also drag you into hours of social media content. Limit your time online and stick to the basics of your best practices in researching.

2. Spend time outdoors


If you’re like me, you’ve been gobbling up as much information as you can throughout the week. This equates to massive amounts of screen time. Logging too much time on the devices can bring about tight shoulders, headaches, sore eyes and all kinds of back issues.

Take it outside!

Go on walks around the neighborhood. Take in some nature. Accomplish a project around the house. This one is especially important. After weeks of charts, unrealistic expectations and aggressive attacks by AMC opponents, life can feel like you’re not getting anywhere.

The human condition can only handle so much opposition and disappointment. Accomplishing a project around the house or at work can stem the tide of frustration.

3. Hang with your family and friends without talking about AMC

Family and Friends

I’ve had my fair share of snide comments and rolled eyes as I’ve waxed eloquently about my favorite stock. My wife is gracious. She knows I’m “all in” and tolerates me. She even asks how “my little stock” is doing. (Of course, my “little stock” is going to put her in her dream car and land her on a tropical island paradise for a month someday.)

The old adage is still true – too much of a good thing is a bad thing. You need regular breaks from discussions of naked shorting, hedge funds and the DTCC. The temptation will be to turn the conversations from the pool party to dark pools – resist! Enjoy the poolside environment and leave the dark pools for Monday.

4. Invest time in your favorite stock’s business

Like marriage, you can lose sight of the endgame and forget why you got into it in the first place. The tentacles of government corruption, unfairness in the market, and corporate greed can have you focused so much on what you’re against. But, we all need to step back and remember what we like about our stock. 

AMC brings us great entertainment in a comfortable environment. They provide the necessary distractions from the everyday stresses of life.

AMC’s CEO, Adam Aron, has been a solid force for our company. He’s had to play a strategic game of industrial chess against multiple players, all the while building his brand, leading his employees, and appeasing his stockholders.

The Ape Army can also be a source of light in the dark places of the squeeze. Reading and talking with other apes and hearing their stories of why they HODL can be downright inspirational.

AMC Discord group: AMC with

And if these truths don’t do it for you, you can always take the family out for an AMC movie experience to see why owning a part of this company is worth every penny and ounce of HODLing.

5. Put the phone away at night

I’ve never seen a more committed group of people gathered together for a cause than I have seen with AMC stockholders. The zeal and fortitude with which they come at research and encouraging one another is astounding. 

It’s also a constant flow of information – as in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With new information and research flowing into the internet constantly, there’s the temptation to constantly check for new information all through the day and night. This isn’t healthy. We know the MOASS will happen and it will take days to play out. The chances of the squeeze happening over a weekend or overnight are minimal – volume is simply too low for hedge funds to find buyers.

So, rest easy. Seriously. Rest. Easy on the late-nighters.

6. Do your AMC DD on Sunday afternoon/evening

AMC Stock DD

With a clear head and a rested body, you can easily do your prep work on Sunday afternoon and evening. Most bloggers and YouTubers have wisely spent their weekend following the above rules and are preparing for a new week of possibilities. Their content rolls out at the opportune time of Sunday so that their followers can step into a new week, reloaded for whatever gets thrown our way on Monday morning at the bell.

You’ll also find that the apes are prepping emotionally on Sundays, and the subs and Twitter feeds are filled with anticipation and encouraging posts to get you psyched for the week. It’s like a Sunday night pep rally around the ape community!

We need you at your sharpest. 

If we are truly going to see life-changing money, it will take an ARMY of apes who have a healthy resolve and a steady mind. Make sure you’re getting the rest you need and are taking advantage of the down times to refuel yourself. 

No rocket ever made it to the moon without it.

Grant Medford -

Written by Grant Medford

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